Unlock the best DaaS Support Plans

4th February 2022

Unlock The Best DaaS Support Plans

Stan Milanovich

DaaS is the increasingly well-known acronym for Device as a Service.

An expanding array of products and services are now available in ‘a service model. For businesses, this makes perfect sense financially as they often need the service, product, and/or support on an ongoing basis.

Apple M1 and DaaS

Subscription models are more popular than ever and with product-based acquisitions, such as computer hardware, it is very useful for companies to be able to spread the cost of those expensive items.

DaaS models also tend to offer greater levels of ongoing support than other types of leases. The entire emphasis of this hardware sourcing model is on customer service.

However, the level of support provided by a DaaS system can vary greatly from company to company.


Devices For Teams

Hardsoft’s Devices For Teams, or D4T, is a specialist DaaS solution. One of the fundamental ways in which it differs from other DaaS packages on the market is that it has even more:

  • Benefits

  • Flexibility

  • Support

Rather than being a standard, rigid structure for DaaS, it is highly bespoke and covers a much more comprehensive level of support than you will find in any other DaaS solution.

So, what additional support do Devices For Teams provide compared to other DaaS packages?

Extra Support From D4T

  • get support with devices for teams, support logo illustration

    Mix and Match – While most DaaS solutions come with amazing business benefits, such as spreading the cost of your devices and automatic tech upgrades, they usually only offer one type of device. Many DaaS packages come directly from manufacturers. It’s fine if your business desires a 100% Apple office, or a 100% Lenovo fuelled office. Yet the reality is that the majority of companies will desire to mix and match devices.

Larger, more complex business models may include a large variety of employees working across multiple departments with extremely different roles. An example would be in larger creative sectors. Your designers might require radically different device functionality and power than your admin or marketing staff.

Mixing and matching devices from different manufacturers can bring plenty of advantages from cost savings to a broader range of capabilities. Devices For Teams from Hardsoft is one of very few DaaS solutions that allow you to mix and match the devices in your DaaS package.

If you want both Windows laptops and Macs, then that is no problem. It is quite common for companies to desire Samsung laptops, but also iPads and iPhones for their staff. That is easy when you select Hardsoft’s DaaS packages.

6 devices

  • No Penalties – Despite the auto upgrades in most DaaS models, there is still usually a financial penalty if companies wish to return some devices before the end of the lease. However, Hardsoft wanted to create device leasing solutions that could work specifically with a rapidly growing business, like scaleups. Unpredictability and swift change are the hallmarks of these companies and Hardsoft has had many years of experience working with them. We noticed that scaleups especially are subject to quick shifts in direction, particularly in regard to departments created, dissolved, and staff numbers. The result was that the device need would scale up and down more frequently for these companies. There is nothing worse than having hardware standing around unused and becoming redundant. We wanted to create a DaaS solution that properly supported the needs of scaleups, hence D4T was born. With Devices For Teams, there are no financial punishments for returns, you can flex the number of devices up and down as needed.

  • Specialist Engineers – Not every company that provides DaaS will have experts who specialise in each kind of hardware, but we have highly trained engineers who do. In fact, Hardsoft has joined the Apple Consultancy Network, so you know our staff are officially trained in all the Apple hardware. Our engineers can troubleshoot any tech problems that you may encounter and show your staff how to best use their devices.

  • Unique Solutions – With Hardsoft’s D4T, support does not stop at technical faults. Our solutions engineers work with you to devise the best device strategy for your needs and work with your team in an ongoing capacity to get the best out of your devices.

  • Accidental Damage SupportFewer and fewer companies are offering cover for accidental damage, and you usually wouldn’t see this in a standard warranty. Fortunately, Hardsoft can provide accidental damage support as part of your package, with a minute addition for PC, and 100% free for Apple products.

  • Financial Support – Unlike some other DaaS situations, Hardsoft supplies all elements of your package; the hardware, the knowledge, and the finance. There’s no third-party finance company involved. This allows us to set up contracts far more efficiently than our competitors, so your business can get your new devices quickly. It also enables us to choose who we do business with and create more bespoke tailored solutions within the DaaS framework.

As you can see, Devices For Teams has far more support and flexibility in-built than other DaaS solutions. Our D4T support plan is highly comprehensive and second to none.

What are some of the other types of support and benefits with Hardsoft’s brand of DaaS?

D4T daas by HardSoft

Management Assistance – Installation, cyber security, adding to MDMs can all be handled by Hardsoft. We can help your company manage your devices even when not used on-site.

Maintenance Assistance – With upgrades and rapid technical assistance, we can vastly reduce your staff’s downtime and ensure optimum productivity.

Strategic Assistance – With a thorough evaluation, your lease will utilise the right devices for your business objectives.

Deployment Support – Hardsoft’s Devices For Teams is the best way to deploy PC and Apple hardware. With Microsoft Autopilot and Apple Business Manager, we can register and deploy your new devices to staff in various locations, even those working from home. With this Covid safe, zero-touch deployment solution, your hardware can be fully configured before it even arrives.

Configuration – Each staff member will potentially have different software, accounts, and use their computer equipment in different ways. Hardsoft can configure your new devices to the individual’s needs, so everything is setup and ready to go as soon as it is out of the box.

Reduce IT Burdens – With extensive remote and in-person support, this takes considerable responsibilities away from your IT department and allows them to focus on profit-driven work.

Financial Advantages – The whole point of DaaS is that it allows companies to spread the cost of hardware and enjoy tax benefits, without compromising on support.

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