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16th May 2022

Sustainable IT – Simple Ways That Hardsoft Make Your Device Lifecycle Greener

Carissa Parnell

A sustainable IT approach is possible for all businesses with some help for your hardware provider.

When you choose leasing solutions, rather than buying IT equipment, the burden of sustainable IT can be eased for you by your provider. This allows you to conduct business ethically without additional challenges.

As government legislation rolls out to push for net zero by 2050, it is more important than ever that companies embrace sustainable IT practices.

Hardsoft has a multi-layered approach to sustainable IT, including and beyond our Devices For Greener Teams solution.devices for greener teams

Why Has Sustainable IT Often Been A Challenge For Companies?

IT products, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones may be excellent work tools, however, their impact on the planet is not always so lovely.

From CO2 emissions to polluting e-waste, IT equipment is actually a serious contributor to our environmental crisis.

Unfortunately, it is not an easy one to solve. Unlike some products, such as petrol and diesel cars, and other fossil fuel-guzzling items, there isn’t a clear solution.

Firstly, IT products, like computers actually help environmental impact in other ways. One example is how being more connected digitally with more sophisticated tech allows us to work and socialise more without travelling. The less we travel, the fewer fossil fuels we use on transport and the less footfall and environmental disturbance we have on the natural world.

So, dialling back on IT products could actually result in more harm to the environment in other ways.

Secondly, IT products have become a necessity, not a luxury. This is especially true for business. It would now be virtually impossible to do many essential business tasks without these devices. Even if you could, the communication and collaboration with suppliers, clients and colleagues would be far more challenging. If you were lucky enough to still be able to do your job without a computer, certain admin aspects would be impossible, and everything would take a lot longer.

Doing away with IT products cannot be the answer.

Defining Sustainable IT For The Modern Business

Truly sustainable practices actually have a multipronged meaning. For something to be truly sustainable, it must be so, environmentally, socially, and economically.

When the government and businesses look at sustainable IT, it is often mainly from an ecological standpoint, owing to the large environmental impact of manufacturing IT equipment.

For sustainable IT to be achievable as a concept, several things must happen:

  1. The manufacturing process must continue to improve to curb CO2 emissions as much as possible. Additionally, it should utilise reusable materials, whose breakdown does not pollute the environment, and that can be recycled safely.
  2. For emissions that cannot yet be neutralised by the current technology, those emissions should be offset.
  3. IT equipment must be designed to use less power over the device’s life span while not compromising performance.
  4. From production to end-of-life, the device should have as little impact on the environment as possible.

How Is The Sustainable IT Journey Progressing?

Hardsoft’s manufacturers are the most innovative in the world. They are working tirelessly to create better design processes and hardware that uses less power and produces fewer emissions to create.

New, more environmentally-friendly models are rolling out all the time.

Hardsoft has implemented an affordable, optional method of carbon offsetting for our customers.

On top of this, we have one of the most rigorous criteria for calculating the carbon footprint of all the devices that we supply.

But what other ways does Hardsoft and Devices For Greener Teams work towards sustainable IT?

Smart, Simple Ways To Move Towards Sustainable IT

It isn’t only big, flashy systems such as carbon offsetting that help our clients have more sustainable IT. For many years, Hardsoft has been introducing a collection of simple changes to our processes that make our services more sustainable.


This is one of the biggest ways in which we are reducing the environmental impact of IT hardware. We have a highly rigorous and green method for recycling IT equipment. We take care of the whole device lifecycle, including taking away old hardware and properly recycling it with the smallest impact on the environment. This can also cover old hardware our customers own prior to starting a lease with us.


Our clients can trade in their old hardware for cash. This is equipment they could have accumulated previously that is outdated and sitting idle. We can use components from old hardware or recycle all of in computers

Devices For Greener Teams

This is our most environmentally friendly leasing system that includes all of our methods to help businesses achieve net zero. One of the most important aspects, beyond carbon offsetting, it the switch or return policy. On Devices For Greener Teams, it is easy for businesses to upgrade to the newest models, which are more environmentally friendly and use less power. It is simple for businesses to upgrade or swap for machines that have a lower carbon footprint or use less power. They can also return devices that they are not using to ensure no machines are sitting idle and cause a drain on the environment.


While Devices For Greener Teams is our most environmentally friendly leasing solution and the most all-encompassing, it isn’t our only green solution. For some of our more affordable leases, smaller businesses have the option to use preloved devices. This ensures that no device is ever wasted or retired before its time. We never let companies use obsolete devices, but we ensure that each item is used to the fullest and most benefit. Thanks to our experts, we can upgrade and repair components to keep devices working better for longer. Using revamped, reconstituted, preloved devices is another way to create a greener approach to IT. That is why Hardsoft have introduced Boomerang to repurpose devices.


We’ve chosen DPD for our logistics company, which has been named the greenest shipping service.


Hardsoft and Devices For Greener Teams use recycled sustainable packaging.

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