9th October 2023

No More Sending Old Laptops To Landfills With Devices For Teams’ Green Policies

Ryan Kelly

Devices For Teams have some of the greenest eco policies of any computer hardware leasing providers.

We have developed these environmentally friendly practices in order to help businesses significantly reduce their impact on the natural world via their IT equipment.

 Why Do Devices For Teams Care About Green Policies?

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is wreaking havoc on our environment. The creation of electronic waste is rising at alarming rates, and this enlarges landfills and the amount of plastic waste polluting our oceans.

Beyond the visible damage, e-waste poses a severe threat to wildlife and, most importantly, to humans.

Computers, in particular, contribute to this harmful impact due to:

  • The materials in their frames
  • The chemicals in their components
  • The mining undertaken to harvest the materials used in their manufacturing
  • The chemicals and emissions released during their manufacturing process

The materials and components of computers take a long time to break down. When these materials and components are left exposed to the weather elements in landfills, rainwater causes them to degrade, releasing toxic chemicals that seep into the soil and water supplies.

This contamination then enters the water supply and agricultural chains, leading to the development of cancers and poisoning in humans.

How Severe Is E-Waste In The UK And Europe?

The statistics surrounding e-waste are alarming. The sheer volume of unrecycled e-waste on Earth in 2023 reached a staggering 347 million tonnes, showcasing the magnitude of the problem we face.

The UK stands as one of the worst offenders for the illegal export of e-waste, exacerbating the global crisis.

Even in the European Union, often regarded as a leader in e-waste recycling, only 35% of reported e-waste is properly recycled.

Why Are Computers Still Relevant If They Produce Damaging Waste?

While it’s crucial to acknowledge the detrimental impact of e-waste, businesses cannot simply give up on technology.

Computers are essential tools for creating services, products, and staying relevant and competitive in the market. In fact, as discussed in our previous articles, regularly upgrading, and replacing business laptops every 3 years prevents them from becoming dangerously outdated, leading to drops in productivity, employee dissatisfaction, and security concerns.

So, what is the solution when computers are essential, and e-waste poses a significant global problem?

The answer is to choose computer leasing providers that are working to help make the IT hardware industry more environmentally friendly.

Devices For Teams’ Green Policies

More energy efficient devices – Devices For Greener Teams helps businesses select the most environmentally friendly devices. We have a special collection of highly energy efficient laptops and can provide guidance on eco-ratings such as EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) and TCO (The Next Generation Certified Sustainable IT). Energy efficient laptops not only save the planet, but can also save businesses money on their electricity bills.

More recyclable devices – Devices For Teams can also guide businesses on which laptop models are the most recyclable. Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to use parts that are less damaging to the environment and some laptops certainly make more of an effort than others.

Lifecycle management and recyclingDevices For Teams can take care of the entire device lifecycle. This includes everything from preconfiguring the device for your staff, through deployment to management and maintenance, and finally collection and recycling. All the recycling is handled by our team at the end of its lifespan, so our clients don’t have to worry about a thing. We use the greenest method available to cause the least impact to the environment.

Carbon OffsettingAs you now know, it is also the manufacturing and the usage of laptops that can harm the environment as well as their parts at the end of the device lifecycle. This is why Devices For Teams offers a carbon offsetting service. For just an extra 3% on your lease, we can automatically carbon offset all your hardware. We will first help you to calculate the carbon footprint from your specific fleet of devices. The funds you provide will be invested in projects that offset your IT carbon footprint by removing emissions from the atmosphere. Devices For Teams will invest the money into helping to build wind farms. You will receive a certificate proving how much carbon your business has offset.

With Devices For Greener Teams, businesses can make a positive difference in reducing e-waste and its detrimental effects. By choosing eco-friendly devices, offsetting carbon emissions, and participating in efficient recycling practices, businesses can actively contribute to a greener future. It’s time to break away from the old habit of sending laptops to landfills and embrace sustainable alternatives.

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