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21st February 2022

Specialist Security Support Packages For FinTechs with D4T

Carissa Parnell

Computer hardware leasing packages like D4T can be a big benefit to businesses, but especially industries such as FinTech. This is thanks to the increased support and cybersecurity knowledge that D4T can leverage.

What Is D4T?

D4T is an acronym for Devices For Teams. It is a specialist DaaS style solution developed by Hardsoft for leasing computer hardware.D4T daas by HardSoft

Leasing is an excellent method for businesses looking to reliably source outstanding quality hardware while spreading the expense. However, DaaS leasing usually goes further. DaaS stands for Device as a Service. There is a big emphasis on how your ongoing relationship with your supplier can benefit your business throughout the lease. DaaS solutions usually come with far more extensive support than other lease styles.

Hardsoft’s Devices For Teams goes even further than most DaaS solutions with increased flexibility, tailoring and options to make it as versatile as possible.

How Is D4T Different From Other DaaS Packages?

switch devices for your business needsWhile most DaaS packages include additional ongoing support and automatic upgrades to the latest generation of devices to avoid obsoletion, D4T has a number of other advantages for companies.

D4T makes it easier to swap or return computer equipment without financial penalty during the lease. This makes it simpler for businesses to adjust the number of devices in their lease up or down as needed with their current staff, so they can scale the lease to their real-time requirements.

Devices For Teams are also able to offer a leasing package with mixed devices from various manufacturers. You can have an office kitted out with Apple devices, Samsungs, Microsoft Surface tablets and more, all in one package.

This package also has different levels to choose from, for example, the Essentials or Premium package. This gives greater flexibility and a wider range of business sizes access to the benefits of DaaS.essential and premium

Most importantly for FinTechs, D4T is able to provide a huge range of support including extra cybersecurity.

Apple devices in particular will be appealing to FinTechs, owing to their reputation for enhanced security. This is especially true for the new M1 ranges. However, Device For Teams has a number of support options and add-ons that companies can utilise, including additional cybersecurity software.

Why Is D4T Ideal For FinTechs?

D4T is partnered with some of the industry’s best cybersecurity software, including Sophos, Jamf Protect and Symantec DLP. This software can monitor critical data as it is used or moved through your network, on a device or even in the cloud.

apple consultants logo and apple devicesWith smart Network, Endpoint, and Cloud Data Leak Protection software from our partners, D4T can ensure added layers of security for businesses.

D4T is also able to provide the services of expert engineers who can troubleshoot unique cybersecurity scenarios. Hardsoft can even liaise with Apple engineers to develop tailored security solutions for businesses. All this is available when signing up for a D4T lease.

This is why D4T is a perfect system for FinTechs. Due to their increased vulnerabilities to cybercrime, it can provide much-needed protection.

Why Do FinTechs Require Enhanced Cybersecurity?

These extra support features are highly relevant to FinTechs as this is one of the sectors most concerned by data breaches. FinTechs often utilise technology in brand new ways and create new systems that innovate the finance sectors. This can open up new revenue, investment and savings opportunities for businesses and end-users. However, since it deals in finance and new online technology that makes it a prime target for cybercriminals looking to steal people’s financial data.

MacBook AirEven with the excellent inbuilt security on the latest Apple devices, FinTechs require a more robust cybersecurity fortress to protect their client’s sensitive data.

Data breaches can come from a variety of sources, such as employee error, ransomware, viruses, phishing, spyware, and many other types of malware. It is increasingly challenging for FinTechs to guard their data with rising cybercrime levels, cleverer nefarious strategies by these elements, and the weaknesses created by more staff hybrid working and working from home following the pandemic.

What Support And Extra Cybersecurity Does D4T Provide?

D4T provides a 360-degree support wrapper for all its business clients. To enable this DaaS style service to be affordable to all types of businesses there are two choices of support 360 degree support illustrationpackages: Gold Support and Platinum Support. Both include robust technical, maintenance and management support for computer hardware devices.

The Platinum support package is incredibly comprehensive.

It includes everything on the Gold package support, such as:

  • 3 years hardware warranty
  • Loan device
  • Ticket based Helpdesk with Unlimited UK Remote Tech Support
  • Access to Online Support Portal
  • Support Incident Response SLA – 1 hour
  • Apple Business Manager
  • MDM Device Management Setup
  • Access To Solutions Mentors
  • Annual Onsite Visit
  • Pre-Configured Devices
  • Available on Existing Devices

However, Platinum comes with some important additions including:

  • Lifecycle Managementlifecycle management logo with explanations
  • Quarterly Strategic Security Review
  • User Cloud Backup Solution
  • Quarterly Activity Reporting

With strategic security reviews, D4T can facilitate more security software, more overviews to identify weaknesses and more personalised security systems for FinTechs. There are also more cloud backup solutions on Platinum to protect lost data. There are even more services you can benefit from which can be included as add-ons to your lease that cover more security software and consultancy to boost your protective methods from cybercrime.

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