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15th September 2021

Transitioning to an Apple Office – Business Guide

Andrew Morgan

If your office requires replacement computer equipment or new hardware for expanding/returning staff, then Apple has some of the best products of 2021.

There have been many changes in the way we work and run businesses thanks to the pandemic. With the situation changing once again with restrictions easing in the UK, it is a good time to evaluate your device strategy.

Apple provides some of the best options for IT hardware on the market. While there has long been split, divisive options on Apple Macs vs other computers, Apple is attracting new fans at a phenomenal rate. This is thanks to its extensive work into making the latest generation of Macs some of the best on the market and blowing competitors out of the water.

Apple is working hard to make devices that suit the current changeable nature of modern business following the pandemic. It is now the perfect time to consider transitioning to a full Apple office set-up.

Why Is Now The Best Time To Try Apple?

COVID – With restrictions lifting, the situation is changing yet again. Over the past year and nine months everyone has learned just how volatile modern life can be. The pandemic has shown us how quickly everything can change and affect the way we run businesses. Flexible and adaptable is the name of the game. Staff must be able to switch from office working to socially distanced working to hybrid working and to home working at the drop of a hat. Apple devices make this easier.

Now, with workers coming back to the office en masse it is a great time to get a proper device strategy and re-evaluate your current equipment. A transition to an all Apple office will make future working simpler.

M1 Chip – Apple has now released MacBooks and MacBook pros with the new M1 chip. Apple has, after a long hiatus, begun manufacturing their very own computer chips again. This comes after decades of using Intel chips. It was worth the wait though. Learning from their experiences making iPhones that are now basically small computers, they have designed extremely powerful chips. Hardware with these new M1 chips are astonishingly faster, more efficient and higher performing than same gen computers from competitors. When pitted against each other in tests, the M1 Apple Macs repeatedly outperform other devices by a large margin, particularly in terms of speed. The latest generation of Macs with the new M1 chips have already converted a plethora of businesses to Apple.

Monterey – The new Monterey operating system from Apple is about to be released with more fantastic improvements for users. With both the M1 chips and Monterey making waves this year, it is a double reason to transition to Apple Macs sooner rather than later.

Why Are Apple Devices Ideal For Businesses?

Security – Apple Macs remain some of the most secure devices in the world. They are far less susceptible to viruses and data breaches than competitor hardware. This remains true even with rapidly increasing popularity for Apple computer equipment. With increased home working being popular this should be reassuring to businesses.

Intuitive – Luckily Apple devices are the most intuitive to use on the market. While this has been true for a long time, some people have historically been hesitant to switch owing to their own staff being more familiar with PC. Nowadays, the learning curve for switching to Apple is virtually non-existent thanks to iPhones.

iPhones are exceptionally popular and their touchscreen interface, displays and apps have had a huge influence on the rest of the smartphone manufacturers. Yet it was Apple that really set the landscape with iPhone. Almost everyone is familiar with Apple device interfaces thanks to iPhones, hance they will find Apple Macs seamless to use even if they’ve never used a Mac before.

Longevity – Apple Macs are renowned for having a greater device lifespan compared to other computers. In addition, they last at high performance longer too.

Lifetime value – With more updates, high quality hardware, longevity, less errors and less repair requirements, Apple Macs are better value for money than competitor computer hardware.

Becoming Cheaper – The cost of Apple Macs is actually coming down relevant to performance against systems of the same generation from competitors. That’s right, higher performing Macs are becoming cheaper and outpace same generation devices. This is especially true with the hardware containing the new M1 chips.

Aesthetically pleasing – It isn’t news that Apple Macs are a cut above competitors in their outward aesthetics. It isn’t just visual either, but ergonomic and how the devices feel in your hands.

Productivity and Other Fantastic Business Apps – Apple is no stranger to apps. Everyone knows all the best apps are made with Apple in mind ever since the dawn of the iPhone. Apple Macs usually come with a huge host of apps ideal for business productivity and communication.

Apple Business Manager – Apple has a huge collection of supporting products including Apple Business Manager. This makes ordering, setup, and deployment of Apple devices to your workers exceptionally easy. Reduce the work of your IT department by having a completely remote setup while devices are en route to their destinations. Deploy Apple Macs to remote workers and home workers.

How To Transition To Apple

Phase 1) Contact Hardsoft

Migrating to Apple doesn’t have to be a difficult process. However, for many companies adopting new machines, it can be daunting, both logistically, and with the learning curve for staff using the devices for the first time.

When you contact Hardsoft the whole experience becomes simple. Hardsoft don’t just lease computer hardware, we can also help with device strategies to ensure your devices best serve your business objectives.

We have been accredited resellers of Apple, and other manufactures, including Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Microsoft surface for over 35 years and understand the benefits and suitability of thousands of computer equipment products.

Hardsoft can make migration to Apple simple even for companies that have never used Apple products previously.

Phase 2) Evaluations

Hardsoft can carry out an extensive analysis of your company’s needs to help us recommend the best computer hardware for your staff. Not all IT hardware is equal and, naturally, some devices are suited to different roles. We can work with your staff, business objectives and budgets to recommend the best and easiest solution.

Phase 3) Trials

If you’re new to any product, a trial period can make the transfer much smoother. We’ve worked with computer hardware and businesses for a long time, so we know you will be pleased with the performance of Apple products. We also know how psychologically difficult it can be to switch to new manufacturers when you’re familiar with other machines and must concentrate on the day-to-day smooth operations of your business.

Hardsoft can assist you with trials to confirm that your staff love the new devices, and it suits their work. This will make it easier to decide if a full Apple office is right for you.

Phase 4) Apple & Leasing

Choosing a full Apple business office works perfectly with leasing solutions. Hardsoft offer an array of leasing options with Apple Macs to spread the cost of your business hardware. The result is that you can use Apple Macs, including the new M1 models while improving your cashflow.

Leasing allows for less upfront payments, is tax friendly and comes with full support wrappers.

There are options to work towards ownership like Hardsoft’s FlexiLease. This lets you change, continue, or cancel the current lease as per your requirements.

Alternatively, you can simply rent Apple products for your office at remarkably reduced prices in our Pure Rental Solutions.

One of our best solutions for scaling businesses looking to incorporate a real device strategy into their growth is DaaS.

Devices For Teams is Hardsoft’s own DaaS solution. This stands for Device as a Service. This includes packages that allow you to upgrade, swap, or return your Apple devices as your business needs change. It works with you to give staff what they need when they need it.

As technology becomes outdated your Apple Macs are available for an upgrade to the latest tech, inclusive of the new Macbooks with M1 chips!

Leasing solutions make migrating to a full Apple office even easier.

Phase 5) Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

With the advent of the M1 chip, a great many businesses have decided to move over to Apple. Some are trying Apple products in their workspace for the very first time.

In the past computer manufacturer preferences have caused stark divisions. Apple are aware that people can limit their choices by being diehard fans of a particular brand or by avoiding certain devices.

The trouble with this attitude is that technology is advancing all the time. You should always be aware of all the options for business computer equipment. Hardware manufacturers are constantly looking at ways of updating their technology and producing a better experience. The M1 chips are a testament to this.

Even for those who’ve never desired Apple Macs before, they should seriously consider trying out a device with the Apple M1 chip. These computers are astonishing fast, efficient, and powerful compared to their predecessors and same gen hardware from competitors. To support businesses who are contemplating moving to Apple, but have trepidations, Apple is offering a customer satisfaction guarantee. Try out your Apple products for 30 days with free returns, so you can sample Apple with confidence.

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