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14th May 2022

Why Devices For Teams Is The Most Streamlined Device as a Service Solution For PCs

Carissa Parnell

Devices For Teams is one of several elite Device as a Service solutions available on the UK market.

Device as a Service solutions are a method for sourcing computer hardware. They work on a leasing model, which means Devices For Teams helps to make the cost of PC equipment more manageable.

Device as a Service, including Devices For Teams, goes above and beyond other computing leases to offer extra support and services. This usually includes:

  • Ongoing technical support
  • Maintenance/management of devicesD4T daas by HardSoft
  • Deployment/installation

Additionally, most Device as a Service solutions have automatic upgrades at their core. The result is hardware obsoletion is less of a threat and your team will always have access to the most up-to-date technology.

It is highly likely that, during your business’s lease of the hardware, newer, higher performing devices will be launched by the manufacturer. This is simply the nature of the modern computer industry. Obsoletion comes around rapidly as the industry advances very quickly. Device as a Service leases recognise this and so they build in automatic upgrades during the lease.

Devices For Teams has a number of extra perks that give its system a significant advantage over other Device as a Service subscriptions. These include:

  • Mixed hardware Device as a Service
  • Scale the number of devices up or down as required
  • Swap or return devices penalty-free
  • Strategic advice
  • Customisable support
  • A wide choice of packages

get support with devices for teams, support logo illustrationThanks to options for mixed device DaaS, and a team of specifically trained and certified solutions engineers, Devices For Teams is an ideal choice for PC products.

Devices For Teams’ engineers are highly experienced in troubleshooting hardware from all the leading PC manufacturers, such as Microsoft Surface, Samsung, Dell, HP, Lenovo and more.

Not only is Devices For Teams excellent on the support side of Windows PC products, but it is also the most streamlined solution for acquiring the hardware.

How Is Devices For Teams A More Streamlined Version of Device as a Service?

Devices For Teams can streamline the acquisition of PC hardware in several ways:

  • Easily created leases with less red tape
  • Swift installation
  • Zero touch deployment

Easily created leases with less red tape – Devices For Teams is a Device as a Service model by Hardsoft. Hardsoft has its own financing arm, Hardsoft Leasing Ltd. This body is certified with the UK Financial Conduct Authority, and it means that there is no third-party financing company involved. This gives the company a higher level of autonomy on who they lease to, and a swiftness in setting up leases for new clients. It reduces the turn around time for initiating your new Device as a Service solution.

Swift installation – With expert engineers on-hand, Devices For Teams can rapidly install all sorts of PC equipment into your offices onsite and have them up and running smoothly with minimal interruption.pre deployment illustration in pink and black

Zero touch deployment – Using PC deployment software including, Samsung Know and Microsoft Autopilot, Devices For Teams can order, deploy, and remotely configure your new devices to your staff’s specifications. The result is that devices can be sent directly to your staff wherever they work, even at their homes. Your IT department need never handle your devices, plus they can be fully setup and configured with the correct software, programmes, applications, accounts, and cyber security that each individual worker requires. They can open their new laptops and get straight to work with no fuss.

Thanks to this three-pronged approach and extensive experience with the world’s best PC hardware, Devices For Teams is one of the most convenient Device as a Service options for PC equipment.


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