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27th December 2022

Repurposing, Re-Deploying & Storing Computer Hardware With Boomerang Reprovisioning Service

Carissa Parnell

Computer equipment reprovisioning is a relatively new concept within IT, but it is one that you are going to increasingly encounter.

Device re-provisioning is beneficial to all companies financially, organisationally, and operationally.

It is also a positive boon for your business environmentalism, which will be a significant legal advantage as the government brings in increased legislation around green business policies, especially in regard to net zero.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking of re-provisioning as merely some jargon IT term. It’s something that can apply to multiple areas of your business. It simply means to repurpose or re-use materials, devices, and resources that you already possess.

In the case of your computer equipment, reprovisioning looks to extend the utility, quality, and life of your devices. This saves money and time while protecting the world from

How Does Computer Equipment Reprovisioning Work?6 steps to boomerang - 1 book a collection

A computer hardware reprovisioning service can take devices that are already in your IT arsenal and repair them or re-configure them to extend their usage to your company.

A core element of hardware reprovisioning is taking a computer, mobile or tablet device to wipe the data from the previous user, and re-configuring its apps, software, accounts and features ready for another user. This allows a business to have more varied uses for its hardware.

If you have a staff member leave the company, you could have their hardware reprovisioned for another employee in the business or a new hire, even perhaps in a different department.

If you have devices that are older but still remain in good condition and not yet obsolete, reprovisioning can also repair them and outfit them with the right software to keep them in tip-top shape.

Why Is Computer Hardware Reprovisioning Financially Beneficial To Businesses?

When businesses use computer reprovisioning services, they can save significant money on hardware. Often companies fall into the error of overbuying IT equipment.

It is positive and sensible for a business to give workers the right tools for the job. This increases the quality of their work and productivity. However, if you are continually buying different hardware for each new hire and each project, this can be very wasteful financially.

When you reprovision computer equipment you are using your assets to the fullest in your business. You are getting the best from your resources and investments and therefore receiving better value for money out of hardware. You also only have equipment that you truly need and don’t waste your budget on devices that aren’t essential.

Why Is Computer Device Reprovisioning Organisationally Beneficial To Businesses?6 steps to boomerang - 2 sit tight

In addition to the more obvious financial advantages, reprovisioning your hardware makes sense for the organisation of your business. It enables you to move equipment around your teams while still having the device suitably optimised for the requirements of that individual worker.

Reprovisioning doesn’t only strip a device from the data and bloat of the previous user. The re-configuration can be personalised to the next staff member with specific software, apps, and accounts.

Being able to move a piece of hardware among your staff allows you to be strategic with the devices you acquire and how you use them.

As an example, you can gain a powerful asset in the form of an elite business computer specifically for video editing. With reprovisioning, you could let various staff harness that resource as needed for various projects and also outfit them each with other everyday devices.

Why Is Computer Equipment Reprovisioning Operationally Beneficial To Businesses?

Reprovisioning computer equipment makes it simpler to transition hardware from one employee to another. Since you can wipe old data and add software of your choice, this saves your staff significant setup time, as well as lessening the need to acclimatise to a completely new piece of equipment. This is a boost to productivity and reduces downtime.

With the Boomerang computer equipment reprovisioning service, the operational advantages are even greater. This is thanks to the device retrieval service which is inbuilt into the offering.

Workers can join and leave your company. Particularly with the rising popularity of WFH and remote work, this has made it harder to retrieve valuable business hardware from ex-

However, Boomerang is not only adept at wiping and reconfiguring your hardware, it also takes charge of the collection and redeployment of your computer equipment.

Boomerang has a higher success rate of device retrieval, even from ex-staff, because it makes the process easy for both your business and the individual.

When businesses use the Boomerang reprovisioning services, the person currently in possession of the equipment is given a collection date and a one-hour time slot. Boomerang can collect directly from their home. This makes it super convenient, and no one has to wait in all day long.

The best part is that the individual doesn’t have to worry about packaging the device themselves. This is one of the biggest hassles and contributing factors to hardware not being returned.

Think about it. If the person currently in possession of our business device is an ex-employee, they might be disgruntled to have been let go, or even if they left of their own accord, they may feel they owe no loyalty to helping out their old employers. If tasks and chores are involved with returning hardware it makes them less likely to be cooperative.6 steps to boomerang - 3 pick up

With Boomerang, the collection service will arrive with a special plastic packaging envelope for the device and the individual staff member, freelancer or ex-employee can just answer the door and slide the equipment into the plastic sleeve. No faff, no hassle.

Why Is Hardware Reprovisioning Good For The Environment?

When computer equipment is strategically reprovisioned, quality computer hardware can be used for longer for more applications. This reduces the demand for so much hardware to be built.

