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14th June 2022

Why Are Lenovo Laptops Some Of The Greenest Laptops You Can Lease?

Stan Milanovich

Lenovo ThinkPads are among the best laptops for green credentials. Devices for Teams is proud to recommend and lease these devices to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and work towards net zero.

Not only are they some of the greenest devices on the market but they do not compromise on quality or performance.

Lenovo has made some of the most ambitious strides to making its products environmentally friendly.

The Need For Sustainable Computing

Devices for Teams is dedicated to giving our clients the best advice when it comes to leasing computer Hardware.Lenovo Thinkpad

We have many systems in place, such as our in-depth evaluations to help match computer equipment to your:

  • Business objectives
  • Operational needs
  • Your industry
  • Power requirements
  • Individual staff’s roles and working structures

Another important feature in selecting devices is their green credentials.

Not only are more businesses becoming interested in the environmental impact of their products owing to their own social consciousness and values, but there is an increased urgency around this topic.

Since the government has set a target of 2050 for net zero and is rolling out fines and other legislation to rally businesses into being greener, companies must start choosing less negatively impactful equipment.

The big difference now, compared to a few years ago, is that being green was optional from a legal perspective. Companies would previously take part in green initiatives if it aligned with their CEO’s and stakeholders’ values, or if they felt it would appeal to their customer base.

Now, businesses have no choice but to get on the bandwagon as the government takes the climate crisis seriously. The other important change is that the changes businesses make must be effective. They cannot simply be a tick box manoeuvre but rather their policies must bring about MEASURABLE results.

The biggest way businesses will be measured is via emissions reduction.

The majority of businesses and industry produce emissions and using computer equipment is no exception. The production of computer devices and their usage, unfortunately, releases CO2 into the atmosphere.

Additionally, e waste created by electronics like computers is a huge issue. The amount going to UK landfills is a blight, but more crucially many of the materials in computers break down into toxic substances which can be harmful to animals, plants, and human health.

The acquisition of those individual materials and chemicals also produces CO2 or involves harmful mining practices.

Yet computer equipment is an essential tool for modern business and the modern way of life. So many of our current day communication, finance, services, marketing, and production could not exist without our computer hardware and digital tools.

This is why choosing environmentally friendly laptops can make a huge difference.

Why Are Lenovo ThinkPads So Green?Lenovo Thinkpad 13x

Lenovo has invested in many avenues to make their company and their ThinkPads as green as possible. This includes increased energy efficiency, lower emissions, more sustainable materials, less toxic materials, and reduced packaging waste.

Since 2008, Lenovo has eliminated 3,240 metric tons of packaging consumption by weight.

Their new ThinkPad Z-Series incorporates recycled aluminium, recycled black vegan leather, and 100% recyclable/compostable bamboo and sugarcane packaging.

The L-series laptops are made from 30% post-consumer recycled content. They have an LED-backlit display and power manager.

Lenovo boasts energy certifications from the reputable ENERGY STAR and has a Gold standard EPEAT Gold rating.

The manufacturer has been working diligently to reduce the use of PVC, and as of 2020, they have a far more robust policy on mineral sourcing. In fact, they now can report a conflict-free status improvement to 97% compared to 89% in 2019.

Lenovo has succeeded in reducing their Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by a whopping 92% relative to 2009/10 and has installed solar panel arrays to help power operations in the US. One of the best achievements is that it isn’t just one new model that is green. Many of the Lenovo products have been green and are getting more and more environmentally friendly by leaps and bounds. There were 73 Lenovo laptop models listed as TCO Certified on March 1st, 2021.

What Other Devices Are Super-Green?

Lenovo ThinkPads are not the only green devices that Devices for Teams can lease. We also have fantastic offers and bundles available for MacBooks and FairPhones. These are also incredibly environmentally friendly devices, thanks to their manufacturers’ initiatives in reducing emissions and creating energy-efficient hardware.

Making Your Devices Even Greener With Devices for Teamscarbon offset service from Hardsoft with image of the world

To make the hardware we lease even greener, and to help you make significant strides to net zero, Devices for Teams can assist with Carbon Offsetting. We offer some of the most affordable carbon offsetting for computer hardware at only 3% extra. This is then invested into emissions reabsorbing schemes like reforestation to offset the remaining emissions of your computer equipment. You will receive certification to prove that you have offset all the emissions of your leased devices.

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