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21st January 2023

Phones For Teams Is An Honest Answer To Mobile Solutions For Businesses

Carissa Parnell

Leasing enterprise-grade computer equipment is increasingly common among businesses. Its popularity was rising steadily pre-pandemic, and post-pandemic almost everyone has realised it is far more suited to the modern way of working.

DaaS models for hardware leasing are especially suited to current business practices because they enable companies to gain all their IT requirements in one place, including tech support, cybersecurity, and device management.

Leasing, particularly DaaS systems are flexible, which is exactly what modern businesses need to be successful. They require services that can pivot with their business plans and support-focused partnerships to collaborate with them, save them time, and make daily operations simpler.phones for teams logo under one roof

This is precisely why Devices For Teams, our DaaS-style lease is so popular. It is the ideal method for sourcing computers, laptops, and tablets for businesses. With so many extra services, such as zero touch deployment, the ability to add, swap and return devices without penalty, automatic upgrades, a full support wrapper and MDM assistance, it goes further than any other service.

But what about smartphones?

Smartphones can absolutely be a part of your hardware arsenal supplied by DaaS lease. However, business mobiles can be more complex than other computer devices. This is because you need a phone device and a SIM contract as well.

Companies have a habit of neglecting the option of business mobiles, despite the high-quality options on leases.

This is for two reasons:

  • Businesses feel they can rely on employee’s own mobiles for out-of-office communications
  • The hassle of setting up phone and SIM contracts

However, businesses would increase their cybersecurity, productivity, and staff wellbeing if they chose to lease smartphones, as well as laptops.

Additionally, leasing business mobiles doesn’t have to be a headache at all if you choose the right supplier.

Why Are Business Mobiles Better Than BYODs?

BYODs stands for Bring Your Own Devices. It is the practice where businesses allow workers to use their own personal computers on which to do company work. It is not standard practice and is shown to increase cybersecurity risks. The reason for this is that business-grade equipment has far more features than end-user devices, especially when it comes to security. Business laptops are more powerful, faster, more secure and come with relevant business apps.

BYODs also blur the line between work and leisure more and hamper productivity.

Business devices empower staff to do their best work, and this is equally true in the case of business mobiles. When you lease smartphones with Phones For Teams, you gain access to enterprise-models that are not available to the general public. You can also receive enhanced security and support.Bring your own devices

What Makes Business Mobile Contracts Stressful?

We’ve outlined that the extra labour of setting up phone contracts and SIM contacts are a significant factor in why some companies overlook leasing smartphones.

What truly makes mobiles, of any sort, a chore is the lack of clarity in the contracts.

SIM and phone contracts from your standard phone company are frequently long, overly complex and contain unnecessarily dense language or technical and legal terms.

Pouring over the details accurately takes time. Time that busy CEOs and managers do not have.

The fine details are difficult to remember throughout the length of your contract.

Phone companies rely on people finding it too much of a bother to be familiar with their contracts. This makes it so easy to hide cost saving deals and hikes in tariffs.

The result is losing money, and precious time, and missing out on the best deals. It also means that, for businesses, the contracts might not even be a good match for their goals.

How Is Phones For Teams Making Phone And SIM Contracts More Honest And Transparent?

Phones For Teams is the brand for the business mobile section of a computer hardware leasing company, as opposed to your standard phone company. We, therefore, have different priorities and approaches to our clients.

Phones For Teams offer a DaaS model (Device as a Service) for our leases, so our focus is on providing the best and most comprehensive service possible. When we say best, we mean three intrinsic concepts:

  • Services that take care of each and every business IT requirement
  • Services that make life easier for business owners and their staff by removing chores and tasks from their plate
  • Building collaborative ongoing partnerships with clients

To carry these concepts through to business mobiles, we have a novel approach that sets us apart from traditional phone companies.

The first part is simplicity of contracts. Rather than hiding information in long, convoluted contracts, we aim to keep them as sensible, simple, and understandable as possible. That means a reduction in bureaucratic paperwork and a big focus on clarity and transparency.DaaS for phones

Our SIM contracts aren’t focused on pure profits and won’t rise alongside the CPI (consumer price index) in the same way as other phone companies. In previous years, consumers would have likely seen a rise each year of about 4-5% but with the inflation issues we are experiencing in this current economic climate, people could be seeing rises of 14%. Phones For Teams will not be following suit and will never hide price rises in jargon within contracts.

We prioritise transparency and clearly communicating our terms with our clients. We have specifically trained mobile specialists on hand, so your account manager will always take the time to work with you and ensure that you understand your contracts and any discounts that will be applicable to you, so you can get the best deal.

In addition to our philosophy on phone and SIM contract transparency, there are a number of other differences with our approach to business mobiles that will make life easier and stress-free for businesses.

More Benefits Of Phones For Teams’ Business Mobiles

  • SIM and phone contracts are with one provider: us
  • Support is comprehensive and all support is under one roof for both the smartphone devices and the SIM contract
  • It is one easy billing platform for support, SIM, and the smartphones
  • We have mobile tech specialists and SIM specialists on hand to assist you
  • The SIM and phone contracts aren’t locked together. This gives businesses the freedom to put SIMs in any device. You could also continue with the SIM contracts but upgrade, swap or return the phones or vice versa. There is no locking the SIMs to certain models or contracts.
  • Personalised, tailored leases that work with your business objectives
  • Strategic advice on choosing the right smartphone brands, models and SIM contracts for your industry and individual business goals
  • EU roaming included
  • Extended warranty as standard

While all this is a boon to business owners, it continues to be our transparent contracts that are most popular with clients and make the biggest difference to the value they find in their lease and peace of mind. There are no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises.

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