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6th July 2023

Jamf Fundamentals Alternatives: Shepherd MDM

Ryan Kelly

Jamf Fundamentals is a Mobile Device Management software for Apple devices.

It is now the cheapest payment tier on offer by Jamf since Jamf Now is being discontinued.

Jamf Now was very popular with small businesses since it offered an affordable option for Apple MDM to smaller companies.

What Does This Mean For Smaller Businesses On A Budget?

Once Jamf Now is officially discontinued in June 2023, existing customers will be automatically upgraded to Jamf Fundamentals, which is more expensive. It is £2.70 per user per week compared to Jamf Now’s £2.20.

With the rising cost of doing business and inflation, this puts a squeeze on smaller businesses’ budgets.

If you use Apple hardware and an MDM, you are going to need to look for Jamf Fundamentals alternatives or be forced to pay more by sticking with Jamf.

Do Small Businesses Need An MDM?

Some companies might be put off having an MDM if they use Apple and have noticed that Jamf Now is ending. However, this is not a good reason to abandon MDMs.

Mobile Device Management systems are incredibly useful for businesses of all sizes because they increase efficiency and productivity. In fact, they are especially useful in saving time for small businesses that have remote or hybrid workers and lack a full-scale IT department.

This is because MDMs allow managers to push updates, apps and content out to all their devices remotely at the touch of a button.

While saving time might be seen as a luxury when your budget is under pressure, one thing you should not compromise on is security.

MDMs help companies maintain cybersecurity for their collection of IT hardware. MDMs allow you to control what apps your staff use, how company data is handled, and enables you to wipe devices if they are lost or stolen. For this reason, MDMs are crucial, even for small businesses, in a world where cyber threats are ever more prevalent, sophisticated, and costly.

Luckily, there is a Jamf Fundamentals alternative available in the form of Shepherd MDM.

It is not only cheaper than both Jamf Fundamentals and the defunct Jamf Now but has more features than both.Blog image showcasing Shepherd MDM and cybersecurity

What Is The Difference Between Jamf Now And Jamf Fundamentals?

Jamf Fundamentals is more expensive than Jamf Now at £2.70 per user per week and has a couple more features, such as custom IOS app deployment and macOS package deployment. It was originally designed as a more premium tier compared to the standard Jamf Now. Jamf Fundamentals is the lowest tier on offer since Jamf Now will no longer be available from June 2023.

Are There Any Jamf Fundamentals Alternatives For Less Cost?

Devices For Teams has addressed this large gap in the market by offering a Jamf Fundamentals alternative.

Shepherd allows businesses to oversee and manage their flock of Apple devices easily. It is an MDM for Apple devices that is more cost-effective for small businesses than Jamf Now or Jamf Fundamentals at only £1.95 per user per week. It also boasts a larger collection of useful features than Jamf Fundamentals and Jamf Now.

What Is Shepherd MDM?

Shepherd is an Apple Mobile Device Management software provided by Devices For Teams. It is the much-needed answer to the gap in the market brought about by the discontinuation of Jamf Now but it goes far further than attempting to merely be a replacement.

Shepherd was created with the needs of small businesses in mind to ensure they can shepherd their team and hardware collection effectively. It gives more control and flexibility to smaller businesses without the challenging price point.

It is a perfect complementary software for Apple Business Manager customers. With ABM and Shepherd, businesses of all sizes can deploy and manage their Apple hardware successfully and safely.Blog image showcasing Shepherd MDM icon

Shepherd MDM VS Jamf Fundamentals

Shepherd MDM may be a cheaper alternative to Jamf Fundamentals, but it doesn’t compromise on delivery. It is feature-rich with the best tools to help companies manage their flock of hardware seamlessly and remotely.

Shepherd MDM is an excellent Jamf Fundamentals alternative since it incorporates all the fantastic features of Jamf Fundamentals, including:

  • Asset Management
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • User and Client Management
  • Profile Management and Deployment
  • Supports Automated Device Enrollment (ADE)
  • Hardware Inventory
  • Self Service Catalog
  • Apple Apps and Books Support
  • Scheduled or On-Demand Maintenance Routines

Additionally, Shepherd has many other helpful MDM features without having to raise costs, such as:Blog image showcasing Jamf and Shepherd MDM logos

  • Real-time Device Monitoring & Alerting
  • Screen Sharing
  • Instant Remote Command Execution
  • Real-time Communication
  • Live Device Shell
  • 100% Cloud Architecture
  • Direct Command Line Access
  • Integrated Remote Control (Multiple options)
  • Active Monitoring with Automated Remediation
  • Dynamic Peer-to-Peer LANCache Software Distribution
  • Live Script Execution at a Global, Departmental or Individual Level
  • Up-to-the-minute Software Inventory & Status

Shepherd MDM is incredibly intuitive but also comes with free onboarding training to ensure managers are ready to go straight away and use the software seamlessly with no learning curve.

For a limited time, we are also helping clients transfer from Jamf Now to Shepherd MDM so they can enjoy more features for a lower cost and can avoid being forcibly upgraded to the more expensive Jamf Fundamentals.

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