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27th May 2022

What Is Circular IT And Why Does It Matter?

Carissa Parnell

When researching where to source your business’s IT hardware, you might have come across a few new terms lately, including sustainable IT, green computing, and circular IT.

Circular IT – This term can be used synonymously with notions like sustainable IT or green computing.


It translates to a more environmentally friendly IT strategy and generally covers finding methods of IT hardware production, shipping, usage and re-usage that decreases the impact on the environment as much as possible.devices for greener teams

Circular IT has a goal of reducing emissions, but also other environmental issues, such as e-waste, harmful mineral mining, and deforestation. These are all significant problems for the natural world, and ultimately for humanity when these issues begin to impact us. Deforestation and emissions are already affecting people across the globe with more extreme weather phenomena and farming challenges.

As we can see, IT production and usage do have a significant impact on the environment, but circular IT aims to limit and reverse this problem.

Reducing waste is an element on which circular IT especially focuses, compared to the other eco-friendly IT terms.

Having to build new computers so often is a problem for emissions. The disposal of old models creates a huge amount of e-waste in landfills.

So, how does circular IT reduce waste?

While sustainable IT, green computing, and other eco terms are all about environmentally friendly hardware and practices in the IT industry, the notion of circular IT involves a focus on reuse.

Repairing, Reusing and Repurposing devices, and/or their individual internal components is a large focus of circular IT.

This philosophy extends the life of devices and encourages less new hardware to be made so quickly, while also sending less e-waste to landfills.

Why Should Circular IT Practices Matter To Businesses?

The rise in interest around these terms is likely based on several factors, for example, the public and businesses’ growing awareness of the climate change crisis.

However, it is probable that the biggest reason for increased interest in these terms in the UK is down to the government’s net zero target.

Net zero will mean that the UK has eliminated or offset all the greenhouse gas emissions that it creates. The target is set for 2050, hence many businesses predict that harsher legislation will be introduced to make companies stick to this target.

Net zero isn’t a simple feat to achieve either, particularly for some businesses where emissions are an inevitable by-product. There is then the big challenge of offsetting those emissions, which comes with its own financial challenges.

Of course, if legislation is brought in to enforce this, then it won’t be any cheaper for businesses to ignore the target.devices for greener teams

Both circular IT practices, diligent green recycling and emissions offsetting are the best ways that businesses can hit their net zero targets.

Devices For Greener Teams is a Device as a Service style lease with a difference.

On top of all the extra support, advice, and device management assistance, Devices For Greener Teams is all about helping businesses embrace green computing and help them reach net zero.

Devices For Greener Teams helps businesses:

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  • Help the life of devices last longer with Boomerang – we can remove idle and old devices from your business and repurpose them to help feed the circular IT movement
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