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11th August 2023

How To Cost Effectively Insure IT Hardware For Your School

Steve Hill

When it comes to supplying students with the right IT equipment for their studies, schools have a three-pronged problem:

  • Finding suitable IT hardware for students – it needs to be:
  • Safe (cyber secure)
  • Durable (doesn’t break easily or become obsolete too soon)
  • Appropriate for the learning environment (Uses the correct software and allows teachers to control what apps and programmes students can utilise to keep them focused on their studies)
  • Finding a cost-effective deal on leasing devices in bulk without compromising quality so much that the devices have to be replaced too quickly
  • Having those devices affordably insured for the range of ways that students might damage them.

The third issue is often the biggest stumbling block for schools and academies.

The reason for this is that schools often end up paying far more than they need to for insurance and cannot find reasonably priced deals.

There are a number of computer models specifically designed for the education sector, including the Microsoft Surface SE and the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. Both are built to be light, portable, and cyber secure for young students. With the help of expert IT solutions providers, schools can easily register to systems like MDMs to give them control over what apps the students can use. Therefore, finding the right devices is easier than it used to be, with more manufacturers creating models especially for schools.

While it still potentially involves plenty of research and shopping around, schools can find decent offers on bulk leasing of computer devices. State schools will usually be able to access council and/or government funding to gain their hardware, whereas private schools and academies can utilise their bursaries

Yet, insurance remains the area where schools are likely to lose time and money.

surface SE and Chromebooks for schools

Why Is Insuring Computer Devices An Issue For Schools?

  • They need to insure a large fleet of devices, so costs can multiply quickly
  • School pupils are adolescents or children, and they may not be as responsible with their equipment as an adult. Damage or loss is more likely
  • Class sizes can fluctuate year to year and, therefore, so can the amount of hardware they require
  • Most bulk device insurance policies are based on the needs, budgets, and structures of companies. Schools, whether state or private schools have different structures, administration, and budgets than a traditional business.

What Are Some Of The Methods That Schools Use When Trying To Find Insurance For IT Hardware?

Thoroughly Research Providers: This is where everyone starts when looking for insurance. It is tedious, takes time, and schools need to then get approval from their boards, or access funding. It can be very hard to find IT hardware insurers with policies that are designed to work with schools and their structures.

Try To Find Bulk Policies: Schools can try to negotiate with insurance providers to cover multiple devices and get discounts for insuring en-masse. This isn’t unusual and most providers that work with businesses can do deals for large orders.

Consider Device Value: Everyone should be aware of the value of the IT hardware being insured. However, schools need to be wary that they aren’t losing out in the long term. Older, and cheaper devices are less expensive to insure, but if they need replacing in only a couple of years, it could have been as cheap just to acquire a new device than insure it. This balancing act between the cost of the device, quality, longevity, and insurance is a major challenge for schools.

Self-Insurance: Instead of relying on external insurance providers, schools can establish self-insurance funds. By setting aside a portion of their budget for potential device repairs or replacements, schools can handle these costs internally without relying on insurance policies. This can end up being very expensive and hard for schools and can cause their IT budgets to spiral.

samsung chromebooks for schools

Parental Contributions: This is more commonly seen in private schools but very rare in state schools and some academies. Some schools explore the option of requesting a small contribution from parents to cover insurance costs. This shared responsibility approach can help offset the expenses associated with insuring IT hardware, but parents are often unwilling to do this on top of the other costs they must shoulder for uniforms, etc. even in private schools.

Implement Safety Measures: This is actually a common expectation of insurance providers. Many suppliers of insurance expect schools to take proactive measures to protect the IT hardware, such as protective casings, password policies, cyber security policies, etc.

Remember, not all insurance covers accidental damage, theft, loss, fire, spills, etc. All of these are common eventualities when children are supplied with their own IT hardware.


What Is A Faster, Simpler & More Affordable Way For Schools To Find Insurance For IT Hardware?

Work with Devices For Education Teams.

This is a DaaS-style lease for IT hardware specifically created for the education sector.

We can insure a school’s entire collection of IT hardware cost-effectively and simply.

Devices For Education Teams has continually won contracts with schools and has been able to work alongside so many excellent schools and academies thanks to our affordable IT insurance policies for schools.

It makes the process simpler because we supply the hardware itself, the insurance, and ALL the associated IT services, including repair, maintenance, optional additional cyber security, storage, wiping and repurposing devices for next year’s students, and even setup of MDMs to help teachers control how students use devices.

As a DaaS system, schools can enjoy a digestible monthly lease, rather than buying equipment outright. Devices can also be continually upgraded to the latest tech when needed. Schools can even add and return devices throughout their lease.

But what really benefits schools is the fixed price for the insurance of all hardware. School laptops can be leased for as little as 50p per device per day and insured for as little as £15 per month.

50p per day for 250 surface SE

We can insure the devices we supply to schools as well as existing devices that you already own.

Our SafeGuard insurance is favoured by schools because of its low, fixed price and the fact that it covers hardware against accidental damage, theft, spills, fire, floods, loss, and more. SafeGuard is even available for devices not supplied by ourselves, making it a great choice for devices you already own. When young pupils are supplied with their own laptops by the schools to use inside the classroom and at home, this level of cover is invaluable.

Bespoke Excess: Bishops Stortford College’s 900+ Lenovo L13 laptops are protected by SafeGuard, at £22 per device per year, covering theft and accidental damage caused by students. Notably, there’s zero excess payment for claims, thanks to SafeGuard’s tailored approach. Opting for excess payment could reduce the fee by 15%


How SafeGuard compares to others

Our SafeGuard annual price per device beats the competition by an average of 70%*.

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