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25th December 2022

Why Samsung Is Levelling Up Business Mobiles

Carissa Parnell

Phones For Teams can arm your workforce with an array of elite enterprise-model smartphones to enhance communication and collaboration.

Utilising business mobiles, rather than employees’ own phones increases cybersecurity for your company data and enables them to do their roles to a higher standard wherever they are.

Your staff are able to do better work on business mobiles because these models have superior features than the standard smartphones available to the public. This includes more power, better battery life, better connectivity and more business-orientated apps and functionality.

Phones For Teams can provide a wide range of business-grade smartphones, including coveted iPhones, environmentally friendly Fairphones, Google Pixels, and Samsung Galaxy Phones.phones for teams logo under one roof

The Samsung Galaxy phones range is well worth the attention of business owners. While iPhones are extremely popular, Samsung’s enterprise edition phones have earned their place in the business setting.

Why are Samsung mobiles good for businesses?

Samsung’s enterprise edition has multiple benefits, but one of the main advantages is its efforts to design smartphones suitable for different industries, and also different business levels. This is observable in all their technology. Samsung crafts devices for large scale corporations and small-medium size businesses as well. So, whether you’re start up or scale up they have business mobiles that will assist you.

The Galaxy A33 5G, A53 G5 and S22 5G enterprise editions are prime examples of devices tailored to deliver the right features to different industries.

All boast remarkable connectivity as Samsung is one of the leaders in 5G technology. In fact, they are developing their own private 5G network for business.

While every Samsung phone delivers incredible connectivity, each of these models has strengths that lend it to a particular sector, for example, a focus on camera and filming apps for editing photography and video. This makes the S22 a powerhouse device for creative industries wanting to film on the go. Its nightography filming is an innovation in phone cameras.
The A53 has a large focus on speed and storage for lighting-fast reactions. Whereas the A33 is all about pure power. It has a 5nm Octa-core processor to handle heavy-duty multitasking.

Other Benefits Of Samsung Enterprise Edition MobilesSamsung Knox

AMOLED displays – Samsung is the champion of AMOLED displays, which are advanced display tech that delivers crisper visuals, better contrast, and more vivid colours.

KNOX – Samsung Knox for business mobiles allows the remote deployment of smartphones to your staff, extra security, and detailed management of how employees use devices. Knox is one of the leading MDM platforms. Phones For Teams can assist with MDM registration, setup, and ongoing management.

Efficient setup – Samsung devices don’t waste your time during setup. It is very fast to get started. Luckily, all Phones For Teams business mobiles can come pre-configured, fully set up and ready for your employees to get right down to work.

SecuritySamsung has fantastic inbuilt security against malware and other forms of cybercrime. On top of this, Phones For Teams can aid with additional cybersecurity software as add-ons to your DaaS package.

With Phones For Teams, we can help you choose the best smartphones based on your industry and business style. Unlike other providers, you can mix and match device types and brands, which includes mixing iPhones and Android.

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