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11th May 2024

Our Takeaways from the Bett Show

Kia Deeks-Hyde

The Bett Show is one of the largest education technology events in the world, attracting over 35,000 educators, innovators, and industry leaders every year. In this blog, we will share some of our personal highlights and insights from the Bett Show 2024, which took place in London from the 24th-27th of January.

Our Encounters with You

At the Bett Show, we had the pleasure of connecting with a diverse mix of both familiar and new faces. These interactions allowed us to delve into critical DaaS topics that resonate with educators and administrators. Here are the key takeaways:

Support Matters

One key concern that was brought to our attention was support. Many educators are concerned about accidental damage or theft when equipping students with devices, as this can be an expensive and disruptive issue. We were pleased to be able to discuss some of our solutions to this issue, including:

  • Safeguard Asset Protection: Safeguard offers consistent pricing for schools and businesses, focusing on the product rather than the business. Safeguard’s fixed pricing spans three years and allows up to two claims per device annually. With a designated account manager, it’s hassle-free support all under one roof.

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Affordability Solutions

Another concern when equipping students with devices is affordability. Whether your institution is a state, academy, or independent school, it’s of paramount importance that your solution is as cost-effective as possible for your school’s budget. We addressed this issue by discussing:

  • Budget-Friendly Devices: Drawing from our 40 years of business experience (including a decade working with schools), we can recommend the best devices for your budget. Whether through school leasing or parent leasing, affordability is a priority.

Deployment Expertise

Many educators we spoke to were keen on the idea of leasing devices but had many questions when it came to the deployment process. How would they choose the right devices for their students? Should they deploy devices instantly? How could they logistically and efficiently install all the right software on their fleet of devices? With Devices for Teams, you can rest assured. We can ease your concerns by offering:

  • Tailored Solutions: Our expertise allows us to customise solutions from the outset. We use our experience and expertise to guide you in selecting the right devices, and help you to strategise deployment (instant, staggered, teachers or students first). We leverage tools like Intune, Knox, Apple School Manager, and Microsoft 365, configuring devices so that they are ready for staff and students straight out the box.

Our Encounters with Partners and Manufacturers at Bett

Our engagements with partners and manufacturers were equally fruitful. Not only did we strengthen and solidify our existing relationships, but we were also able to explore a variety of exciting new products and concepts. Here’s what stood out most:

Exploring New Products

MetaQuest VR for Education

We’re always actively identifying partners and manufacturers to enhance our education portfolio. Meta was particularly popular; the stand was so busy that you had to make appointments!

MetaQuest VR headsets are an innovative tool for education, with the capacity to be used in a wide variety of circumstances. For example, they can be used by medical students to practice complex surgeries, or in science lessons to demonstrate theories in a more visual sense, which might otherwise be impossible due to costs of supplies.

We were very impressed and excited about the potential that MetaQuest VR has to revolutionise the education landscape and are excited about implementing this product into our catalogue.

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Large Interactive Displays

Interactive displays have been a popular staple within the education landscape for over a decade – but they have come a long way in the past ten years.

For example, Samsung’s Flip3 interactive whiteboard was particularly popular, as well as the Microsoft Surface Hub 3. Both products are incredibly beneficial within education, enabling collaborative and interactive learning.

Capabilities go way beyond basic whiteboard functionality – these interactive displays offer a variety of ports and features, designed to enhance the learning process.

Emerging Trends at the Bett Show

  • Gaming in Education: E-sports and gaming clubs are gaining traction. They promote problem-solving, strategy, and teamwork among students.
  • Lego Education SPIKE: Ideal for STEAM education, SPIKE introduces coding through hands-on building. It’s a fantastic way to ignite young minds.


The Bett Show reaffirmed our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and student success. We look forward to continuing these conversations and driving positive change in education.

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