Mixed apple and PC devices

20th May 2022

The Benefits Of Mixed Device as a Service

Carissa Parnell

What Is Mixed Device as a Service?

Device as a Service provides enhanced services and ongoing support compared to other computer equipment leasing options. There are lots of Device as a Service packages available on the market today from which businesses can choose.

However, you may notice that, particularly when browsing Device as a Service solutions directly from computer hardware manufacturers, you can only choose one kind of device.

What do we mean by one type of device?

Many Device as a Service systems provide either PC or Apple products. This is fairly common. Device as a Service direct from manufacturers will usually only provide devices that they make e.g., Lenovo devices from Lenovo.Lenovo Thinkpad

Yet there are Device as a Service solutions that offer completely mixed leases; providing all sorts of devices from various manufacturers, alongside incredible ongoing support services.

Devices For Teams can provide mixed Device as a Service with computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more, from Apple and PC manufacturers, such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, Samsung, and Lenovo.

Not only do we lease mixed device packages that can combine PC and Apple, but also our engineers are fully certified and highly experienced with both types of hardware. The result is that technical troubleshooting is of a consistently high standard with excellent, efficient results. Additionally, our engineers can help clients reap the most from their devices and use their features to the greatest effect in their company.

But why might a company desire mixed devices?

Even among the most advanced computer equipment, there can be interesting differences.

Varying models can be aimed at different users and to excel with differing tasks. Some might be better suited for graphic design, creative work, finance, programming, and admin, while others might be more affordable or more portable.MacBook and Ipad creative work

There can be many feature, power and price differences, which give varying models unique advantages for your staff in different settings. This is also true when we look across different manufacturers as well. While you can often achieve that scope of strengths and applications by just obtaining various models from one manufacturer, some businesses find it beneficial to use a spectrum, for example an office outfitted with Samsung business laptops and iPhones.

Devices are also increasingly compatible in the software that they utilise and so businesses need not worry about incompatibilities. Those hurdles are a thing of the past. Mixed device businesses are increasingly common, especially in larger companies with various departments where the staff have very different roles. Device mixing can save money while also giving each employee the right tools for their job.

Some businesses often have onsite and offsite staff. These companies might, therefore, desire:

  • One type of device for in-office employees
  • Another type for remote workers
  • Another for hybrid workers, who split time between home and the officea lady working from home with a laptop
  • Another for those staff who go out into the field to work or to present at their own client’s businesses

Device as a Service is actually phenomenally well suited to providing a mixed device office. If your business is looking for a range of devices from PC manufacturers and/or Apple, it is useful to know that your lease provider is well versed in the technical support for all your equipment. On top of this, a provider experienced in Device as a Service and mixed device leasing will be in the best position to offer advice on which spectrum of computer hardware will work best for your business goals and budgets.

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