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22nd March 2023

Trade-in Old Apple Device For New M2 Macs

Andrew Morgan

The new M2 Macs are providing businesses with some prime opportunities to boost productivity, employee happiness and quality of work output in their offices.

However, if you already have Apple devices, it’s very simple to trade them in for an M2 upgrade.

One of the reasons that Macs are so popular is thanks to their durability and high-quality materials. In terms of both the software and hardware in Macs there is a lot of longevity. Macs can keep running near peak efficiency for far longer than many competitors and they experience fewer tech issues as they age.

For this reason, there is value to be had in trading-in your old Apple devices.

This makes upgrading to the M1 Macs doubly advantageous. Your business can receive money for your old hardware, and you can seamlessly upgrade to new devices simultaneously.

Benefits of M2

M2 was the first chip from Apple Silicon after Macs had utilised Intel chips for decades. Not only was it a new direction and technological independence for Apple, but also a huge leap forward in SoC (system on a chip) advancement.

Thanks to the innovative integrated architecture in M1 chips, data communication between the CPU and GPU in the new Macs is more seamless and, therefore, much faster.


The latest Macs with M2 chips offer companies advantages, such as:

  • Speed – 18% faster CPU performance, 3.9x faster video processing and 7.1x faster image processing. Click here to learn more about improved Mac performance.
  • Balanced performance – M2 Macs don’t compromise on power. The balance of power and speed is phenomenal.
  • Efficiency – M2 Macs are extremely efficient. They have 10 cores: 6 dedicated to high performance and 4 dedicated to high efficiency for less draining tasks.
  • Power conservation – M2 Macs use far less power and help to extend battery life.
  • Compatibility – M2 Macs are highly compatible with all the latest, essential third-party software. The vast majority of software creators have brought out versions, especially for M2.
  • Security – Macs remain some of the most cyber-secure pieces of computer hardware you can buy on the market today.

On top of this, power users can utilise M2 Pro and M2 Max. Businesses requiring more memory, speed, and power-hungry software will love the new MacBook Pros with M2 Pro and M2 Max. These models are even faster and more powerful than M1. M2 Max also boasts 400GB/s memory bandwidth and 12 cores.

M2 Max doubles up again in chip size with even more cores and more speeds.Blog image with M2 Pro and M2 Max icons with black background

Trade-In and Upgrade


Trading in old Apple devices with Hardsoft offers more value than simply selling them. You can trade them in and get cash towards your new M2 devices in a simple swap with easy savings for your company.

The best part is that it is really simple. All you require is your Apple device’s Serial number. You can find this in your Apple menu by selecting ‘About this Mac’. The overview provided will include your Serial number and device name. When you input this number into Hardsoft we can give you an instant quote on your trade-in device. We even arrange old device collection, and you gain a voucher to use on your next lease subscription with Hardsoft.

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