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22nd March 2023

Turn short term laptop hire into flexible, scalable DaaS

Andrew Morgan

Short-term leasing can be just the thing to help us manage an unexpected situation. As recent circumstances have proven, it’s always possible for events outside of our control to turn our working lives upside down.

Thankfully, if and when something unforeseen prevents normal access to your office and/or its IT hardware, short term laptop hire is there to ensure you obtain the equipment you need to keep your business running. You gain portable hardware that enables your team to work from anywhere, without having to invest heavily in purchasing it. Then, when you no longer need it, you simply return it. But, as reliable a safety net as short-term laptop hire is, what if there was a way to ensure your business was always ready to adapt to new and changing circumstances? After all, the way we work moving forward may well require new levels of operational flexibility.

Is working from home the ‘new normal’?

It could be. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, never had so many organisations been forced to enable their staff to work from home. From 9th – 20th April 2020, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) found that 45 per cent of adults in employment had worked from home, and now several high-profile companies are planning to adopt flexible working arrangements on a permanent basis post-lockdown.

Having seen the practice work well over recent months, Microsoft, Facebook and other tech firms are all looking to offer their employees the chance to work remotely on a long-term basis. And they won’t be the only ones; it seems that many more organisations will come to realise that all their teams need to work successfully are a connected device and access to online conferencing platforms, such as Zoom and Google Meet. What’s more, no longer having to pay for bricks and mortar premises could save the average business significantly on overheads.

Why DaaS is essential for remote working?

So, if many teams will be working remotely or from home much more in the months and years to come, how can businesses ensure their employees have the tech they need?

As we’ve mentioned, short-term laptop hire is one way to access portable hardware quickly when you need it, but it isn’t designed to be a long-term solution. Instead, what’s required is an agile and adaptable IT hardware leasing model – which is exactly what we’ve devised with our DaaS subscription.

Devices for Teams, our Device as a Service (DaaS) subscription, has been designed to enable fast-growing businesses to scale the hardware they need up or down however they choose, all while only paying for what they use. For one monthly fee, businesses can tailor their unique Apple and/or PC hardware leasing package, add or return devices as needed and protect every last device with our 360° support wrapper.

This means that your business can always access the right mix of devices for your team, regardless of where they work from, and without the extra expense of short-term hire.

Why switch from short term laptop hire to DaaS?

If the convenience of short term laptop hire has worked well for your business and you’re looking to continue to capitalise on the benefits of portable tech, we’d urge you to consider switching to DaaS.

Devices for Teams offers the same ease of use, flexibility and rapid access to our wide range of Apple and PC hardware, yet for a standard, Opex tax-friendly monthly fee. If and when you need to add devices or return them to us, we will agree with you on how your subscription will update, so you’ll always know what you’re paying – and it’ll only ever be for what you use. There’s no upfront fee, making Devices for Teams great for cash flow.

The DaaS model means you’ll be prepared for any unexpected circumstance, without having to adopt expensive emergency measures to keep up.

Say your business suddenly needs to bring on a team of freelancers to meet a new deadline, or you need a set of Mac’s in order to take on a different type of project, having a Devices for Teams subscription allows you to quickly and easily gain the extra devices in a cost-effective way. We can deliver your devices at a time and place to suit you, and we can even configure them for you if required.

Devices for Teams is the next natural step for businesses that rely on short-term laptop hire to meet the demands of a changing world of work. To find out more about Devices for Teams and how it could work for your business, please get in touch.

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