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7th March 2022

What is Windows 11 SE?

Carissa Parnell

Windows 11 SE is one of the latest operating systems from Microsoft, and it comes with a big difference. Windows SE is one of the first operating systems from one of the top computer hardware manufacturers and software developers designed specifically with the needs of schools in mind.

This may be surprising, but there has been a noticeable gap in decent operating systems aimed at schools up until this point.

While several attempts have been made to get this right in the past, they have fallen short by running into several common stumbling blocks:windows laptop SE front view

  • Trying to use a business approach for schools
  • Marketing
  • Training
  • Security
  • Affordability

Tweaking business-level software and operating systems like Office 365 etc. to schools doesn’t always go smoothly either in terms of the services provided for children using devices or in terms of security.

Children using devices for their schoolwork and education have different needs than adults in a business setting. While they might need to learn on devices with similar applications for their future, some of the functionality won’t be relevant and in other areas, it may be lacking, particularly around safety, access, exposure and permissions.

Cybersecurity is naturally an issue for businesses too, but schools are especially vulnerable as;

1) less experienced people (children) are using the device

2) budgeting causes schools to want to hold onto devices longer. This is a familiar problem in schools and malware can more easily penetrate the defences of older obsolete devices.

Of course, it goes far beyond this. There is the very real concern of children accessing inappropriate content or spending too much time on their screens and not using them for schoolwork. Operating systems for schools need easy parental and teachers’ controls.boy at school on windows SE laptop

The marketing and education offered to teachers and decision-makers in a school setting has not always hit the right mark in the past. The needs and motivations of teachers are different. While the government pushes for greater IT education in schools to enhance future generations in the workplace, it is often true that current teaching staff may lack the IT expertise that staff in a business setting would have. A school doesn’t usually have a fully-fledged IT department. Schools want simplicity when looking at hardware and their operating systems

Finally, affordability has come for computing in schools in the form of Windows 11 SE and the associated Microsoft Surface SE. Both are now at price points that can really make sense and be feasible for schools without compromising quality.

Windows 11 SE addresses all of these pain points successfully and does not fall into the mistakes of past attempts to design an operating system for schools. In this way, it is a market first.

Since Windows 11 SE has been designed specifically for schools, it helps students learn, thanks to relevant software and tools, while maintaining security and safety.

Microsoft 365 Education and Microsoft Teams are affordable apps that will help students to carry out all their work and learn new skills while collaborating and sharing resources.

Windows 11 SE is a cloud-first operating system and offers a simplified design of windows 11 but one that is still powerful and effective. The straightforward design makes it easier for young children to become accustomed to the tech while learning in a distraction-free environment.

The controlled app installation makes it easy for teachers to ensure students are accessing safe materials.

One of the best things about Windows 11 SE is that it is being rolled out alongside the Microsoft Surface SE. Software and hardware are perfectly designed for a school education setting. This combination of safe, sophisticated, intuitive, and high-quality technology will bring greater access to 1:1 computing in schools.

With the ever rapidly growing role of the digital in everyday work, recreation, creativity and life, the next generation need to be acutely familiar with IT equipment.

1:1 computing, where every child has direct access to their own device, is essential for modern learning. Yet there are many schools that do not yet have 1:1 computing for their students. Thanks to the affordability and ease of implementation with Windows 11 SE and Microsoft Surface SE, we are moving closer to every school having 1:1 computing for their students.

girl at school on laptop windows se Thanks to Hardsoft, getting access to Windows 11 SE is very easy for schools.

Hardsoft conforms to the Department of Education and is leasing for schools compliant.

We can order, deploy, and install Microsoft Surface SE devices and set up all equipment with Windows 11 SE in schools.

We can also offer training to teachers on how best to leverage the new technology. This is a complete end to end solution created for schools to complement Microsoft’s hardware and software approach.

This is part of our new Devices For Education Teams. This is a DaaS style solution geared for schools to complement systems like Windows 11 SE and Microsoft Surface SE.

Devices For Education Teams includes:

  • Affordable prices
  • Easy ordering/deployment
  • Extensive IT support with our Gold Support system
  • Teacher training


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