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10th May 2022

What Is An End-To-End PC Device as a Service Package?

Carissa Parnell

End-to-End – In a business context, when we hear the terminology ‘end-to-end’ it usually refers to a service, product or system that delivers a complete and functioning solution to a specific business need. There would be no third party required for any stage in the process and everything is handled by one supplier. It, therefore, has the notion of a complete beginning to end service.

PC – A personal computer usually of any model or brand, yet more commonly understood to be a Windows supportive PC in opposition to a Macintosh developed by Apple. A Microsoft Surface device, an HP laptop, a Dell computer, a Lenovo ThinkPad, or a Samsung device could all be considered PCs, as opposed to Macs.Dell XPS 13 9310 laptop view

Device as a Service – A supply chain model for acquiring computer hardware, which is a leasing solution with a large focus on support and service.

An end-to-end PC Device as a Service package aims to deliver a complete solution for the acquisition, leasing, and maintenance of computer hardware for businesses sourcing PCs. It is end-to-end because Device as a Service models enable a comprehensive service that removes the operational burden from businesses.

This is highly beneficial for companies that can then focus on providing their own services to clients and making profits rather than worrying about the upkeep of their company hardware.

Company Assessment And Financing PC Equipment

An end-to-end Device as a Service package starts at the very beginning of the device lifecycle. This would be the selecting, ordering, and financing of PC equipment.

In the case of Device as a Service systems like Devices For Teams, this starts at an even earlier and more helpful point. When business customers choose Devices For Teams as their Device as a Service package of choice, they can trade in old hardware for cash. Devices For Teams will come and collect old, outdated devices that businesses have lying around taking up space and they will recycle those electronics in the greenest and most environmentally friendly way possible.

D4T daas by HardSoftAfter that, the Devices For Teams experts can perform evaluations of a company to recommend the most suitable PC hardware for their staff members’ roles and company objectives.

With Devices For Teams, the lease terms can be agreed upon very quickly and efficiently as they have their own financing arm in the company and no third party is required.

Using rapid systems like Samsung Knox and Microsoft Autopilot, Devices For Teams can swiftly order PC technology individually or in bulk and have it deployed to your staff in just a few clicks.

One extra fantastic feature in Devices For Teams, compared to other Device as a Service systems is the free 72-hour trial of all hardware.

Deployment and Installation of PC Hardware

The next phase in an end-to-end PC Device as a Service system is the deployment and installation of the devices. Businesses don’t have to worry about logistics or waste their IT department’s time. In Device as a Service, the supplier should handle all deployment, logistics and installation.

Devices For Teams also offers the option of zero-touch deployment. This is where devices can be configured remotely to each individual staff member’s needs, including all their apps and accounts. Zero-touch allows devices to be deployed anywhere, even to employees’ homes without any work for your IT department.

Management and Maintenance Of PC Products

In a Device as a Service solution for PC, your supplier must provide ongoing technical support. Devices For Teams has specialist engineers who are qualified for each of the major PC manufacturer’s technology, including Microsoft Surface, Samsung, Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

With Devices For Teams, on top of excellent and rapid tech support, there is also strategic advice. In this system, the lease can be flexed up or down to suit the company’s changing needs. Devices can be swapped or returned without financial penalty. There is also a choice in the level of the package itself and in the type of support offered, so businesses can tailor the service to their budget and requirements.switch devices for your business needs

Management support is also on hand, such as helping businesses register devices to MDMs. This enables businesses to control how devices are used even when not onsite. You can lock devices if they are lost or stolen and restrict access to certain apps.

Devices For Teams additionally provides extensive cybersecurity for devices, including data loss prevention.

Most Device as a Service solutions involve automatic upgrades to ensure their clients always have the latest tech if the manufacturer brings out newer, better models.

The End Of The Device Life Cycle

Device as a Service allows companies to work towards ownership on their lease, whilst always providing the option for upgrades and a continual support system. It is far more than just product leasing. Once a device has become obsolete, the Devices For Teams staff can collect and recycle or resell the hardware for you, so you are always assured of a greener carbon footprint. It is easy to renew or end leases as you see fit.

This is what makes Device as a Service and end-to-end solution. The entire device lifecycle is catered for.

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