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1st August 2023

The New & Improved Chromebooks For Schools By Samsung

Steve Hill

Samsung has been leveling up the quality of Chromebooks and raising the competition with hardy, high-performing devices designed specifically for schools.

The new and improved Galaxy Chromebooks by Samsung are changing the game by keeping Chromebooks cost-effective and lightweight, yet with far more longevity than other models.

Chromebooks Benefits

  • Affordable
  • Intuitive to navigate and learn
  • Sleek and light
  • Cyber secure

samsung chromebooks for schools

Chromebooks have been popular among the education sector for a few years now. This is because they are affordable to acquire in bulk, lightweight for young pupils to carry and easy to use.

While the younger generations are growing up with laptops and smartphones from the start of their lives and can be considered tech natives, they still need to learn to utilise devices properly during their school years. This is why intuitive hardware is so important, particularly for primary school-aged students.

Chromebooks are well-know for being intuitive to use. They don’t come with as much potentially irrelevant pre-installed software as other laptops. They rely on internet and the cloud and use the Chrome OS system which is lean and simple.

While they are sleek, attractive, light, and easy to use, they have not cut back on security.

Chromebooks are some of the most cyber secure laptops that you can find making them one of the best options for schools.

Children are more vulnerable to malware, phishing, viruses, and hacking because they are not used to dealing with these problems. This adds extra chances for human error and more cyber crime on such devices.

Luckily Chromebooks are among the most cyber safe laptops you can get, making them ideal for schools.

Chromebooks’ Superior Security

Chromebooks reportedly have far fewer vulnerabilities than alternative operating systems. Therefore, Chromebooks can offer pupils increased protection from cyber security threats.

This is thanks to several techniques, including sandboxing (each website and app has its own individual programme walled off from the rest of the computer), verified boot (complete self-check of the OS every time it reboots), data encryption, and, of course, auto-updates.

This makes Chromebooks very safe for students, which should be a number one priority for parents and schools.

The new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is no exception and has multiple layers of security because the manufacturer is aware of the increased need to protect school laptops from cybercrime.

Cons Of Chromebooks

Chromebooks do tend to have less speed, storage, and power than alternative laptops. It is the trade-off for their affordability and lightweight. However, Samsung has really been pushing the design of the Galaxy Chromebook to make something that can balance cost-effectiveness with decent levels of power and speed.

Samsung understands that students are actually heavy users of laptops and they might need various tools for all types of lessons.

Some cheaper-end Chromebooks that were mass acquired hastily during the pandemic also lacked durability, longevity, and repairability.

Samsung has observed the negative response to those Chromebooks and heavily addressed those pain points in their own latest design. The result is a highly durable device that has been military-grade tested to withstand all the punishment that children can throw at it.

The Superior Samsung Galaxy Chromebook For Schools

samsung chromebooks for schools

Samsung Galaxy has been working alongside their partners at Google and with schools to get an in-depth understanding of exactly what features are most valuable to teachers and their pupils.

The result is a major improvement for the world of Chromebooks in the form of the new Galaxy Chromebook.

Features and Improvements:

  • Built Specifically For Schools – The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook was designed to work best in schools. Its structure, hardware features, OS, cybersecurity, and functionality are all built for the school learning environment.
  • Improvements – Samsung has addressed previous criticisms against Chromebooks for lacking repairability and longevity. Schools can expect the Samsung Galaxy Chromebooks to have a long life and be easily repaired by your IT partners like Devices For Education Teams.

  • Upgraded Performance and Specs – The Samsung Galaxy Chromebooks offer powerful hardware specifications, such as fast processors, ample RAM, and solid-state drives (SSDs), enabling smooth multitasking and faster application loading times. This can support students’ productivity and ensure a seamless learning experience.
  • Enhanced Durability – To truly level-up durability for a rough and tumble school setting, Samsung went on a journey, (which involved military-grade testing) to ensure that their new Galaxy Chromebooks could handle whatever students could throw at them, even literally. Their Chromebooks have been tested to withstand high temperatures, knocks, and drops. The changes include reinforced frames and spill-resistant keyboards.
  • Ultra-Portable – Samsung may have enhanced the durability of their Chromebooks, but they are still delightfully lightweight. This makes it easy for pupils to transport them around the school and to their homes. With the USB-C port for fast charging, they only need one connector, so there are even fewer trailing cables for even greater portability.
  • Outstanding Battery Life – There’s no need to charge between lessons, as a long-lasting battery is a priority for Samsung.
  • Chrome OS and Google Classroom – Chrome is the operating system of Chromebooks. That is precisely what makes them Chromebooks at their heart, and it can be considered a paired down, simple, and intuitive operating system that relies on internet access and the cloud and removes much of the unnecessary pre-installed software of other operating systems. Samsung and Google have worked closely to create tools like Chrome OS and Google Classroom that help facilitate education. Google Classroom is a collection of tools whose primary purpose is to make the sharing of files and collaboration easier between students and teachers.
  • Interactive Learning Display – The Galaxy Chromebook features high-resolution displays with vibrant colours and touch capabilities. This can be advantageous for interactive and visual learning experiences. It also supports fast notetaking using the stylus support.
  • Versatile Learning Formats – Chromebooks can be very adaptable and portable, especially the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360. With its full 360 hinge, it can shift seamlessly from laptop mode to tablet mode and desk mode. This allows students to utilise the device in various ways and, therefore, learn in different styles.

samsung chromebooks for schools

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