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28th November 2023

Understanding The Benefits Of IT Asset Management Services

Carissa Parnell

When businesses of any size properly engage with the right IT Asset Management service, you can stand to gain a range of financial, operational, and strategic advantages.

In a highly digital world, your workforce is completely reliant on IT equipment in virtually every industry imaginable. This means that companies’ arsenals of IT tech are only growing larger and more complex.

IT Asset Management, or ITAM as it is frequently referred to, can help you stay on top of your assets and get the best from them.

What Is An ITAM Service?

ITAM stands for IT Asset Management.

It can be understood as a subcategory of ITSM (IT Service Management).

The ITAM part of that service concerns monitoring, tracking, deploying, recalling, storing, and redistributing your IT assets throughout their lifecycle.

It also covers identifying which equipment is ready for repairs, updates, upgrading, and recycling. That is why it is considered to cover the complete lifecycle of all your business IT devices.

This detailed management and optimisation of your computer equipment at every stage of their journey and usage enable your business to:

  • Maximise the value of your hardware and make smart financial choices on devices
  • Monitor the data from your IT collections
  • Track the status of your assets
  • Organise the right strategic actions at various points in the devices’ existence

What Is ITSM?

IT Service Management is the wider umbrella service that ITAM falls under.

ITSM is the end-to-end delivery of IT services to business customers.

End-to-end, in this case, means all the way from consultation and ordering of hardware and associated IT services through to deployment then management, and, finally, upgrade, repair and recycling. Therefore, end-to-end can be seen as that highly comprehensive service covering, not only the full device lifecycle but the surrounding IT services, such as MDM management, consultation, cybersecurity, etc.

ITAM is all about the tracking and redistribution of the IT hardware within this wider IT service.

Is ITSM The Same As DaaS?

If you follow Hardsoft’s Device For Teams site closely, you will notice that this ITSM term and the concept of an end-to-end IT services sounds almost exactly like DaaS (Device as a Service).

In fact, one of the core explanations of ITSM is that IT should be delivered as a service. That is precisely the mantra of Device as a Service as well.

DaaS and ITSM or end-to-end IT services can all provide the same services to businesses depending on your provider.

Naturally, some providers will have more comprehensive services than others but when we look at those companies, such as Hardsoft, who pride themselves on thorough IT solutions, then all these three terms become interchangeable from the customer perspective.

With very comprehensive services, you can almost consider DaaS, ITSM, and end-to-end IT services as synonyms.

The difference in this IT jargon normally comes down to the starting point of your provider, for example, DaaS starts at the point of supplying computer hardware to businesses. Another business might have a software platform as their starting point or another service. Since the IT management is so thorough all these solutions can look the same to the customer, but the starting product point can vary and hence you get these different terms.

When you encounter terms such as ITSM and end-to-end IT services, you can consider Devices for Teams’ DaaS solutions in this category as it is truly an All-in-One IT solution.

Different Types Of IT Asset Management

ITAM can technically refer to different types of digital assets in a business. While most ITAM refers to physical hardware, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, there are other versions.

IT Asset management can also refer to software, network assets, platforms, cloud systems, IT infrastructure etc. An IT asset could be any digital company information. However, we will be primarily analysing the benefits of computer hardware asset management in this article. 

The Business Benefits Of IT Asset Management Services

  • Inventory Management: Asset management services make it easier to keep track of your inventory of hardware, whether it is across several offices or even at employees’ homes. MDM software is one type of asset management service that can assist with keeping track of your inventory remotely.
  • Cost Optimisation: By monitoring IT assets’ lifecycle and usage patterns, ITAM enables organisations to optimise their IT spending. It helps identify underutilised assets, allowing for the reallocation or retirement of unnecessary assets, thereby reducing costs.
  • Risk Management: Proper ITAM reduces security risks by ensuring that all assets are up to date with patches and security updates. It also helps in identifying vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and addressing them promptly. Sophisticated programmes like MDMs are especially useful for this as they can remotely push security updates to all devices.
  • Asset Tracking: ITAM facilitates tracking the lifecycle of IT assets. It helps in scheduling regular maintenance activities and ensures assets are replaced or upgraded at the right time, preventing unexpected downtime.
  • Asset Deployment: With swift ordering portals and zero touch remote deployment across the UK, all handled by your ITAM provider, equipment distribution and logistics become a breeze.
  • Asset Reconfiguration: The configuration of IT equipment to customised profiles for all staff means that hardware is ready-to-go out-of-the-box. It boosts productivity and prevents downtime. With the best ITAM services, you can also retrieve that hardware from staff, wipe it, and then remotely reconfigure it ready for a new hire.
  • Asset Redistribution: A central part of useful ITAM services is their redistribution. The ability to retrieve hardware and redistribute it within your company ensures that you receive maximum value from your assets. When you outsource your IT Asset Management, your business doesn’t need to lift a finger and all the logistics and IT security are already sorted.
  • Asset Storage: This is a rarer service offered in only some asset management solutions. High quality asset management services should allow businesses to be flexible and storage services are an excellent method for providing more choice when it comes to overseeing hardware. Often businesses have interim periods where they don’t require as much equipment at a certain time but will need it in the future. This is frequently when staff leave, or new hires are due to start in the near future and during downsizing and expansion. Being able to affordably store hardware rather than replace it is very advantageous.
  • Improved Productivity: Having a well-managed IT infrastructure ensures that employees have access to the necessary tools and software they need, leading to improved productivity and efficiency in the organisation. A suitable asset management system will help you organise and redistribute your equipment to ensure your hardware strategy is productive, efficient, and financially beneficial to your business goals.
  • Better Decision-Making: Asset management services can offer valuable insights into the performance and utilisation of your hardware. These insights can be used to make informed decisions regarding future IT investments and upgrades.
  • Supports Digital Transformation: As organisations grow and change, they can undergo digital transformations. ITAM products help to identify when something needs changing and upgrading vs repairing and reusing.

