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10th January 2023

How To Switch Business Phones Without The Stress

Ryan Kelly

Switching your employees over to business mobiles, or from one business mobile to another does not need to be a headache.

Running a business already comes with many frustrating but necessary tasks that do not necessarily drive profits. Automation can assist with this to some degree, but some essential chores still create downtime from financially beneficial projects.phandy man with a business phone

One of the main culprits is when you have to acquire, switch, or change a fundamental product in the business, for example, changing software, changing suppliers of materials, changing offices, etc. In these cases, you require these tools, materials, or products for your staff to do their work, so switching requires careful research.

In the case of moving to new software or hardware, there can be the additional task of having to move files and data. This is also part of changing business mobiles.

There are a number of chores that people fear when switching phones, which encourages them to procrastinate:

  • Choosing the right model
  • Sorting out the SIM and phone contract
  • Backup and transfer of data

With the last point, it might appear like a walk in the park owing to cloud syncing. However, there are potential pitfalls:

  • What if you are switching from Android to Apple or vice versa?transferring data from business phone to business phone
  • What about syncing your work emails to your new business mobile?
  • What if your cloud plan ran out of space?
  • What if you forget to set it to sync to the cloud?
  • What if you didn’t want everything synced and backed up to the cloud for privacy reasons?
  • What if backups were interrupted or failed?

These, and many more reasons, can make data loss a concern when switching business mobiles.

In personal end-user scenarios, this can result in the loss of music and cherished photos. For businesses, this could mean losing important emails, files, and apps.

Hence backups and transferal of data are yet another reason that swapping to new business mobiles can cause stress to both employees and managers.

But it need not be a headache if you lease business mobiles and your supplier assists you in the careful transfer of your employees’ data to their new mobiles.

How Can Phones For Teams Make Switching Business Mobiles Less Stressful?

When switching business mobiles, your Phones For Teams support can help you ensure that all data, emails, pictures, files, and important client information is successfully transferred to your new smartphones, before wiping the old devices for security.

You never have to worry about losing important data. In fact, your staff can even keep their old numbers.phones for teams black logo

Phones For Teams supplies the smartphones and the SIM contracts, so you can receive everything under one roof. But you can still keep your old numbers when you move SIMs. Simply have your employees text ‘PAC’ 65075 and their network will provide you with a code and how much it will cost to keep the existing number.

You can even have data transferred and phones wiped for repurposing smartphones among your employees or when a staff member leaves. Data is secure and safe, so there’s no risk of a security breach or the loss of vital information.

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