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18th February 2022

How To Use Hardware To The Fullest With D4T

Stan Milanovich

It’s all well and good having the most advanced, powerful, and speedy computer hardware, yet if your team aren’t unlocking their devices’ full potential it could be a waste.

Fortunately, your IT team doesn’t have to spend time familiarising themselves with the latest devices every time you upgrade and then teaching the rest of your staff how to use them. Devices For Teams is a leasing solution, but it’s also so much more. It can actively help businesses to use their hardware to the fullest.

Devices For Teams is a unique DaaS (Device as a Service) computer hardware subscription model. It’s unique thanks to an array of extra benefits that you won’t encounter with other DaaS systems.

While DaaS is always a great way for growing companies to source their hardware in an affordable way, with technology upgrades and extra support, D4T goes further. Devices For Teams provides more financial freedom, various plans, additional support, high customisation, and flexibility.

D4T daas by HardSoft However, the reason that Devices For Teams (D4T) is especially popular among ambitious, rapidly growing companies is that it allows go-getting teams to do more with their hardware.

Productivity and rapid positive growth are best achieved in a company when staff can use their devices to the fullest. With technology advancing so quickly, there can often be many advantageous features in your new computer equipment of which your employees are unaware.

With the extra support available in Devices For Teams, larger companies can avoid unnecessary downtime and see staff produce better quality work.

Devices for Teams in your business

But how exactly can a hardware leasing solution like Devices For Teams practically help your team use their new hardware to the fullest?


Having the latest technology is important. Obsoletion, compatibility, productivity and work output quality can all come under the microscope if your hardware is outdated and not up to snuff. However, it is not the only consideration. In order to use your tech to its fullest, your business must put the right type of technology in the right hands. Your admin team, your finance team, your marketers, your sales team, your IT, and your design team all have very different roles. With these different roles come different hardware requirements. With so much fantastic tech appearing on the market from companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft etc. it can be tough knowing which device will enhance which staff. Devices For Teams can include evaluations by hardware experts, who can advise on the best devices for your workforce. This can take place each time you automatically upgrade to the latest tech as well, to ensure you are always using the right devices.

Solutions engineers

Knowing how to properly utilise your new hardware is the most important step in unlocking its full potential. From software to MDMs for better management of devices, our solutions engineers can advise businesses on how to use their new equipment strategically. With in-depth knowledge and training in all the latest devices from all the biggest brands, as well as working closely with a huge range of industries, our solutions experts can provide the best advice and guidance.


Devices For Teams comes with full pre-configuration for all your new hardware as part of your lease. Staff waste time and don’t use devices to their full potential if they are stuck setting up the device for hours when it arrives. With D4T, experts can observe which software, apps, cyber security features and accounts each of your staff needs and pre-configure the new devices so they are ready to go right away.

silver, gold and platinum logos for support plans Support plans

Devices For Teams has some of the most comprehensive support plans imaginable. With our Gold and Platinum 360 support wrappers, Device For Teams offers the best support on the market.

Our support plans include features such as:

  • 3 year warranties

  • Loan device

  • Unlimited remote desk help support

  • Online portal support

  • Deployment support

  • MDM setup and management

  • Solutions mentors

  • Device lifecycle management

  • Cloud backup solutions

15 apple devices offer Upgrades

DaaS packages like Devices For Teams help staff to keep better top performance from their equipment by never letting it become obsolete. Instead of working towards ownership of specific devices, DaaS is all about service. Devices For Teams comes with upgrades to the latest tech, so your staff are always using the best tools for their jobs.

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