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22nd March 2023

What are the Top 5 benefits of using DaaS (Device as a Service)?

Andrew Morgan

Device as a Service (or DaaS) is an IT equipment subscription model that’s been designed to make procuring the devices your business needs simple and scalable. At Hardsoft, our DaaS subscription is called Devices for Teams.

DaaS solutions like Devices for Teams offer businesses an alternative to purchasing essential tech outright. Here are the five top benefits of using Device as a Service to obtain your business’s IT equipment.

1. No more old hardware

Too many offices have a dusty cupboards overflowing with old, unused tech. Not only is this a waste of space, those ageing laptops, CPUs and monitors are only depreciating in value with every passing month.

With Devices for Teams, you’ll no longer have to find a place to store IT equipment you no longer use. After 12 months of your subscription, you can return any device or devices you no longer need to us, as long as you keep at least half of your original order, and we’ll update your payment plan accordingly. What’s more, you can also swap the devices you’re returning for the latest models if you’re in need of a new tech injection.

2. Great value tech

Even the latest tech starts to depreciate from the moment you purchase it, and it soon needs to be replaced by a newer, more advanced model. Keeping your team supplied with the best equipment can become a significant financial drain.

Procuring through DaaS is different. There are no large upfront costs to factor in, just an affordable payment plan with regular Opex-friendly monthly payments based only on the devices you lease. This means you still have the cash flow to dedicate to the business itself, and you benefit from top quality, top-of-the-line Apple or PC tech without the hefty ownership costs. And, as we mentioned above, you can swap any device for a newer, more up-to-date one at any point after having the subscription for 12 months.

3. Configuration done and dusted

The best tech for any business is that which is tailored to best meet its individual needs. Depending on what your organisation does, you may need considerable pre-configuration on any new devices before your team can use them, and that can take time and energy you simply cannot spare.

We understand this, which is why we can carry out any pre-configuration or device configuration for you, if required, as part of your Devices for Teams subscription. Our expert engineers are Apple-certified, so you can trust us to deliver a service of the highest standard. We can even install your devices too if need be, so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

4. An energised and motivated team

There’s nothing like old, dated tech to slow people down. Unresponsive devices can really hamper creativity and productivity in your team, as well as result in frustrated and disgruntled staff.

On the other hand, keeping your team in top quality, the up-to-date tech will show them that you recognise and value the work they do, and give them the tools they need to really excel. Equipping your team with the latest devices is likely to boost team morale and encourage employee retention. DaaS enables you to upgrade your devices quickly and easily, and without a large outlay, after the 12-month subscription mark.

5. How does purchasing IT equipment compare?

Buying devices outright can be incredibly expensive, even for small companies. It takes a big initial outlay that can strangle cash flow for months afterwards, and even getting a loan for such a purpose can be tricky. Historically, it’s always been difficult to borrow from banks for IT equipment such as laptops, tablets and desktops, especially for businesses that are just starting out.

Owning your business’s devices also means you’re responsible for organising and funding repairs and replacements when they’re inevitably needed. You will need to ensure your IT equipment and downloaded software is updated when it needs to be and safeguarded with the right antivirus protection. And what happens when one of your devices stops working? It’s time for an expensive replacement.

DaaS offers an ongoing service that features a full 360° support wrapper for every device. This includes warranties, support, installations, configurations and even loan devices if and when there’s a problem. So, not only do you save on the financial burden of buying devices outright, you can rest assured knowing your equipment will be kept in top-notch condition as long as you have it.

If Devices for Teams sounds like it could offer your business the IT equipment procurement flexibility it needs, give our friendly team a call today to find out more. Call 020 7111 1643 or email

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