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31st May 2022

How Will HardSoft’s Device as a Service Offering Help You Achieve Net Zero?

Carissa Parnell

Devices for Greener Teams is a unique system for the acquisition and leasing of sustainable computing hardware that can help businesses achieve their net zero requirements.

What is Net Zero?

Net zero means that our country’s total greenhouse gas emissions must be equal to or less than the emissions we removed from the environment.

It is called ‘net’ zero, rather than simply zero emissions since, in this policy, emissions are allowed if they are offset by the removal of emissions from the atmosphere or by the trade of carbon units.

GHG emissions can be removed by the natural environment or by using technologies like carbon capture (usage) and storage (CC(U)S).

Sustainable computing is a major way that businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and take significant steps towards net zero.devices for greener teams

What is the UK government’s policy on Net Zero for businesses?

The UK government has pledged a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.

This was announced in 2019 with an amendment to the Climate Change Act 2008. This is where the target for a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, compared to 1990 levels, was set and that target is for the 100% reduction to be achieved by 2050.

For this to be possible, roughly 75-175 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent would need to be removed annually. This is based on the reality that the complete elimination of all GHG emission sources is still currently impossible based on our current technology. This is why carbon offsetting is a crucial aspect of sustainable computing.

How Will This Impact Businesses?

Being “environmentally friendly” will no longer be exclusive to morally conscious and pioneering businesses. It will no longer be optional or merely a marketing gimmick to look good in the eyes of customers. It will be crucial, legislated, and measured.

The short answer is that if businesses fail to significantly reduce their carbon footprints in large, measurable ways soon, they could face fines. The cost of doing business will increase if companies fail to comply with the goal of net zero.

How Much Does Computer Hardware Contribute To Your Carbon Footprint?

Laptops, desktop computers, tablets and smartphones are ubiquitous in business. They are a luxury that is increasingly becoming an essential item for almost all businesses and workers. There are now vanishingly few jobs that require no use of a computer or computer skills.

This kind of tech has made most tasks easier, faster, and better. They have enabled better communication and collaboration. To even attempt business without them would be close to impossible since everyone you need to do business with is using them, and so are almost all of your customers, whether B2B or B2C. There’s no escaping the march of technological advancement that makes these machines a necessity.green carbon footprint

Yet, in terms of our desires to work and live in ways that reduce our impact on the environment, computer hardware is an issue.

Including manufacture, transportation and the first four years of use, the carbon footprint of a laptop is roughly 422.5 kg. Arguably higher for business grade models.

While the amount of usage and the manufacturer do cause this figure to vary, the carbon footprint of laptops is relatively high. Especially when you consider that 160 million new laptops are being made every year.

Some sources claim the IT industry could be as impactful as the airline industry. The majority of this is within the production process of these devices. In fact, only 20% of the impact is from the laptop’s use.

What Is Device as a Service?

Device as a Service, or DaaS, is a supply chain model for sourcing IT equipment with a large focus on support and ongoing service. It is a leasing structure with costs spread into manageable monthly payments to improve cashflow and soften the burden of computer hardware costs.

Additionally, Device as a Service stands out among lease systems for the automatic tech upgrades, and the high levels of communication, support, and services from the provider.

Devices For Greener Teams is a ground-breaking Device as a Service solution, whose services include helping businesses work towards net zero.

How Can A Device as a Service Solution Help You Towards Net Zero?

Device as a Service systems can help businesses have a more environmentally friendly hardware strategy in two ways.

  1. Automatic upgrades. Most Device as a Service solutions include upgrades to the latest tech during the lease within its services. This allows businesses to upgrade to newer tech that is more sophisticated with a lower carbon footprint while recycling their old hardware. This is a big step in sustainable computing. More manufacturers are joining the net zero crusade.
  2. Additional services. Device as a Service is all about providing clients with more support. However, this can take many forms. The services associated with DaaS don’t necessarily have anything to do with helping you achieve net zero, unless you use a specialist like Device For Greener Teams.laptop with green leaves around it

What Is Devices For Teams?

Devices For Teams is a DaaS package that goes further. In addition to ongoing services, tech support, and upgrades, this solution allows businesses to Add, Switch, or Return devices during the course of the lease without penalty.

This is significant for achieving net zero, as companies need not hold on to higher carbon output devices. These machines can be recycled in the greenest way and, if needed, replaced by greener machines.

It is the ability to return devices that are no longer needed, even if there is no swap, that really helps companies cut down on superfluous carbon-producing tech.

Welcome To Devices For Greener Teams

Devices For Greener Teams is a new Device as a Service Solution.

It is part of the Devices For Teams brand by HardSoft, which has additional support and services, as well as even greater customisation and flexibility compared to other Device as a Service packages on the market.

What Is Devices For Greener Teams?

Devices For Greener Teams will use the extra services in this DaaS programme to help businesses actively work towards net zero.

It goes beyond tech support and flexibility to actually helping businesses measure their devices’ carbon footprints and plan for reducing emissions via hardware to approach net zero.

How Will Devices For Greener Teams Help Your Business Achieve Net Zero?

Not only can devices be added, swapped, or returned during the lease, but also the experts at Devices For Greener Teams have done tremendous work to calculate the carbon footprint of each device that they lease.

With so many bodies offering carbon measuring, and a lack of clarity from the government on which will be the officially recognised system, it has been no easy task. Yet the professionals behind Devices For Greener teams have worked tirelessly to:

  • Analyse the most reputable carbon measuring organisations
  • Assess the most recognised carbon measuring techniques
  • Cross-reference all these bodies and techniques to gauge accuracydevices for greener teams

And now we have a highly accurate system for identifying the true carbon footprint and overall environmental impact status of all the devices that they offer for lease.

Devices For Greener Teams can give extensive advice on how companies can create a device strategy that works towards net zero to help businesses get ready for the upcoming legal changes.

Additionally, this DaaS service can provide optional carbon offsetting at genuinely affordable rates for businesses to mitigate the remaining carbon footprint of even the best environmentally friendly computing equipment.

Device For Greener Teams is a strategy for sustainable computing to help businesses take a bigger step towards net zero.

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