Mix and match industry leading hardware with D4T

25th January 2022

Mix And Match Industry Leading Hardware With D4T

Stan Milanovich

D4T (Devices For Teams) is an outstanding method for businesses to lease and source hardware. It is unlike any other solution currently available on the market.

D4T daas by HardSoft It is a Device as a Service model with all the usual associated benefits, as well as a host of other advantages that most other DaaS systems lack.

One of the most noted and popular differences between D4T and other DaaS subscriptions is the ability to mix and match hardware from different brands.

DaaS Benefits

DaaS (Device as a Service) is becoming more popular among companies, particularly fast-growing ones that require more support, flexibility, and granular control over their hardware lease.

Leasing itself is already attractive to businesses compared to buying.

It allows companies to spread the cost of their expensive computer equipment into manageable monthly payments which are tax-deductible.

DaaS is particularly relevant to fast-paced growing businesses because, rather than working towards ownership over a certain length of lease, the focus is far more on service. Devices can also be updated regularly to the latest technology, so the business’s team always has the best equipment.

DaaS is ideal for larger, growing businesses because:

  • computer productivity

    Expanded technical support – Less downtime thanks to better, faster IT support.

  • More installation, management, and maintenance support – Since the emphasis is on service, much of the management burden of IT is removed from the business and handled by your lease provider.

  • Automatic upgrades – Always have the most advanced equipment for your workers

  • No Obsoletion – With auto upgrades, DaaS equals no obsolete hardware.

  • Greater productivity – With the most advanced tech always on hand, and better IT support, your staff can produce their best work and suffer less downtime with old, malfunctioning devices

  • Unburden your IT department – Thanks to the additional support and servicing in-built into a DaaS package, your IT can focus on other more important issues, or you could even run a business without a dedicated IT department and save money.

  • OPEX friendly – DaaS comes with tax benefits and counts as an operational expenditure.

While these are excellent operational and financial benefits that will help businesses grow faster, most DaaS packages specialise in one brand of hardware. Normally, you’ll have to settle for Windows only leases for your office or Apple only. Yet, not with D4T.

Additional D4T Benefits

Hardsoft’s Devices For Teams goes far beyond the advantages of most DaaS solutions.

  • Samsung Knox

    Evaluations – We can provide business evaluations to determine which selection of devices will be right for your staff and your business goals.

  • Better Deployment – With Apple Business Manager, Microsoft Autopilot and Samsung Knox, we can register, order, deploy, and offer a zero-touch set-up for all your new equipment, so it is with you efficient and ready-to-go out-of-the-box.

  • Mix and match hardware – Unlike other DaaS solutions, we can offer Apple product leasing, Windows product leasing, or DaaS leasing for a mix of both in your office.

  • Even more expert support – Our solutions engineers are highly trained in all the hardware we sell, and we are a member of the Apple Consultancy Network.

  • Strategic support – In addition to technical support, we provide strategic support, so your staff can use their hardware to the fullest.

  • Accidental damage cover – While accidental damage cover is now hardly ever included in warranties, Hardsoft do offer to add accidental damage cover on PCs for a minute extra cost and for free in Apple devices.

  • Financial support With Hardsoft Leasing Ltd, there is no third-party finance company involved, it’s all done through us.

  • Efficiency getting started – With our tech support, installations, and/or zero-touch deployment it is much more efficient for your team to get started with their new hardware. There is a smaller learning curve as we completely pre-configure your devices.

  • Greater flexibility – Hardsoft’s D4T is more flexible than other DaaS solutions and we have more control over who we lease to and the terms of that lease.

  • Greater customisation and tailoring – We can tailor your DaaS solutions around your business needs rather than the stricter structure you will see with other DaaS offerings.

  • Return devices Swap and return devices without penalty – This is one of the biggest differences between D4T and other DaaS packages. Most other systems do not let you return devices before the end of the lease without additional charge.

  • Scale up and down as needed – The biggest benefit of D4T is that is allows you to scale up your number of leased devices or scale it down depending on the changing needs of your company.

  • More package options – There are more options than with other providers. D4T has an Essentials and Premium package for varying budgets.

  • More support package options – Not only are there more DaaS packages to choose from in D4T, but you can also choose between two levels of support package as well.

  • Entire device lifecycle management – Hardsoft can manage the entire life of your devices from ordering to recycling.

  • Device trials – You can even trial devices for 72 hours before officially adding them to your lease to see if they work for you.

  • Cash back for old devices If you have older equipment prior to your lease, you can hand them over to Hardsoft and get cash back.

Why Is Mixing Hardware Such An Important Business Benefit?

While many businesses tend to have one brand of computer in their offices, this rarely extends to other devices, which are increasingly used as part of work operations, such as tablets or smartphones.

In larger businesses that contain a broader range of roles, you are more likely to want the diversity of hardware to fulfil those different needs. You might have your graphic designers using Macs but your marketing team using PCs for example.

D4T gives far more freedom than other DaaS solutions.

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