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16th June 2023

Keep Costs Down By Managing Your PC Lifecycle with DaaS

Ryan Kelly

Rising energy costs are making it more and more expensive to keep your business running. To keep your company profitable, it is crucial to maintain low outgoing costs and keep bills to a minimum where possible.

The management and maintenance of PC equipment is one such major expense that can put a dent in businesses’ profits, let alone the initial cost of computer devices, which is usually high.

Yet, computer equipment is essential to the operations of most businesses, so how can you keep the cost of devices and their maintenance to a minimum?

Luckily DaaS, Device as a Service, is a computer hardware sourcing method that can make the process easier and more affordable thanks to its computer device lifecycle management.

What Is DaaS?

Device as a Service (DaaS) is a subscription-based service that provides businesses with the hardware and software necessary to perform their daily operations.

DaaS providers offer a range of devices, from laptops and desktops to tablets and smartphones. They also provide software, including operating systems, productivity tools, and security software, as part of the subscription.

One of the main benefits of DaaS is that it allows businesses to avoid the large upfront costs associated with purchasing hardware and software. Instead, they pay a monthly fee for access to the devices and software they need.

DaaS providers also offer ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that businesses always have access to the latest technology and that any issues are quickly resolved.

Some DaaS providers will go further and include a wide range of associated IT services, such as MDM management, troubleshooting custom solutions by industry, strategic advice, etc.

Devices For Teams is a DaaS solution whose IT services include management of the entire device lifecycle. By utilising this computer device lifecycle support, companies can keep their hardware costs down.

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Why Is The Cost Of Doing Business Rising?

Inflation, recession, war, pandemic fallout, and troubled access to fuel have caused a cost-of-living crisis. Energy bills are spiraling up for everyone, including businesses and all this makes the cost of operations a challenge.

Businesses have higher costs, yet are attempting to target customers with less money to spend themselves.

The increasing complexity of technology and the speed at which tech advances is also a factor as it necessitates more regular upgrades.

But the situation doesn’t have to be bleak for business owners. Utilising the help of an expert IT partner like a DaaS provider can make computer equipment, not only more affordable but their lifecycle management simple and faff-free.

Why Is The Cost Of Energy Rising?

The cost of energy is rising due to several factors, including the increasing demand for energy and the limited supply of fossil fuels. As more people and businesses require energy to power their homes and operations, the demand for energy is growing. This, in turn, drives up the cost of energy.

Inflation and the war in Ukraine have had a significant impact on energy supplies as well. This is enabling energy companies to charge more and more.

What Is Causing The Cost-Of-Living Crisis?

The cost-of-living crisis is being caused by a variety of factors, including inflation, increasing energy prices, and looming recession. Basically, prices are rising for everything, including essentials, yet people do not have any more money to spend. Businesses are struggling as a result. Since their customers don’t have more to spend, passing costs onto the consumer is difficult. Yet companies need to increase their profits to meet their own energy bills and cost of operations and production.

How Does Computer Lifecycle Management Help Businesses?

Devices For Teams can lease computer hardware to businesses affordably by spreading the cost into a monthly subscription. Since it is an OPEX lease, it also includes ongoing tax benefits.

However, it is the ongoing accompanying IT services and life cycle management that help businesses truly cut costs, cut down time, increase productivity, and save time on IT tasks.

Devices For Teams supply, ship, install, configure, manage, upgrade, store, repurpose, retrieve, and recycle computer devices.

Recycling – Computer recycling can help businesses to reduce their environmental impact and save money. When computers are recycled, valuable materials such as copper and gold can be recovered and reused. This reduces the need for new materials to be mined and reduces the environmental impact of the mining process.

In addition, many computer recycling programs offer incentives for businesses to recycle their old equipment. This can include tax credits, rebates, and other financial incentives. By recycling their old equipment, businesses can save money on disposal costs and take advantage of these incentives.

Devices For Teams use the greenest recycling methods and take care of the whole process for their clients.

Retrieval – Businesses can reap the full value out of any device that they lease. If an ex-employee has a device, Devices For Team will handle the collection of the hardware from their home. We then wipe and reconfigure it for your next staff member.

Repurpose – Save money on devices by using them to the fullest. Devices For Teams can repair, wipe, and reconfigure devices to keep them lasting a long time. You can move them between staff members or repurpose them for new staff after an employee leaves the company. Devices For Teams can ensure they are retrieved, repurposed, and then redeployed to the correct staff to perfectly match the needs of the new role.

Store – Want to reuse your equipment for future staff but don’t need it standing idle currently? Save money by storing hardware, instead of replacing it. Devices For Teams can affordably store your hardware for you in a safe place till you next require it.

Upgrade – When you eventually do need to upgrade, you can do it automatically as part of your DaaS service for an affordable monthly fee with no surprises.

Manage – Devices For Teams saves you time, money, and energy by managing your hardware for you. We can manage your tech support, ongoing technical maintenance, security software, and provide MDM management.

Configure – Devices For Teams can save you downtime by configuring each leased device to the specific employee’s needs.

Install – Your DaaS service will handle installation of hardware in your offices.

Ship – Devices For Teams offers completely zero touch remote deployment even en masse to WFH staff.

Supply – Devices For Teams supplies the right devices for your leasing budget and business objectives.

As you can see, from the start of the device lifecycle to the end, Devices For Teams can save businesses time and money by handling every step.

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