23rd March 2023

What is the Most Energy Efficient Laptop?

Steve Hill

The computer hardware leasing solutions provided by Devices For Teams can outfit your workforce with devices that are not only powerful and affordable but also superior energy saving laptops.

In fact, Devices For Teams has some of the best performing energy efficient laptops within our collection, and we can advise on which will be suited to your staff’s duties.

Energy efficient laptops are beneficial for being kinder to the environment, while simultaneously saving you money on your office energy bills.

In a time of spiraling energy costs, energy saving laptops are now amongst the most highly sought after hardware by businesses.

Luckily, energy saving qualities do not have to mean a compromise on power or speed, even for those industries with specialist demands of their hardware and software, such as engineers, software designers, and graphic designers.

Let’s explore energy efficiency in computer hardware and help your business choose the most energy efficient laptop.

What Do We Really Mean By Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency can apply to all sorts of devices from electronics to the very home you live in. It basically means a reduction in the power required to run the device correctly. For your home, energy efficiency would mean it is easier to heat with less power. For your business computer devices, it means a laptop that uses less power than other equivalent devices while performing the same tasks over the same period of time.

So, the key idea is that there is no reduction in performance but that it still uses less power.

What Makes A Laptop Eco Friendly?

The terms ‘eco-friendly laptop’ and ‘energy saving laptop’ are often used interchangeably but there are subtle differences in these definitions.

An energy saving laptop is going to be more eco-friendly, simply by virtue of being energy efficient. The less energy a laptop uses, the kinder it is to the environment.

However, there are numerous other qualities that could make your device an eco-friendly laptop, for example:

Repairability – how easy is it to open up the device and repair or replace faulty individual parts, rather than having to replace the whole device when there is a fault?

Recyclability – how easy are the individual components of the device to recycle using green methods that don’t release more toxins or emissions into the environment.

Waste production – How much e-waste is produced by the device after disposal and/or recycling processes.

Manufacturing materials – What materials were used to create the individual components and how damaging to the environment are these components. This goes beyond waste production or recyclability. It considers whether environmentally damaging mining was required to gain some of the materials for the individual components of the devices or if emissions or toxins were created in the production of some materials for the components.

Emissions – How many emissions (greenhouse gasses) are released in the production and the lifecycle usage of the hardware.

Energy efficiency – Of course, energy efficiency during usage is still one very important factor in how eco-friendly a laptop is but it isn’t the whole story. Energy efficiency does, however, have that business benefit, as well as the eco benefits, in that it is a money saver as well.Blog image with earth and a MacBook Air and recycle logo

Carbon Offsetting and Greener Devices

If environmental considerations, as well as cost savings, are a factor in your business’s hardware selection process, then it is helpful to look at the carbon offsetting option.

Devices For Teams can connect your business with supply and upgrades of the most energy efficient laptops, but we can also carbon offset your equipment.

Carbon offsetting allows you to write off emissions caused by your devices in their production and usage.

By spending a little extra on your computer equipment, the money can be invested into projects that work to remove emissions from the atmosphere. This balances the emissions released by the creation and use of your equipment so that no additional amounts of CO2 remain in our atmosphere.

Your investment provides a counterbalance to emissions created by your business. Your business receives certification in the form of carbon credits to show how much carbon they have offset.

Devices For Teams can provide affordable carbon offsetting for all your computer equipment. This includes automated carbon offsetting with products you lease with us AND you can manually carbon offset any existing devices too! We can help you carbon offset your computer equipment for only a 3% increase in price on your device solutions. This makes it some of the most cost-effective carbon offsetting available for computer hardware.

Energy saving laptops and carbon offsetting work well as strategies together for making your business greener and saving money.

Naturally, the most energy efficient laptop will require less offsetting than an energy-hungry laptop.

Why Is Energy Efficiency So Important?

Energy efficiency is a crucial part of eco friendly laptops. While the production of a product can have a big impact on the environment, its performance and ongoing use continues to have an impact for the life of the device. Energy consumption also hits a business’s profits, so energy efficiency has never been more important.

The Most Energy Efficient Laptops

Devices For Teams has plenty of options for your business when it comes to energy efficient laptops. Dell Latitudes, MacBook Pros, Lenovo ThinkPads, and many of the Samsung Galaxy Book ranges are among the most energy efficient on the market.

Each can provide different qualities for various job roles while saving energy and never compromising on performance. Devices For Teams can guide you on which will work best for you and show you how to judge and balance hardware based on energy efficiency vs performance.

However, when it comes to maximising energy efficiency, as well as all-round eco-friendliness, our top products are the MacBook Pros and Lenovo ThinkPads.

These combine some of the best elements to be kind to the environment and save on your energy bills.

MacBook Pro 16”

The MacBook Pro range is renowned as one of the most energy efficient on the market of any device. Apple has been triumphing at energy efficiency ever since they brought out their Apple Silicon chips.

The MacBook Pro 16″ consumes 58% less energy than the Energy Star Requirement for a device to be labelled as energy efficient. Lifecycle carbon emissions are only 349kg which is on the lower end of the spectrum, plus there is reduced plastic and recyclable materials.

Lenovo ThinkPad L14

Lenovo has also been a real champion of both energy saving and eco friendliness with their ThinkPad range and the ThinkPad L14 is one of the best. It has certification from TCO, Energy Star, and EPEAT and has been rated Gold by EPEAT for eco-friendly qualities, including energy efficiency. For such a powerful business laptop these are very impressive credentials.

This is why Devices For Teams is providing offers on MacBook Pro 16″ laptops and Lenovo ThinkPad L14s as part of our Devices For Greener Teams package.Blog image with MacBook and Thinkpad with earth


Don’t forget that you can check the green credentials of a computer device by looking for its ecolabel certification.

Many of the hardware from Devices For Teams have ecolabels from multiple sources, including EPEAT, Energy Star, and TCO. These are the most recognised awarding bodies for the measurement and certification of green computing devices. These bodies use a wide range of criteria to ascertain how eco friendly a device is to make and use. Their credentials are verified by 3rd parties.

So, if you see a good rating on a computer device by EPEAT, Energy Star, or TCO, you know that meets high eco-friendly standards.

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