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29th March 2022

Which Approved Software Is On Windows SE And How Effective Is It?

Carissa Parnell

Windows 11 SE is a new operating system from Microsoft made especially for schools.

It is a simplified version of Windows 11 that strips away many of the complex settings, features, apps, and software normally found on Windows 11.

By stripping back on excess functionality, schools will benefit by having a distraction-free environment for children’s learning. Pupils can only access features that will be useful to their education.

Windows 11 SE comes with some essential and useful software in-built.

Students will not be able to manually add any other software, however, third party software can be added by teachers.

Using Intune For Education, teachers can select third-party apps from pre-approved categories and have the students’ devices install them. Intune For Education is an MDM (Mobile Device Management). It is an intuitive system that enables school staff to control how their institution’s devices are used and what software can be added to them.

What Software Is Available On Windows 11 SE?

Windows 11 SE comes with some software in-built by default and this is primarily Microsoft’s own software.

By default, Windows 11 SE has:

  • Microsoft Office 365 – This includes programmes such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. This will be highly useful for students in carrying out their work in various subjects from STEM to the humanities. They can create spreadsheets, compose essays, and create presentations.
  • Microsoft Teams – This is a fantastic piece of software that is popular in businesses too. It allows quality communication and collaboration between students and staff. It will empower students with their homework, the ability to ask for help, carry out joint projects etc.Microsoft teams logo
  • Minecraft for Education – This is a special education edition of the hugely popular game Minecraft. Using the gameplay style and world mechanics of Minecraft, pupils can be taught STEM subjects, coding, SEL, history and much more. It allows pupils to learn alongside their teachers in a guided and fun environment that harnesses their skills.
  • OneNote – Helping students keep notes in class and collaborate.

While this is the default software, it is by no means the only software that schools can use with their pupils on Windows 11 SE.

Third-party apps can be downloaded but only under the teacher’s guidance using Intune for Education. This ensures that only useful and distraction-free apps can be downloaded, and these are from pre-approved categories only.

Chrome and Zoom are examples of third-party apps that can be downloaded. Apps like Messenger or Spotify will not be allowed.

However, Windows 11 SE does allow for third party browsers to be downloaded and any app or platform that can be accessed in a web browser version would be accessible.

The pre-approved categories for third-party apps are:

  • Content-filtering apps
  • Test-taking “solutions”
  • Accessibility apps
  • Effective classroom communication apps
  • Essential diagnostics, management, connectivity, and supportability apps
  • Browsers

How Effective Is The Software On Windows 11 SE?

The software on Windows 11 SE is highly effective for schools since it has been chosen and curated to enhance the learning environment.

All the software enable on Windows 11 SE is geared to providing truly distraction-free learning.

The software on Windows 11 SE is furthering the ability to roll out 1:1 computing to all students in the UK. The importance and value of 1:1 computing for students has been gaining recognition. Its crucial nature was thrown into stark relief during the pandemic when remote learning became the default.

This scenario shone a light on education inequality based on what students’ parents could afford and had in the home in terms of computer hardware and software. With so windows laptop SE front viewmany modern skills and jobs dependent on IT and digital knowledge, it has become clear that all pupils need to be cultivating this knowledge from an early age. Not only that, but devices and software make remote learning possible. Yet all of this is only possible with 1:1 computing where each pupil has their own device to learn on inside and outside of school. This increases their ability to do their homework effectively and learn vital skills.

Windows 11 SE may just be an operating system but it is part of a collection of tools that can work together to increase access to quality 1:1 computing.

Windows 11 SE, along with safe devices, such as Microsoft Surface SE, management tools like Intune For Education, and supply, deployment, and support by Devices For Education Teams will increase the reach of 1:1 computing in UK schools.

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