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27th January 2023

Why device leasing could be your faff-free key to business success?

Carissa Parnell

Devices for Teams could give your business the hardware boost it needs to stand out.


Growing a business is never easy, and with a host of challenges facing companies of all sizes across multiple industries, making sure your firm stands out from the crowd is tougher than ever.


Staying flexible is always a great idea in business, whether that’s in your working habits, or even office locations in this new age of remote working. But having the right hardware to do your job at the right time is always vital. With budgets being tightened across the world, getting access to the most effective devices can be a challenge – but what if there was another way?Devices for terams


Devices for Teams from HardSoft allows businesses to pay weekly or monthly to lease the devices they need, whenever they need them, and for as long as they are needed.


Companies can lease smartphones, tablets, desktops and more for whatever period of time they are required, with the ability to add, switch and return devices as they need.


The flexibility of such “Device as a Service” offerings can be a major advantage for those companies with one eye on their finances. Why commit to a big hardware expenditure for devices that may break down or be obsolete within months, leaving you stuck with a hefty repair or upgrade bill? Leasing offers a flexible, manageable and tax-efficient solution that you can tailor depending on your business’ exact needs.


A solution like Devices for Teams also gives your business the agility to respond to changing conditions or workloads, fast. If you need to quickly upgrade your key workers to get some extra power or boost efficiency, leasing devices lets you get your hands on the devices you want, with the peace of mind that they’ll be secure and reliable, and you can return any items you don’t end up needing with any hassle.


And if you’re growing and hiring new workers, there’s no need to go through lengthy procurement or research processes to find new hardware – leasing devices can be done fast and without complications, making sure you’re up and running straight away.pre deployment illustration in pink and black


HardSoft will also handle the pre-deployment, configuration and setup of your new devices with all the apps and software you might need, meaning they’ll be ready to go from day one of delivery. The company can even help set up a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution before deployment to make sure you keep track of what every device is up to, keeping your business and its employees and data safe and secure from security threats or network outages.


So if your business is in need of a hardware boost that doesn’t break the bank, and can grow and scale as you do, then leasing solutions like Devices for Teams could be ideal for you. For more information, you can visit HardSoft’s website for all the details you need to start your leasing journey.


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