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19th August 2022

Are Macs or PCs Better for Small Businesses?

Stan Milanovich

What Is A PC?

One confusing element of the debate about whether Mac or PC is better for small businesses is terminology.

PC simply means personal computer, and this definition would cover both Macintosh machines and computers developed by other brands which use Windows, such as Microsoft or Dell, for example.Lenovo Thinkpad 13x

However, when most people use the word PCs, they are quite often referring to all other computers that are not Macintoshes and that use the Windows operating system. Originally Microsoft dominated the market, but now non-Mac PCs are made by an array of manufacturers, including HP, Lenovo, Dell, etc.

In the rest of the article, when we refer to PCs, we are specifying non-Macs.

Macs are designed and produced by Apple and utilise their own operating system, macOS.

What Are The Key Differences Between Mac And PC?

Both Macs and PCs can have many of the same features. There is a huge range of models among both PC and Mac that make suitable business devices. In fact, many of the models are designed with businesses in mind.

Mac uses a different macOS operating system, whereas most PCs use Windows these days.

Mac has a reputation for a somewhat sleeker design; however, PCs are made by a multitude of different manufacturers and their aesthetics are as varied and unique as the different brands.

Recently, it has become the standard that Macs use Apple Silicon chips, whereas most PCs use Intel chips.

Small businesses in particular will have likely recognised that the most obvious difference is the price tag with most Macs being quite a bit more expensive than a PC.

Does this mean that Macs are not well suited to smaller businesses, as they tend to have more modest budgets?

Not necessarily. In fact, a Mac could be the perfect choice for your small business.

Is One Genuinely Better Than The Other In Quality?

One of the marketed reasons for that higher price tag in Macs is quality.

An Apple business laptop is often purported to be more durable and face less tech issues, making its total cost of ownership cheaper.

This is, of course, a trade-off with PC, which are often considerably cheaper upfront.

While Mac admittedly has invested in high-quality products that offer longevity, it is important to bear in mind that there is a greater range of quality in PCs. Some PC models are definitely as good as Macs.Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

If we look at some of the best laptops for small business in the UK on the PC side of the market, we have:

  • Lenovo ThinkPads
  • Samsung GalaxyBooks
  • HP ZBooks
  • Dell Latitudes
  • Microsoft Surface

These are some of the best PC business laptops on the market today and they are very durable. Samsung has a phenomenal reputation for durable and quality electronics and has turned that knowledge to computers in the GalaxyBooks. Microsoft Surface and Lenovo ThinkPads are both high-quality and versatile pieces of kit for any business.

One factor that has become relevant recently, is that Macs house the new Apple Silicon chips.

When these were first released, they were revolutionary for speed and energy efficiency and certain gave Mac products a boost and an edge over the competition.

However, this is an eternal race with each side constantly making improvements to their hardware to gain the upper hand. Intel has certainly risen to the challenge of competing with the Apple Silicon chips, and there are models of PC that are as fast and powerful as their Mac counterparts.

However, Apple has not rested on their laurels. They’ve continued to innovate with their chips. M1 Pro, M1 Max and M1 Ultra have delivered serious power to their devices while balancing incredible energy efficiency.Front view image of Apple MacBook Pro 16"

What is really interesting for small businesses are devices like the MacBook Air with M1, and now M2 chips. It is Apple’s most affordable device and very much up to the tasks of most businesses, yet is packed full of power, speed, and high performance.

This small business laptop would be very at home in a range of industries and small companies.

If Both Mac And PC Can Be High-Performance Hardware, How Do We Know Which Is Most Suited To Small Businesses?

There is not a straightforward answer to whether an Apple business laptop or PC will best suit your small business.

There are a number of factors that will go into deciding this:

Let’s examine these relevant elements and guide you through whether Apple business laptops or PCs are more applicable to the needs of your small business.

Why Will Budget Influence Whether You Buy PC Small Business Laptops or Apple Business Laptops

If you are buying the devices outright, then budget and the size of your business would normally play a major factor in whether PC or Mac is best for your small business.

Small businesses usually have less cash to lay their hands upon and smaller safety nets financially. The initially greater cost of Apple business laptops can, therefore, put small business owners off choosing Apple.

They can still get excellent elite business hardware at a lower price tag with PC.

MacBook AirYet, buying small business laptops is not the only way to source them, and there are financially smarter options for smaller companies.

Why Would Choosing Leasing Over Buying Make A Difference To Your Choice Of Small Business Computers?

Leasing opens up far more options for small businesses looking to source hardware. It spreads the cost of computer equipment into smaller monthly payments. This improves cashflow and gives small businesses a chance to access normally more expensive business computers.

If both PC and Mac are financially accessible and both can be high quality, directors will need to look at other factors when making the decision of Mac vs PC for their offices.

Should Employee Preference Matter?

This is probably one of the most crucial points when evaluating Mac vs PC for your company. A choice of device type and operating system can improve employee contentment. Some studies have shown that many employees prefer Macs because they are more intuitive. Despite this PCs are more widespread in offices across the globe and many staff become more familiar with Windows and PC due to habit, despite Mac’s reputation for an easy-to-learn interface.

It can be helpful to consult your workforce on their personal preference of device. You might notice that this preference is often industry-specific.

Why Does Your Industry Matter When Choosing Small Business Laptops?

Most new, small start-up creatives will find the interfaces and visuals of the high-end Mac business laptops with a touchscreen interface an absolute must. Leasing makes them far more attainable regardless of budget.

Small programming and engineering firms might need that raw PC power and perhaps desire the ability to upgrade their own hardware within the company. PC hardware is far easier to get into and repair yourself. Of course, with a lease provider like Devices for Teams by Hardsoft, you won’t even have to repair the equipment yourself, as we can handle repairing and repurposing your hardware for upgrades.

For some of the smallest new companies, the cheaper prices of the PCs’ most affordable business laptops will always be a core priority. While new financial firms might be reassured by Apple’s superior cyber security.

Your industry and staff’s roles are probably the biggest determining factors on which devices will be right for you.

The fact is that there isn’t a clear answer to if Mac or PC is better for your small business as it all comes down to your sector and also the way each department in your small business needs to use their laptops. Consider what you produce as a company and how you market your product or service. What kinds of tools and software do your creators require? This should be your starting point.

Devices for Teams by Hardsoft has an in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of both Apple business laptops and PC. Our experts can perform an evaluation of your business and recommend the best laptops for your small business based on how you operate.

How About A Mixed Office?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a clean-cut choice between Apple business laptops and other small business computers. We have seen how both can possess advantageous qualities.

The way to choose the best small business laptop is to look at the functionality, power, speed, and features of each device and compare that to the needs of your industry. It could be that different workers and departments within your small business require different things from their hardware.

A great option is to lease a mixed office. Rather than having a purely Apple small business office, have an Apple and PC office. Devices for Teams by Hardsoft is one of 10 MacBook Air and surface pro 8 £135the few providers that can deliver leases for mixed devices with both Apple and PC. Not only can we lease the devices, but our experts are fully trained, qualified, and certified to troubleshoot issues with both Apple and PC technology, enabling you to enjoy unrivalled technical support for your leased devices.

Small businesses often lack an IT department, hence outsourcing your tech support to your lease provider is another way to make life easier.

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