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16th May 2022

Why Is Our Devices as a Service Solution One Of The Greenest Hardware Options?

Carissa Parnell

Devices for Teams has a new Device as a Service solution that is one of the country’s best for the environmentally friendly acquisition of computer hardware.

Device as a Service –

DaaS is a computer hardware leasing system that works on a monthly subscription payment basis and emphasises service for the customer. It includes multiple ongoing services and support and usually includes automatic upgrades to the most advanced tech during the course of the lease.

While Device as a Service has always been about support and helping clients get more from their hardware, there haven’t yet been many packages with a big focus on making computer hardware greener.Green devices in bubbles

Hardsoft’s flagship DaaS solution is Devices For Teams. Our new development, Devices For Greener Teams, goes even further by helping companies get closer to net zero and reduce their overall impact on the environment.

Devices For Teams

Is a one-of-a-kind DaaS solution. It’s one of the most customisable, flexible, and competitive Device as a Service systems on the market today.


It boasts the same state-of-the-art tech, upgrades, and support offered by most DaaS packages, yet includes other services that gives businesses an edge, including:

  • 2 levels of DaaS, to make it more affordable vs flexible, as needed
  • 2 levels of support packages to match to industries’ differing requirements
  • Optional support Add-ons for even more customisation
  • Excellent options for customisable cyber security systems for industries with increased needs in those areas, like FinTech
  • Strategic support as well as tech support
  • Highly trained certified experts in both Apple tech and various PC manufacturers, including Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Samsung and more
  • Business evaluations to recommend the best hardware
  • Free trials for 72 hours
  • Full device life cycle managementgren boomerang and lifecycle management
  • Extensive assistance with maintenance and management of devices with MDM support
  • Not only can you upgrade tech, but you can swap, switch, or return devices during the lease WITHOUT penalty

Devices For Greener Teams

This latest Device as a Service Solution highlights how the Devices For Teams system can be utilised for a more environmentally sound approach to hardware sourcing and management. There are optional extras that can help businesses go greener and work towards goals like net zero.

Why Net Zero?

The government is aiming for the UK to achieve net zero by 2050. That is no small feat. This was announced before the pandemic, and now that vaccinations have been achieved, we expect more legislation to come into force to help keep the country to this target. The main way this goal is expected to be achieved is by legislation for businesses.

It is likely that the UK government will demand all businesses be net zero by 2050.

Net zero means to fully negate greenhouse gasses produced by human activity.

Devices For Greener Teams Goals

The average laptop produces 500 kg of CO2, including production, transport and the first 5 years of use. This figure varies depending on the tech used in the laptop and the practices of the manufacturer.

As you can see, while computer hardware is a necessity for all businesses in the modern digital world, it is a major contributor to greenhouse gasses.

It isn’t just emissions that businesses ought to worry about when it comes to environmental friendliness. Computer hardware produces a huge amount of E-waste. Many electrical products end up at landfills and are particularly bad for animals and the planet as they degrade.

Devices For Greener Teams wants to make computer equipment a greener choice for businesses. We not only want to help you hit your net zero goals but also reduce your environmental impact on a wider scale.laptop with green leaves around it

But how can your computer hardware lease provider assist you in greener methodologies when computer devices are such a big source of emissions and waste?

Why Is Devices For Greener Teams One Of The Most Environmentally Friendly Models For Sourcing Computer Hardware?

  • Carbon offsetting. One of the best ways to achieve net zero and hit your obligations is to offset the carbon produced by your hardware.

Not all carbon emissions can be eliminated in the manufacturing process. While most manufacturers are improving at reducing emissions during their build process, the creation of laptop components still creates a lot of CO2.

By offsetting your carbon footprint, you voluntarily pay a little extra for your gear. We calculate the carbon emissions of your hardware, and you can buy carbon credits. This money is then used to invest in emissions projects, such as reforestation efforts.

Devices For Greener Teams provides some of the most accurate and affordable carbon offsetting available on the market today. At only an added 3% our carbon offsetting prices are some of the best you can find. We believe that carbon offsetting needs to be affordable for businesses of all sizes in order to make net zero a truly achievable goal.

  • A superior carbon assessment of devices. Despite the government legislation around net zero, it can be surprisingly confusing to get an accurate measure of your hardware’s emissions. This is because the government has yet to point out an official body for calculations.

There are many reputable bodies available to conduct these calculations, however, if you do your research, you will notice that some computer hardware manufacturers choose one body, and some choose another.

It is true that you could get a different result depending on the organisation you choose to calculate your emissions. That is because each is using different criteria and some use different factors.

Devices For Greener Teams wanted to ensure that we could properly and accurately access the carbon emissions of each device that we have available to lease to businesses. We wanted to have the most accurate system possible to ensure that the carbon offsetting truly made a significant difference and that we could offer businesses affordable rates.devices for greener teams

With so many different bodies and criteria for assessment this was no simple task but after diligent work, Devices For Greener Teams have come up with the most thorough and detailed processes for accessing the carbon of each device we supply.

EPEAT is one of the calculating bodies that we have analysed and one of the most trusted in the industry. They are often considered the go-to tool for product emissions assessment. We have used this rating for all of our products.

Energy Star is another body we have cross-referenced for accurate results and this is a body favoured by Apple. It looks closely at the efficiency of machines and power usage.

TCO Certified is yet another body we have analysed in our journey to get the most detailed look at our products’ CO2 emissions. TCO is favoured by manufacturers like Lenovo and their assessments look at both environmental and social impacts of the manufacturing process, making it highly detailed.

  • Add, switch, or return. Since Devices For Greener Teams allows your business to swap devices during the lease, you can change to a greener device as the manufacturer releases it. You can return hardware you aren’t using for green recycling methods, so you never have E-waste sitting around, or obsolete machines still contributing to emissions.
  • Advanced green recycling of electronics. Devices For Greener Teams takes care of the entire device life cycle, including recycling. We use some of the most rigorously green recycling methods for hardware and e-waste.
  • Trade-Ins. Even your old hardware which you acquired prior to your lease can be traded in for greener models and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Packaging. Devices For Greener Teams make a point to use recycled packaging and minimal packaging where we can, while still protecting your gear.
  • Greenest logistics. Devices For Greener Teams utilises DPD as its shipping service, which has been ranked as the greenest shipping company.preloved greener teams
  • Pre-loved devices. Pre-loved equipment is also a way we can make sure all hardware is not wasted.
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