why is D4T the best and most unique DaaS solution

26th September 2022

Why Is D4T The Best And Most Unique DaaS Solution?

Carissa Parnell

What Does DaaS Mean And What Does It Do For Businesses?

DaaS packages are an ideal way for businesses to source their computer hardware.


DaaS is shorthand for Device as a Service. It is a type of computer hardware leasing with a firm emphasis on ongoing support and extra services, compared to other lease formats.

In addition to spreading the cost of expensive equipment into manageable amounts, the emphasis on service offers a more adaptive approach to device acquisition for companies.

The DaaS method of leasing hardware had been growing its recognition for several years and becoming increasingly popular among businesses as a way to acquire essential computer equipment and guard against the issues of rapid obsoletion with swiftly advancing technology.

It not only makes devices more affordable, as other leases do but also made a company’s approach to hardware more sustainable and productive due to the upgrades and support services involved with DaaS.

This style of device procurement was especially attractive to rapidly growing businesses, such as scaleups. The reason this company format favoured DaaS over other hardware sourcing options is because of the extra services.

With the ongoing technical support and upgrades, businesses that change and evolve quickly, as scaleups do, need a lot of flexibility when it comes to hardware amounts and capabilities. Departments, work roles, and staff numbers can move about rapidly. Their device solution must accommodate this. DaaS delivers this in a way that other hardware acquisition methods just don’t. DaaS entails an ongoing service relationship with your provider, so they can help you react to changes in the company direction and source appropriate hardware when you need it.

How DaaS Helped Companies In The Pandemic?

While scaleups were already discovering how DaaS was particularly complementary to the needs of their business structure, many other companies learned the joys of DaaS during the pandemic.

working from home on laptop

Businesses of almost every size and industry quickly recognised the value of DaaS when they suddenly had to source laptops and deploy them to staff at home.

The pandemic may have changed pace with many employees now returning to work, but it has left a cultural mark. Going forward, many companies are choosing to prefer hybrid working models.

Whether it’s hybrid working, remote working or WFH, DaaS is far better equipped to offer flexibility and simple deployment. Businesses can more easily swap to portable laptops and have them deployed straight to their staff.

What is D4T?

Devices For Teams is a DaaS solution that is one of the best and most unique on the UK market.

On top of the usual DaaS advantages, this device sourcing method includes many extra services that make it uniquely useful to companies who are shifting to the DaaS model.

D4T is unique because:

  1. It is even more flexible and customisable than other DaaS systems
  2. D4T by Hardsoft has its own financial arm.
  3. It can combine many different manufacturing brands into one lease from Apple to Samsung to Microsoft and more.
  4. It has many extras that other DaaS systems do not have, especially in areas of support, deployment, strategy, and cyber security.
15 apple devices offer D4T

How is D4T more flexible?

Devices For Teams allows businesses to flex their lease up or down as required. The result is that, as well as enjoying frequent tech upgrades as with other DaaS solutions, companies can swap, add, or even return devices during the lease without penalty. For a growing company that must react to changes in the law, the trajectory of the pandemic, and their own internal shuffles, this aspect of D4T allows them to be highly reactive to changing situations.

How does Hardsoft having its own financial company help its clients?

Device For Teams is not only more flexible than most solutions, but it is also more efficient to get started with this system. This is thanks to Hardsoft having its own financial arm with Hardsoft Leasing Ltd. As creators of the D4T system, Hardsoft doesn’t require third-party financing companies to be involved in your lease. They are a one-stop shop for every aspect of the lease. They make their own decisions on which companies they will lease with. This gives a great deal of opportunity for tailored and customised DaaS packages. It also results in businesses getting their lease approved quickly and their hardware into their staff’s hands swiftly.

Why is mixing and matching hardware brands on your lease an advantage?

Many DaaS packages only supply one brand of equipment, for example, Apple, or Dell. The creators of Devices For Teams, Hardsoft, have partnered with a wide range of industry-leading manufacturers, including Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Being able to mix and match different devices can be a big advantage in a company with many different departments and roles. Your science team, engineering team, marketing team and finance team might all have widely different needs from their hardware.

6 apple devices offer D4T

What extras does D4T deliver?

While DaaS is all about flexibility and service, D4T takes this to the next level, particularly regarding customisation, support, and cyber security.

D4T offers extras you won’t find in other DaaS solutions, such as:

  • Two different levels of service, one aimed at affordability and a premium option for granular control
  • Optional accidental damage cover
  • Two different level of support. The Platinum support includes benefits such as:
  • Lifecycle Management – including recycling old devices.
  • Security Reviews
  • Cloud Backups
  • Ongoing MDM support
  • Remote Consultancy
  • Additional cyber security software
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