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3rd May 2022

Why Is Device as a Service The Best Hardware Supply Option For PCs?

Carissa Parnell

The UK market now has many different options available to businesses looking to source PC hardware for their staff.

There are a number of different supply chain models that allow companies to find the right equipment and then buy or lease the devices.Device as a service with laptop

Leasing is an increasingly attractive method for businesses when paying for computer equipment because it allows them to spread the cost of a normally very expensive purchase. Device as a Service is now one of the most desirable leasing avenues for businesses that want more support with their equipment and more control over their devices.

What is Device as a Service?

Device as a Service is a leasing option for sourcing computer equipment, but it is very different from other leases.

It doesn’t simply spread the cost of acquiring devices, but also aims to deliver a complete end to end solution with extensive ongoing support services from the lease provider.

Most Device as a Service packages incorporate automatic upgrades to newer, better technology during the course of the lease. This is because the Device as a Service solution takes into account how quickly modern tech becomes outdated and obsolete as manufacturers bring out fresh models so rapidly.

The ongoing support can cover technical fixes, problem troubleshooting, and management of the devices. The result is that companies save a huge amount of time and operational faff because their lease provider takes responsibility for the devices and ensures that they work properly and to the businesses’ advantage.15 apple devices offer


Don’t Confuse DaaS and DaaS!

Device as a Service is usually called DaaS in the industry. However, this can cause confusion for businesses looking to make enquiries into providers. DaaS is also an acronym for Desktop as a Service, or Data as a Service, which are completely different digital services.

Device as a Service is a computer equipment leasing model.

Desktop as a Service is a cloud computing service where companies receive virtual desktops from providers over the Internet, which are licensed with a per-user subscription.

The supplier takes care of backend management for companies that don’t want to create and own their own virtual desktop infrastructure.

Data as a Service is a data management strategy. Cloud services are used to deliver data storage, processing, and/or analytics services via a network connection.

Unfortunately, for businesses, the tech industry’s obsession with shortened acronyms can make shopping for your required services that much more of a headache.

Despite, the jargon, Device as a Service is a really simple, cost-effective, and streamlined way to source PC equipment and gain support for it as well.

The Concept of ‘PC’ In The Modern Tech Landscape

The Device as a Service acronym isn’t the only term liable to trip businesses up when researching the services and equipment they require. Even the word PC has multiple meanings in the industry.Microsoft Surface, HP, Lenovo, Dell

Many people and businesses understand that PC is an acronym for personal computer, so PC could apply to any personal computer at all regardless of brand.

However, because of competition and marketing, in the modern day, most people also understand that when they hear the word PC, it usually refers to a Windows running device, such as a Samsung laptop, a Microsoft computer, or Lenovo device. This is in contrast to Macintoshes. Macs are also personal computers but almost everyone calls them Macs as opposed to PCs.

There are Device as a Service packages on the market that only cater for Macs, while others only cater for PCs. There are some that only cater for specific manufacturers’ PC devices, like HP-only Device as a Service. Fortunately, there are some licensed and experienced leasers who can offer mixed Device as a Service with devices from all the major PC manufacturers and Apple Macs.

Why Is Device as a Service More Popular Now Than 5 Years Ago?

Device as a Service is a relatively new concept. In 2015 it was virtually unheard of and yet by 2019, 65% of computer manufacturers offer Device as a Service packages. The reason for such a rapid increase in popularity has several components:

  • The increase in appetite for subscription services. Customers have moved from food and entertainment content subscriptions like Netflix to enjoying subscription services for almost everything. They prefer it thanks to not having to reorder products again and again, and receiving better customer service and support.Get 6 devices for your team on devices for teams
  • The pandemic: Businesses needed to change from desktop devices to laptops quickly, plus get those devices to workers’ homes and manage the use of those devices from afar. Device as a Service can utilise zero-touch deployment, remote device configuration, and add devices to MDMs for greater control.
  • The many obvious advantages of Device as a Service: more support, less operational burdens, no tech obsoletion, and spreading the cost of expensive equipment into manageable amounts.

Why Is Device as a Service so well suited to the PC supply chain?

Device as a Service can help businesses access the latest and high-quality PC tech in an affordable way and manage any tech issues that will crop up.

Businesses are assisted with:

  • Deployment
  • Installation
  • Strategy
  • Choosing devices
  • Cyber security
  • Tech support
  • Ongoing management through MDMs
  • Upgrading to the latest tech
  • Recycling old devices and more

On top of all this, some Device as a Service solutions, such as Devices For Teams have solutions engineers on hand who specialise in all types of PC hardware.

What Is Devices For Teams?

Devices For Teams is a unique form of Device as a Service from Hardsoft. It goes further than most packages by being far more customisable, allowing mixed Device as a Service with PC and Apple products, + there are no penalties for scaling the number or devices up or down in the package, and returning or swapping devices.D4T daas by HardSoft

Why Is Devices For Teams Perfect For PC Acquisition In Particular?

Devices For Teams has specially trained experts on hand as part of its ongoing support. These solutions engineers are accredited and highly experienced with PC equipment from all the major manufacturers, including Samsung, Microsoft Surface, HP, Lenovo, Dell etc, as well as Apple products.

This allows for better tailoring of solutions, troubleshooting, problem solving and strategy advice for PC equipment in your business.

Since the Devices For Teams solutions engineers are accredited and trained for both PC and Macs, and Hardsoft supplies both Macs and PC hardware, it makes it easy for businesses to take advantage of a mixed Device as a Service package.

Are Mixed Device Offices Better?

Mixed device offices can offer many benefits since they deliver a greater range of technology with more functionality for all sorts of different roles. A business might want Macs for their graphic designers but not their programmers or admin team. Alternatively, they might want Microsoft Surface tablets, Samsung laptops and iPhones in their office. Mixed Device as a Service facilitates this.

Why Do Solutions Engineers Matter?

Solutions engineers enable your Device as a Service package to have better tech support, more assistance in choosing the right machines for your company’s goals and a more strategic approach to your device strategy.


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