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1st December 2022

Repurpose Your Computer Hardware With The Boomerang Service

Carissa Parnell

Companies of all sizes can save money on computer hardware and valuable time when choosing to repurpose rather than dispose of computers.

What Is Computer Equipment Repurposing?

Repurposing business computer equipment allows you to reuse valuable hardware to the best effect.

Owing to the nature of business operations, computer devices can become temporarily idle, or unneeded. This could come about if:

  • An employee quits
  • A department is downsizing
  • Certain hardware is only needed for special projects but not on a day-to-day basis

However, it could be hasty and costly for a business to sell or dispose of its hardware when they know that they will require it in the future for:

  • throwing laptop as boomerang illustrationNew hires
  • Freelancers on temporary projects
  • Following expansion

In the meantime, this can lead to computer devices standing idle and wasting space and power.

Often companies fail to see how a device can be used for a different role or purpose than when it was originally purchased. This leads to useful hardware being thrown away.

This isn’t only a financial waste for a business. It can also cause excess downtime when a new hire starts with the need to obtain yet more equipment. Worst of all, it contributes to the growing issue of e-waste. The UK is producing 1.45 million tons of toxic e-waste per year and this is contrary to the government’s aims to be more sustainable and carbon neutral by 2050.

Computer equipment repurposing helps a business to repurpose devices, so they are useful for longer. This is of huge benefit to the environment.

How Can Computer Equipment Repurposing Save Your Business Money?

Rather than buying excess, unneeded hardware every time a new hire starts, you can get the most from all your gear. Reusing computer hardware is not only an environmentally conscious business strategy but saves your business money by allowing you to reuse relevant equipment.

How Can Hardware Repurposing Save Your Business Time?

Hardsoft’s repurposing service will collect the computer equipment from old employees, fully wipe all data, then configure all the software, accounts, and apps to the new user’s parameters. Finally, we re-deploy the hardware to them.

This means you take on no extra tasks and still get to save money by repurposing hardware. There are no extra steps, and this should allow you to increase productivity.

What Is Boomerang?

Boomerang is Hardsoft’s specially designed computer device reprovisioning service.

It is unique in the market for its flexibility and range.hardsoft HQ with boomerang

With Boomerang, you can repurpose computer equipment; however, you can also do much more.

You gain access to full computer device life-cycle management, which includes environmentally friendly recycling once the device is too old and no longer optimal for repurposing.

If you have interim periods where hardware isn’t currently required but will be in the future, the Boomerang IT hardware service will store the hardware for you.

Boomerang can help with computer hardware in many ways and the payment is super straightforward too. Boomerang’s computer device collection, storage and repurposing are not limited to the hardware that you leased from us. We can collect any hardware from any third-party supplier.

If you already lease from Hardsoft, then you can add Boomerang to your subscription.

If you aren’t and only want the Boomerang service, then that is fine too since we will collect any hardware. You can go on a Boomerang-only service, or even just use it ad hoc and pay when you need it.

Why Boomerang?

Boomerang encompasses the core of a computer repurposing service: the equipment comes back to you when you need it, all set up and ready to go.

There are so many useful business applications for computer repurposing. Beyond the obvious financial and environmental advantages, it removes burdensome tasks from companies such as device storage.

Hardsoft developed the Boomerang concept after investigating the intricacies of our clients’ computer equipment needs and which gaps in support could lead to unnecessary additional chores for businesses. A reprovisioning service was in high demand among our clients so that they could use hardware in a more flexible manner that suited the changing nature of their businesses.

One of the most popular features of Boomerang is that it is an elite repurposing service which makes it extremely easy to retrieve company hardware from contractors who might only need the equipment temporarily or even from ex-employees.

Hardsoft has developed a specialist collection and re-deployment feature within Boomerang’s repurposing service. It is simple to convince old staff to return valuable equipment because it is so very simple for them.repurpose your devices with boomerang

They don’t even have to put the hardware in a box or do any packaging. A DPD van will provide them with a date and one-hour time slot, so there’s no waiting in all day. They can then simply slide the device into one of the plastic sheaths in the courier’s hands and off it goes.

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