Reprovisioning devices is a major effective strategy for reducing e-waste. Electronic waste is incredibly harmful to the environment. Computers, televisions, fridges, and other electronics frequently end up in landfills. The materials take a long time to fully break down, and when they are exposed to the elements and begin to partially break down, the components release toxic chemicals into the soil and water supply. This is hugely damaging to the atmosphere and our health.

Even before these dangerous toxins are released, e-waste is harmful to wildlife who can injure themselves on the materials or ingest them.

Making greener decisions for your business is no longer only a matter of ethics or appearances in marketing. It is a legal requirement. The government is tightening environmental requirements for businesses, especially around e-waste and emissions.

Green policy that will affect businesses:

  • The Environmental Act was introduced in 2021, which makes many, previously advisory green policies, a requirement.
  • Businesses can expect more green laws affecting them in 2022 and beyond and more fines for failing to demonstrate green initiatives.
  • The government wants the UK to be net zero on emissions by 2050 and a large part of this will include more aggressive changes and green strategies from businesses.

While this is nerve-wracking for businesses, there is funding available to help make your business more environmentally friendly, plus computer equipment provisioning can be a big step in the right direction as part of your green strategy.

Boomerang once again has additional features, compared to other computer device reprovisioning services, that make it even more beneficial to your company.6 steps to boomerang - 4 device arrives

With Boomerang, the service actually can take care of the entire device life cycle, not merely the wiping, re-configuring and re-deployment of devices.

The result is that when a piece of hardware is coming to the end of its life and is no longer useful or is nearing obsoletion, Boomerang can remove and recycle the components for you. So, businesses need not worry about green recycling of computers as this is all taken care of for you by Boomerang. The service has the highest standards of device recycling for a greener, healthier world.

Why Is Boomerang Service Such An Advanced Device Reprovisioning Service?

Computer equipment reprovisioning is still a young concept on the market. Boomerang is one of only a few reprovisioning services and is already one of the most comprehensive and advanced you will find.

Boomerang makes life so much easier for businesses because of the multitude of operational burdens it removes from your list.

The Boomerang Computer Equipment Reprovisioning Service Can:

  • Wipe data from devices
  • Repair, and re-configure that equipment with the personal software, apps and accounts for the new staff member, freelancer etc.
  • Retrieve hardware from staff with a convenient, efficient method
  • Re-deploy hardware to your staff, freelancers etc. even at their homes
  • Store hardware for you that you temporarily don’t need but will want in future
  • Recycle obsolete hardware with the most modern green methodology

Understanding Computer Device Re-Deployment In Boomerang Service

One important way that computer hardware reprovisioning makes business operations easier is the re-deployment side of the service.

In addition to collecting hardware from your offices and staff or even ex-employees’ homes, once the devices are reconfigured, Boomerang takes care of the re-deployment to your next staff member, new hire, contractor, or freelancer, even to their homes.

The hardware reprovisioning service, therefore, takes management of the logistics and redistribution of your assets so your business truly doesn’t have to concern itself with any stage of the process.

This makes it so simple to tactfully redistribute computer equipment to staff, temporary workers, remote teams, and freelancers on special projects wherever they work.

Understanding Computer Device Storage In Your Boomerang Service

An often overlooked but exceedingly useful aspect of hardware care is storage.

The trap of overbuying can lead to an exceptional collection of useful hardware. Yet you may not need each piece of kit all of the time. It could be that you only need certain 6 steps to boomerang - 5 stored safelyadvanced computer gear for certain projects throughout the year. The rest of the time you’d be better served by workers using simpler, more energy-efficient, affordable hardware.

There is no need to return and re-buy your more advanced devices when you can have them safely and affordably stored.

You might also wish to store computer equipment if you lose some employees but expect new hires coming in soon. Perhaps you will soon scale up or open a new department.

Boomerang includes safe and cost-effective storage options as part of your reprovisioning service. It’s just another way that Boomerang is one of the most advanced computer reprovisioning services you’ll ever encounter.

Boomerang And Devices For Teams

Boomerang is a highly flexible reprovisioning service, and it works perfectly as part of your Devices For Teams package.

Devices For Teams is an elite Device as a Service solution for businesses. It allows you to lease computer equipment with extensive support packages, upgrade, add, swap, or return hardware as needed and have a comprehensive solution for all business IT requirements.

Boomerang is yet another advantageous service within this package. However, Boomerang is special because it is also extremely flexible. While you can have this reprovisioning service as part of your Devices For Teams package, you can also have it completely separate as an individual subscription.

Not only this, but Boomerang reprovisioning doesn’t even need to be for computer hardware supplied by your Devices For Teams solution, it can be any third-party hardware in your possession.6 steps to boomerang - 6 ship to a new user

In fact, you don’t even need to have a subscription. Boomerang Computer Equipment Reprovisioning Service can be used on an ad hoc basis by your business as and when you need it, making it the most flexible reprovisioning service currently on the market.


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