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28th March 2023

Ready to Scaleup in 2023? Here’s How DaaS (Device as a Service) Can Help

Ryan Kelly

Scaling up successfully is always a big endeavour for a company.

To do it right, and get the results that you desire, it helps to have plans and support in place to streamline the process.

Complementary strategies at key junctures of your business will enable you to level up the business more easily. The tactics you employ don’t need to be convoluted or complex. Sometimes putting simple solutions in place can make scaling up more straightforward.

DaaS, or Device as a Service, is a type of computer hardware sourcing lease, but it is also much more than that. DaaS is a device strategy that can be especially useful to a business looking to scaleup quickly.

Scaling up can take on several different forms. The official definition of a scaleup business is one that grows by profits and/or employee number by at least 20% for at least two consecutive years. However, most companies understand scaling up as any form of rapid growth.

If you are planning to onboard a lot of new hires as part of a swift growth plan this year or looking at a profit-driving growth plan or both, a DaaS system can help you in numerous ways.

How Is DaaS Different From Other Computer Equipment Supply Chains?

Device as a Service, more commonly known as DaaS is a lease structure for sourcing IT hardware. As with most other lease systems, it works by spreading the cost of computer equipment (which is normally an expensive outright purchase for businesses) into manageable monthly payments.

There are several different forms of lease that businesses can enjoy, such as leases that end in ownership, or leases that work on a strictly renting model.

These digestible, spread-out payments can especially help scaleups by improving their cashflow and allowing greater flexibility at the crucial time of swift growth.

DaaS leases, however, are also a unique model in the IT leasing world, and its differences can leverage even more ways to help a business scale.

How Is DaaS Different From Other IT Leasing Structures?

Device as a Service goes beyond what you receive in other, more basic IT leases. The clue is in the name because DaaS is all about the service. In addition to the cashflow benefits, DaaS brings an array of other IT services to businesses, such as:

  • Automatic upgrades
  • Extensive support wrappers
  • MDM management
  • Device strategies
  • Advice
  • Strategic advice and troubleshooting

How Can Devices For Teams’ Services Help Businesses Add Scale

1 Taking Charge Of Your Budget And Cashflow With DaaS

Any computer equipment lease, including DaaS systems like Devices For Teams, gives businesses improved cashflow.

Smoothing out your cashflow by adopting a subscription-style payment method on essentials allows companies to have a more predictable budget.

Rather than having a sudden massive outgoing as you would when bulk buying hardware, the impact is lessened, managed, and predictable.

This is especially important during a targeted scaleup project.

If you’re scaling up employees and/or work output, you are going to need more high-quality computer hardware. At the same time, if you’re looking to scale up profit growth, you can want to avoid sudden large outgoings that aren’t directly going into profit-driving campaigns.

Leases give you control over your cashflow and allow businesses to put money into profit-driven campaigns to level up profits in the short and long term.

You aren’t forced to delay hiring or ambitious growth investments because of a large outgoing in one month to outfit the business with crucial hardware.Blog image with cash flow icon and woman holding a MacBook

2 Save Money With Ongoing Tax Benefits

Some computer hardware leases, including DaaS models, have extra tax benefits for businesses, which will help them save even more money throughout the year.

When your business is embarking on rapid growth, you need to make money go further to ensure the best profits, even if you secure funding. A DaaS lease is an Opex-style lease, so you can claim the computer equipment as an operating lease on your taxes each month.

3 Let Your DaaS Lease Grow And Shift As Your Business Scales In Any Direction

Thanks to the cost spreading and improved cashflow, any lease-style supply chain for IT hardware will be advantageous for a scaleup project. It lets those businesses easily put their hands on cash to invest in various campaigns as and when they need it.

Devices For Teams has unique features that make it the ultimate leasing solution and DaaS solution on the market.

With Devices For Teams, you can scale the size of the lease, i.e. the number of devices you use, up or down. You can do this throughout the lease so that you never pay for more than you need. This flexibility to scale the number of devices up and down as required gives businesses huge flexibility. For scaleups that flexibility can allow them to pivot in new directions quickly. Whether it’s adding a new department or folding a department in favour of other investments, Devices For Teams can facilitate these quick changes.

The ability to shift strategy quickly and follow the data to growth success is essential for a successful scaleup project. With no penalties for returning devices, Devices For Teams is the most flexible example of DaaS on the market

Devices For Teams also lets you swap devices mid-lease. You can effectively add, swap and return equipment to suit your current needs, staff, campaigns, and objectives.

The swap feature is extremely useful to scaleups as they test different growth strategies and must shift staff and roles.

4 DaaS Removes Extra Chores And Downtime With Its Multitude Of IT Services

What makes DaaS extra special compared to other leases is the plethora of additional IT services.

DaaS systems like Devices For Teams can include extra services such as:

  • Comprehensive tech support wrappers
  • Additional strategic support and troubleshooting
  • Optional additional cybersecurity software, guidance, and support
  • Devices For Teams’ Add, Switch or Return policy
  • Auto upgrades to the latest tech
  • Full device life-cycle including repair, replacement, and green recycling of components
  • Remote deployment to staff wherever they are even WFH staff
  • Full personal configuration so all programmes, software, apps and accounts are set up for the individual employee so they can get to work right away
  • Devices For Teams’ Boomerang service to repurpose devices by wiping them and reconfiguring them for a new staff member
  • Hardware retrieval from ex-staff members at their homes with minimal disruption
  • Hardware storage if you’ll need your hardware again soon but not yet
  • MDM management for granular control over how your business devices are used even by WFH staff and the ability to wipe lost and stolen devices
  • Devices For Teams’ support package levels, so that every business can pick the level of support they need
  • Even more optional extras like accidental damage protection

Devices For Teams covers a massive range of IT services so that scaleups can focus their IT departments on profit-driven ventures, or, depending on your industry, some scaleups can save money by not needing an in-house IT department at all.

Since Devices For Teams’ services cover so many IT chores, it saves time for scaleups, decreases their downtime spent on tasks and increases productivity towards profits.Blog image with hands holding a piece of paper that indicates downtime

5 Save Money By Making New Working Methods Easier And More Accessible To Your Business

Allowing WFH is a smart way to make your investments go further. You can save money on energy bills and office space by embracing WFH while keeping it secure.

WFH is particularly financially advantageous for scaleups looking to make their funding go further and boost growth without unnecessary expenditures.

Many DaaS services can make WFH and other working methods more accessible to businesses.

Devices For Teams’ remote, zero touch deployment, personal configuration and hardware retrieval services make WFH methods straightforward and stress-free for business.

The MDM management services also make WFH more secure against human error cyber threats.

By embracing WFH or even remote workers, scaleup businesses could even save money.

Scaleups could save money on salaries by using remote freelancers and Devices For Teams multitude of services that support WFH make this easier and more secure too. Scaleups, therefore, have many options to save money and boost growth thanks to these IT services.

6 Customisable Support Lets You Outsource More To Scale More Quickly

Scaleups can save even more money for healthier budgets with DaaS services like Devices For Teams’ support plans.

With an Essentials and Premium option on DaaS and a Gold and Platinum option on support, Devices For Teams’ clients have so much customisation choice.

They can opt to save money on smaller packages or save themselves time with more service-filled packages. Both could be smart strategies to push towards rapid growth.

The range of choices lets scaleups choose what is right for their circumstance and industry.


DaaS is a powerful tool if you want to scale up your business in 2023. The real power of DaaS is the extensive flexibility it gives to businesses to wield ambitious growth strategies thanks to the range of IT services included.

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