different apple iPads to use in an office

19th August 2022

Which iPad is Good for Office Use?

Stan Milanovich

Are iPads actually useful for business? iPads can be an incredibly useful business tool for your employees. However, it is important to remember that in most scenarios they are not a replacement for a full business laptop, but rather an additional tool to augment the arsenal of devices that help your staff deliver their best work.

An iPad is more portable than even the most portable laptop. With its touchscreen technology, it also has particular advantages for creation in anything that involves free-form drawing and sketching. When workers are on the go, they can keep collaboration and communication continuously and seamlessly with an iPad at their fingertips. They can quickly deliver presentations when they visit clients at their offices. An iPad is as useful as the apps with which you arm it, and Apple iPadOS has an enormous range of applications designed specifically for business. With the right selection of apps on a business iPad, your team can work more efficiently.MacBook and Ipad creative work

Accessories like a keyboard and stylus can transform an iPad into a true business tool. Some industries with heavy-duty software requirements and exceptionally high-power demands for their devices will find that an iPad can never truly measure up to a business laptop. This is mainly sectors such as FinTech, game programming, engineering etc. Most other industries will find that the best business iPad + a keyboard and stylus can almost rival a business laptop in terms of functionality.

When used in conjunction with business laptops, iPads allow workers of any industry to do the heavy-duty work they need to do and complete lighter tasks from anywhere and everywhere.

So, which iPads are best suited to this role in the office? Let’s take a look at some contenders.

iPad Mini 3

The iPad Mini 3 was a strong contender among iPads when it was first launched in 2014 and remained a high-performing app for years until it was succeeded by the iPad Mini 4. However, in an age where we are seeking to be less wasteful and see electronic goods used for longer, repaired, and repurposed rather than sent to landfills, you might find that older iPads can still have a place in business.

Repurposing older devices or recycling certain parts is now commonplace.

iPad Mini was and is a quality iPad thanks to its aluminium design making it much tougher than plastic alternatives.

Many believed the iPad Mini 3 had the perfect ratio of balanced screen size to overall size as it fits comfortably in one hand when carried around and had a clear 7.9in screen.

iPad Mini 4

The iPad Mini 4 has since replaced the iPad Mini 3 and it improved it in many useful ways for an office environment.iPad mini 4 white

There were cellular models with 5G which are especially relevant to business as it allows a strong connection from anywhere.

The Apple Pencil accessory offered new ways for users to interact with the touchscreen and edit photos, making it a big bonus for creative professionals.

iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 is still available from other third-party retailers beyond Apple, but like the iPad Mini 3, it is a little outdated these days.

Why did business users love the iPad Air 2? Well, it was exceptionally thin and a phenomenal feat of engineering to make a tablet so slim with such a superbly clear and bright screen that was less reflective than previous tablets. It was also very affordable for its capabilities as far as Apple prices go.

iPad 7th Generation

All the above iPads make excellent business iPads and since they are on the older side and mainly available from third parties, you can get some genuinely great business iPad deals on these models and save a lot of money for your office.

iPad 7th generation models launched in 2019. However, they are still an excellent way to reuse and repurpose hardware for business. The reason that older iPads are still a useful investment for businesses is that Apple technology is built to last. The hardware itself is of exceptional quality and exceptionally durable. You will notice many people are able to use their devices for years and years. Apple is also diligent with continuing software updates for older devices.

For businesses on a budget, leasing older business iPads and looking for business iPad deals on older models can be a smart financial choice.

However, if you’re concerned about budgets with sourcing iPads, yet want the latest technology for your office, there are other options.

While all the above older models are decent for an office setting, the best iPad for business is the iPad pro.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro 2021The iPad Pro was made for business. It has superior cameras, display, audio, and most importantly the new M1 chips. Apple Silicon has produced its own range of SoCs that allow its business iPads to have astonishing speeds, power, and energy efficiency. Armed with all this, the iPad Pro is easily a rival to many business-grade MacBooks.

This sophisticated tech does come with the expected heavy price tag for such a versatile and capable business tool. Yet with iPad pay monthly options, such as leasing, you can spread the cost and easily source iPad Pros for the whole office. Leasing iPads allows you to spread the cost into digestible monthly chunks. The best part is that the best leasing solution comes with extensive support for your new hardware.

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