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15th November 2022

Why Do Small Businesses Need IT Support?

Steve Hill

Small businesses absolutely have a significant need for IT support, just as bigger corporations do.

Many people, including directors of both larger and smaller companies themselves, have the misconception that small businesses don’t really require IT support in the way that enterprise corporations do. This is inaccurate.

While running a larger company certain adds potential scale and complexity to your IT support needs, small businesses could still find themselves in difficult situations without adequate IT support.

In fact, without small business IT support, some companies can grind to a halt and have to temporarily close and/or cannot make a profit in the wake of big IT issues.

This is usually because they have less staff and fewer devices and, therefore, cannot swap to new ones in a pinch if there is a tech failure.

Why Do Small Businesses Need IT Support As Much As Large Ones?

In the modern business landscape, virtually everything utilises IT hardware. There are hardly any businesses left, big or small, that do not rely on computer equipment to orchestrate essential business tasks.small business owners using laptops and tech

Whether it’s processing orders, managing staff, paying salaries, running their marketing or more complex tasks like graphic design and programming, every business relies on computers.

Even a small boutique independent bakery likely has staff using IT hardware for managing various aspects of the business.

This means that small businesses are also reliant on their IT hardware. They might have fewer devices, or for some industries, they might also use it for simpler tasks, but they still rely on it.

This makes small business IT support a crucial service.

Why Might Small Businesses Have Even Greater Need For IT Support?

With less staff and fewer pieces of IT hardware, there is a thinner line between functioning and a big problem in small businesses. They cannot just move staff around to cover absences due to things like illness, and they might not be able to just use another device if one has faults.

A technical fault can be a big deal.

There are still industries with complex needs among small businesses. Every thriving scale ups have to start somewhere, and many begin as small companies. You can have a new FinTech start up, or a small graphic design firm. While they are still small businesses, they will have the increased need for cyber security or specialist hardware that their larger industry cousins require. In these cases, being a small business with a smaller budget could also make them more vulnerable.

Therefore, in certain cases, small businesses can have even more urgent IT support needs than larger corporations.

An important point to remember is that a smaller business usually has fewer departments. They are more likely to lack a dedicated IT department and therefore have an even greater need for outsourced IT support than a larger corporation.small businesses using few devices and tech

How Is IT Support Different For Smaller Companies?

Small business IT support is on a smaller scale than for larger companies. It involves fewer devices.

Additionally, it also tends to be less device strategy focused, and more tech support focused as and when needed. Everything else from MDMs to specialist cyber security can absolutely still be a vital part of small business IT support as that is down to the industry.

Small businesses might also tend to opt for more modest IT support packages due to their tighter budgets with fewer add-on services.

Small businesses might also have a need for tighter turn-around on IT support as they have fewer backup devices.

Finally, small businesses might require greater flexibility with their IT support packages as their situations are more turbulent and changeable. They could be looking at rapid growth, or a sudden need to downsize.

Small Business IT Support And Leasing Computers For Small Businesses

Leasing computers for small business can, not only provide easier access to ideal hardware but also deliver better IT support.

Leasing solutions for computer equipment spread the costs of expensive hardware. This is an ideal scenario for smaller businesses that often struggle to absorb the big financial hit of buying all their hardware.small business using IT support

Most leasing solutions come with an IT support package. This can be perfect for small businesses, as they can access hardware and the tech support for it all in one place by experts. If you aim to lease computers for small businesses, it is helpful to research providers who have lease solutions specifically designed for smaller companies.

Devices for Teams by Hardsoft has multiple lease styles, all of which come with comprehensive IT support packages. We can guide you to find the right lease type for your small business that will work alongside your needs and future business goals.

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