Why Boomerang Is The Best ITAM Service On The Market?

Boomerang is Hardsoft’s unique IT Asset Redistribution service. It is one of our most popular products and aids businesses in getting the most value from their devices.

Together with our MDM product Shepherd, Boomerang is a core part of Hardsoft’s ITAM offering.

While Shepherd is a comprehensive MDM system that allows the monitoring and tracking of the entirety of your IT arsenal even in employees’ homes, Boomerang handles the redistribution of your hardware.

What Does The Boomerang Service Do?

  • Retrieval of hardware from your offices and even from ex-employees’ homes – Retrieving hardware from WFH staff or even ex-employees can be one of the most frustrating tasks for a business. With Shepherd MDM you can lock out ex-staff from using your systems and devices, and then Boomerang will take care of the hardware retrieval. We arrange collection with the staff members, and they don’t even have to package it up or wait in at home all day. It is the smoothest retrieval process on the market with an unrivalled success rate.
  • Reconfiguration, Repair and Redistribution of IT assets – When staff leave or roles in your company change, it makes sense to retain the IT hardware and put it to good use elsewhere in the business. ITAM services like Boomerang help you hang onto your precious devices and ensure they remain relevant and serve your business objectives. Once Boomerang has collected your equipment from your offices or retrieved it from an ex-employee’s home, we can repair it, then wipe any irrelevant data, lock out ex-staff and reconfigure the software, accounts, and apps to the requirements of your next staff member. We then redeploy it to your desired next location.
  • Affordable, safe storage of devices that you don’t currently need but will want in the future – Boomerang can do more than merely immediately redistribute devices between staff. Often a business might downsize a department or have a gap between old staff leaving and new hires joining for onboarding. It doesn’t pay to have idle devices lying around cluttering up space and draining energy. Temporary storage is the best way to get maximum value from your assets rather than returning them and having to lease more just a few months down the line. Boomerang can offer cost-effective safe storage of your IT assets.
  • Removal and green recycling of hardware that has reached the end of its life – Boomerang can manage the full lifecycle of your business’s entire collection of computer devices. This includes repair, storage, redistribution, and finally recycling. Your business never has to worry about idle devices, outdated machines or how to deal with e-waste as it is all taken care of by your Boomerang service.
  • Subscription & ad hoc options – The best part is that you can use Boomerang as a subscription service or as an ad hoc service whenever you need it.
  • Leased & existing devices – Boomerang can be applied to both your devices leased from Devices For Teams and any existing equipment you may own from other sources.

Using these products, Boomerang and Shepherd; businesses can make strategic choices with their computer hardware leases. You can easily work out when you need to increase the size of your hardware lease, decrease it, or change it. You can be tactful about upgrades vs repairs and have a plan for your deployment, retrieval, and redistribution of assets among staff to get the best results for your business.

Boomerang significantly streamlines your IT asset management and takes the operational chores off your business’s plate, so they are handled all in one place by your IT provider, along with all your other computer-related needs.

What makes Boomerang so popular compared to other ITAM systems is that it is accessible and simple to understand while still delivering a comprehensive solution for managing your hardware assets.

Boomerang is part of a family of complementary products by Hardsoft to deliver the best ITSM (IT Service Management) to support our DaaS solutions. Our aim is to create a completely All-in-One and end-to-end system for all business IT needs.

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