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27th May 2022

Offset Your Hardware’s Carbon Footprint with Apple & Devices For Greener Teams

Carissa Parnell

It’s never been easier to practice green computing thanks to Apple and Devices For Greener Teams.

By choosing Apple IT products and a hardware leasing solution like Devices For Greener Teams, businesses will be in a better position to:

  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Move further towards net zerodevices for greener teams
  • Reduce their energy usage

With the government setting their target of net zero for 2050, businesses are in a race to reduce their emissions as quickly as possible.

With computer equipment frequently having a high carbon footprint of roughly 500kgs of CO2, thanks to their production processes and usage for the first five years, your IT strategy is a particular area where you need to start thinking green.

Why Are Apple Products Good For Net Zero And Green Computing?

Apple has some fairly impressive green credentials compared to its competitors. This goes for the products themselves and Apple’s policies in their facilities.

Ambitious Emissions Goals

The brand has set its own goal of being carbon neutral by 2030, twenty years sooner than the UK government’s goal. This is highly ambitious, yet Apple hasn’t been sitting still, they’ve been working hard to make good on their promise.

Already Apple is using 100% renewable energy in their facilities. This sets a significant example for their buyers. As a brand, they are committed to reducing its emissions to facilitate green computing and make a big jump to net zero.

Energy Efficient Products

However, it isn’t just energy usage at their facilities that’s become greener. Apple has invested heavily in making greener products, and that’s what is most important to our clients.

Devices For Greener Teams helps businesses lease greener hardware to reduce their own emissions and environmental impact. When we lease Apple products, we know that we are supplying devices that use less energy throughout the course of their lifecycle.M1 chip

The average energy use of Apple products has decreased by 70% since 2008. The advent of the new M1 chip has also led to some of the biggest energy reductions that the industry has ever seen. For products whose usage causes fewer emissions, Apple is ahead of the curve technologically.


What’s great about greener computing with Apple, is that they go beyond direct emissions. The company has additionally vowed to eliminate plastics in their packaging by 2025. Plastics are one of the materials that are most difficult to break down in a safe, nontoxic way. Plastics dominate landfills and contribute to e-waste in a major way.

Apple isn’t just spouting empty promises. There is evidence that they are keeping to their goals. Since 2015 the percentage of plastic used in Apple’s packaging has fallen from 21% to only 6% in 2020. They utilise 59% recycled fibres in their packaging and everything else comes from sustainable forests.


Apple has shifted to low-carbon transportation methods wherever possible in its global distribution. In Europe in particular, the brand is trying to work with carbon-neutral carriers.

MacBook Pro 16

The MacBook Pro 16-inch is a key product offered on the Devices For Greener Teams leasing package. It’s one of Apple’s greenest products.

Naturally, it houses an M1 Pro chip, making it highly energy efficient. It is also 100% aluminium and consumed 58% less energy than the Energy Star energy efficiency requirement.Front view image of Apple MacBook Pro 16"

Energy Star is one of several emissions measurers and environmentally friendly certification award bodies that HardSoft review for our products. Energy Star is the favoured ecolabel of Apple for assessing green credentials on their products.

HardSoft, doesn’t just use one ecolabel, we cross-reference several to ensure our assessment of a product’s green credentials are as unbiased and accurate as possible. The MacBook Pro 16 also has a gold rating from EPEAT.

In terms of emissions, for the lifecycle of the MacBook Pro 16, it only produces 349kg, which is low compared to competitors and many laptops on the market today.

The MacBook Pro 16 goes further with 96% recyclable packaging and zero landfill waste generated.

Devices For Greener Teams

Signing up for a green computing Device as a Service lease like Devices For Greener Teams can take businesses even further to net zero. While leasing Apple products is a good start, there is more that can be done.

To truly accomplish net zero and green computing, businesses must reduce their carbon emissions from IT devices and use various tactics to be greener.

Devices For Greener Teams can help you offset the remaining carbon emissions of your devices by adding a small optional fee of 3%. This is then invested in carbon-absorbing initiatives such as reforestation projects. At 3%, this represents one of the most affordable carbon offsetting options for businesses. With the UK government aiminggren boomerang and lifecycle management for net zero by 2050, businesses must find ways to offset their emissions quickly.

On top of leasing green computing products from Apple and helping you offset your carbon, Devices For Greener Teams includes:

  • Greenest recycling and device lifecycle management
  • Repairing and repurposing hardware with Boomerang
  • Helping you upgrade to greener devices as they become available
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