Hybrid working and equipping your teams with devices

28th October 2021

What Is Hybrid Working And Why Does It Matter To Business Owners?

Andrew Morgan

Hybrid working could be the future of the modern office. With the right hardware, hybrid working could bring all the benefits of home working and office working together with far fewer negative consequences for both businesses and staff.

Types of Working

work from home bundle Home working – staff are working from home full time.

Remote working – staff are not working in the office, but could be working from any other location e.g., home, abroad, an internet café, a beach. A popular definition when employing so-called ‘digital nomads’.

Flexible working – Often confused with home working and hybrid working as the issues can overlap. Flexible working can provide home working and hybrid working options, but primarily refers to flexible start and finish times and the days worked to fulfil your contract. Popular among working parents.

Onsite working – Working in the office but could also refer to the site of a particular project. In examples such architecture, estate agency, construction, and others, this could involve a site other than the office.

In the field working – This could refer to visiting client premises, attending conferences, or for certain sectors that involve gathering data for research, it could mean going to various other places to work, including remote outdoor locations.

Hybrid working – A mixture of home working, office working, and potentially other forms of remote working.

Why Should Hybrid Working Matter To CEOs?

There is a great deal of debate and conflict over the success of home working.

Homeworking was slowly rising in popularity for several years, particularly in young sectors like digital marketing. However, many more industries and businesses resisted the trend.

During the pandemic, there was a huge surge in home working with a 10% increase, but at times during lockdowns, it was much higher, except for essential workers e.g., food delivery and front-line workers e.g., healthcare.

The cultural attitude to both homeworking and the risk of illness at work has shifted as a result of the pandemic. Homeworking has become seen in a more positive light and lots of studies have highlighted its surprising advantages. However, many industries and CEOs are resistant to the idea of continued home working, and, especially for certain sectors, it has some negative consequences.

Home working has been shown to boost productivity by 13%.

D4T all devices for all teams However, it can severely hamper working effectiveness in areas where communication and collaboration are heavily required. Mistakes and misunderstandings are slower to be spotted.

Hybrid working should be of great interest to businesses. Since it involves working sometimes at home and sometimes in the office, it is the best of both worlds. It provides:

  • Safety for employees

  • In-person communication, collaboration, and access to onsite gear

  • Better work/life balance

  • Less commuting

  • More monitoring and check-ins with sometimes being in the office

  • Better productivity

  • Cost savings on office heating and space

How Can DaaS Make Hybrid Working Benefit Businesses

arm your team with devices to succeed Hybrid working is arguably the sweet spot between home working and office working. All the productivity and work/life balance benefits of home working with the strategic collaboration benefits of office working.

There are other factors which can help aid in making hybrid working highly successful from the business’s perspective.

Whether staff are able to collaborate well, be productive at home, and easily shift between the two environments seamlessly depends on their technology.

Adaptive tech is at the heart of good hybrid working, and that is why DaaS solutions make hybrid working so much easier and more successful.

With a DaaS leasing solution, businesses have access to a highly responsive and adaptable system for sourcing their hardware.

  • If they need computer hardware remotely set up and deployed to their staff – no problem.

  • If the business requires a swap from desktops to laptops and tablets – no problem

  • If they need advice on which hardware will be most suited to their goals and different staff roles – no problem

  • If devices need upgrading to offer better collaborative technology and working from home applications – no problem

From cost spreading to on-demand advice to easy swapping and upgrading, DaaS has it all. It’s the best of all worlds when it comes to flexible and dynamic solutions for your hardware needs. With a focus on service, it works with you to get the best results and is highly efficient.

D4T daas by HardSoft With a responsive and customisable DaaS solution, businesses will find that hybrid working is far simpler and more effective than they could have predicted.

By providing access to the right tech, DaaS can also enhance effective homeworking by making collaboration far easier. Video conferencing can become more natural with the right cameras, audio, and screen sharing, while the best business laptops can be outfitted with state-of-the-art productivity applications.

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