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6th January 2022

Why Is Apple’s M1 Tech Right For The Healthcare Sector?

Stan Milanovich

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Many only think of hospitals and GPs’ surgeries when analysing healthcare, but it is actually a massive industry that covers businesses, charities, and the NHS.>

The healthcare industry includes private therapists, online medical assessments, medical insurance, medical research and much more. There has also been huge growth in digital healthcare technology. The pandemic, the rise of video conferencing, apps, and a general appetite for more convenient online services has led to an acceleration of healthcare technology.

The healthcare sector is, therefore, not as homogenous as one might first assume, yet again the criteria they all require from their hardware remains the same, reliability.

Why is reliable hardware so important for the healthcare sector?

While speed and power might be particularly important for medical research and those creating new apps and tech for the health service, reliability has always been crucial for all healthcare hardware.

Computers in healthcare Healthcare, by its nature, is an essential service. Everyone needs it. It isn’t a luxury it can mean life or death or the difference between a poor quality of life and a decent one. Healthcare is vital to each and every one of us. When dealing with human medical needs, medical records etc., the tech used for booking appointments, scheduling surgeries, medication etc. must be reliable. Tech failures in these complex systems can be catastrophic for people’s health.


Why Are Macs Ideal For The Healthcare Sector?

Macs have long been a favourite for any industry that required reliable, durable machines with excellent cyber security.

Since many organisations in the healthcare sector deal with client data and highly sensitive information, security is always a constant concern. Reliable and durable hardware is also vital to minimise downtime and mistakes.

Macs have always been popular for their durability and cyber security.

Unfortunately, in the past, Macs occasionally struggled to penetrate the healthcare sector in terms of the NHS, in particular, due to funding issues and lack of cash.

However, the lifetime value of a Mac is far better than other devices, owing to their lack of technical issues and durability.

These features make them ideal for healthcare as they will be highly secure and high performing for a long time.


How Will M1 Devices Benefit The Healthcare Sector?

M1 adds speed, power, and energy efficiency to the reliable, durable Macs. The M1 chips will enable businesses and organisations within healthcare to push to new heights.

Apple MacBooks M1 chip With fast, trustworthy machines, the healthcare sector can deliver an even better standard of care to patients.

For medical researchers and those developing new software and products for healthcare, the M1 Pro and M1 Max will provide that attractive added power boost.

The healthcare sector in the UK is expanding with more and more online options. However, when it comes to essential free healthcare, there is a great deal of strain, and this industry needs all the help it can get.

Free trials of Mac devices make it easier to select the right hardware for your organisation, along with the most cost-effective lease.

How Can Hardsoft Help Supply M1 Devices?

D4T daas by HardSoft Deployment is even more important in the healthcare sector where it is usual for all hardware to be the same. In healthcare, deployment can be a complex point because devices will be bought in bulk in huge numbers.

Hardsoft have the perfect solution for the mass deployment of M1 Macs to the healthcare sector. With Devices For Teams leasing, HardSoft can lease, set up, configure, and deploy your hardware to all your staff across multiple locations.

HardSoft has several affordable leases to make sources M1 Mac devices simple.

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