iPad Pro different sized and M1 chip

29th September 2021

M1 & iPads – A Tablet As Powerful As A Computer

Andrew Morgan

The new M1 chips from Apple have been causing great excitement for Macs over the past year. Both Apple fans and sceptics were in awe at the capabilities offered by the latest in SoC technology (system on a chip).

The M1 chip

Apple delivered on their promises and then some with chips that made Macs faster, more efficient, and better performing. It’s been a sore point for Intel who used to make the chips inside Macs, as the new chips have converted many over to Mac.

Apple is now going further and spreading this power to more Apple devices. Apple has now added the M1 chip to the latest iPad Pro model.

So, what possibilities does this hold for tablets?

Well, with the new iPad Pro housing an M1 chip, it has become the most powerful tablet ever, and by a considerable margin.

We’ve already witnessed the improved speeds and battery power of the new M1 Macs, and now the new iPad Pros will benefit from them too, as well as 5G.

iPad Pro 2021The combo of new features makes the iPad Pro extremely versatile for a wide range of tasks and workstyles. It can move seamlessly between conference calling to video editing and even handle a large number of apps and tasks at once.

Is this turning the iPad into essentially a hyper portable touchscreen computer?

Not quite, but it’s certainly close. Tablets still have some limitations compared to laptops. For their hyper portability and lightweight design, they sacrifice some functionality ease.

However, with the upcoming Monterey update, the M1 iPad Pro will be more like a full computer than we ever thought possible.

Ipad pro Currently, even with the speed, power, performance, and battery life of the M1 chip, the iPad Pro is limited in terms of multitasking and the apps available. Yet once the OS update launches will we see the Apple ecosystem drawn closer together than ever.

With the new Universal Control feature enabled by Monterey, it will allow the iPad to be used as a dual monitor with your laptop, controlled by one mouse or trackpad. In this way, the iPad Pro really is being elevated to the power of a computer, but with more flexibility.

As new software is released the iPads will only grow more powerful. Tests reveal that the new iPad M1 processors are true as impressive as they are in Macs. So, Apple tablet users can look forward to that same speed boost and power conservation for required tasks.

On top of the M1 chip, the new iPad Pro has a front-facing camera with movement tracking to help make video calling more immersive. With 5G and the sophisticated camera tracking, users will be blown away by the functionality of the new iPad Pros.

In practical terms, the M1 chips allow these iPads to open more apps, do more work, editing etc. without the iPad heating up or the same battery dropping frustration of years gone by.

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