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8th April 2022

What are the benefits of Microsoft Surface SE over Surface Go?

Carissa Parnell

The Surface SE and the Surface Go collection are both excellent devices from Microsoft.

At first glance, these two pieces of hardware have many similarities. They are two of the most affordable laptops in the Microsoft collection. They are both lightweight, making them highly portable. They are far more streamlined than some of the more complex Pro range, and both are great choices for students.

However, if you’re a primary school administrator looking to source laptops for your pupils, then the Microsoft Surface SE is a clear choice.

Let’s explore why the Microsoft Surface SE is the best choice for primary education scenarios.

The Differences Between The Microsoft Surface SE & the Surface Go

Benefits of the Surface Go

  • Lighter than the Microsoft Surface SE
  • More powerful than the Surface SE
  • Touchscreen capabilities
  • 2-in-1 tablet/laptop experienceSurface Go side view with keyboard
  • More versatile and suitable for recreation
  • Available for end-user purchase or lease
  • LTE connectivity
  • Crisper, higher-quality graphics than the Surface SE
  • Better processor
  • Options for a larger SSD
  • MicroSD card reader
  • Dual microphones

Benefits of the Surface SE

  • Designed specifically for schools
  • Comes with Windows 11 SE which is also created specifically for education
  • Easy supply chain for schools – streamlined bulk buying – only available for education settings
  • Much more affordable than the Surface Go at only $250
  • Comes with Microsoft Office pre-installed
  • Includes fantastic Edtech apps preloadedMicrosoft Surface SE front view
  • No distracting apps can be added, only apps from preapproved categories
  • Longer battery life than the Surface Go at 16 hours
  • Excellent control for teachers
  • Extensive cybersecurity options

The Surface Go might appear to be the stronger contender as a device in its own right but for primary schools, the Microsoft Surface SE will be far more useful. This is because it has been designed with a clear purpose. The Surface SE is pure Edtech, whereas the Surface Go could be a great laptop for personal use, business, or an older student.

The Surface Go might be an efficient and versatile little laptop but there are far more distractions present. For primary-aged pupils, the desire is to give them the tools to enhance their educational experience while not creating unhealthy screen time patterns.

Children lack the nuanced self-control of adults with screen time, so having too many recreational distractions on a device can be a negative. There is also the issue of children being more vulnerable to having devices hacked or the students being exposed to unsuitable content. Security is a major concern when it comes to Edtech devices.

devies for education logoThe Microsoft Surface SE has been built to elevate the education of children in a school setting while keeping them safe. The Surface SE comes with a host of fantastic programmes and apps that will further their learning experience yet keep them safe at the same time.

Third-party apps can only be installed by teachers. This along with Microsoft Intune for Education gives teachers detailed control of the content that students are exposed to via their Surface SE devices.

With software like Microsoft Office, Windows 11 SE, Microsoft Teams, and Minecraft Education Edition, the Surface SE is a powerhouse of valuable educational experiences.

1-to-1 Computing

The Microsoft Surface SE helps to further 1-to-1 computing in the UK, which will be essential for future workforces.

While too much screen time can be harmful to developing minds, an understanding and familiarity with the digital devices and programmes will be crucial to every job they might desire in the future. Children in the modern era need to grow up as tech natives and that is why 1-to-1 computing is so important.

1-to-1 computing allows for every pupil to have access to their own device for learning and carrying out homework both inside and outside school. The affordability, security and simplicity of the Microsoft Surface SE make this a reality.

Sourcing Microsoft Surface SE For Schools

In addition to being designed for young students, the Microsoft Surface SE has a supply chain that is hyper easy for schools to utilise. Education administrators want to be able to bulk order devices quickly and efficiently with minimal setup and plenty of tech support.

Devices For Teams is now available for the education sector. This makes it even easier for schools to:

  • Order Microsoft Surface SE devices
  • Have them deployed in bulk efficientlygirl at school on laptop windows se
  • Access ongoing support
  • Receive training in how to get the most from their devices in a class setting

Devices For Education Teams by Hardsoft is the new method for schools to acquire Microsoft Surface SE devices. This benefits educational institutions since it is the first end-to-end solution that solves all the supply chain issues that schools frequently find challenging.

Devices For Education Teams solve the budget-cost challenge, the logistics challenge, the implementation, and the training challenge. This smooths the process for schools. As well as providing tailored packages, the solution can do helpful pre-set offers, such as:

  • 9 x Zioxi Charging Trollies
  • 270 Surface SE Laptops
  • SafeGuard Insurance
  • Gold Support Package
  • Full Installation
  • Full Deployment

All of this is made ultra-affordable by Devices For Education Teams at only 50p per day per student!

Many education institutions have had the chance to learn more about the Surface SE devices from the Devices For Education Teams down in London this spring at the Bett Show (23-25 March). If you missed out on the exhibition don’t hesitate to get in contact to find out more about how Edtech is developing in the UK.

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