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5th January 2023

Why The Boomerang Service Is The Answer To Computer Recycling

Steve Hill

A device repurposing service like Boomerang is the perfect answer to your IT recycling.

Not all computer repurposing services will include recycling services, but Boomerang takes charge with full device life-cycle management.

Not only can Boomerang extend the life of devices and reconfigure them for various uses in your company, but it can also responsibly recycle the components when the hardware becomes obsolete.

What Is Boomerang?

Boomerang is a specialist computer hardware repurposing service. It is highly advanced and a great asset for businesses since it incorporates several useful services.

In addition to extending the usability of computer hardware and allowing you to move it strategically amongst your employees securely, it can help with businesses’ environmental requirements.

All companies have an increasing legal responsibility to enact green policies. This means that you must be able to demonstrate how your business is taking steps to limit your negative effect on the environment.

The UK government has brought in more legislation to direct business green policy and safe disposal of IT hardware is an important consideration in this.

Boomerang’s primary purpose is to help your company repurpose its IT resources and use them in more ways to get the full value from expensive hardware. However, Boomerang goes above and beyond other computer hardware repurposing services by assisting you with the entire device life-cycle.

This removes considerable legal and administrative burdens from businesses. Full device life-cycle management means that Boomerang will take care of green recycling of IT components when they are becoming old, obsolete and can no longer be repurposed within your business effectively.

What Is Computer Hardware Repurposing?

Computer hardware repurposing is an innovative new way to approach IT hardware.

Computer equipment can be expensive to acquire and maintain, yet devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones are crucial for employees to do their jobs.

These devices vary a lot in their capabilities, functionality and prices. It is common that, regardless of industry, a business will require multiple devices for various applications. Your admin team will have different IT needs from your developers. Depending on your sector, these requirements could span a large scope of hardware. Manufacturing, scientific research, engineering, graphic design, and video or music editing are industries of note that require highly specialist computer hardware among their staff.

While computer hardware is vital, it is easy for businesses to fall into wasteful practices that stretch their budget on computer hardware. Employees sometimes leave a business or need to be let go, and department configurations might need to change. Roles and projects shift within a business. This can lead to always requiring more and more hardware that can be left idle when people leave.

When services like Boomerang repurpose your hardware, they can securely wipe the previous user’s data and then re-configure it with the perfect software for the next employee. The service will even collect and redeploy hardware between staff if you utilise WFH or remote workers.

This opens up many possibilities for businesses. IT resources can have far more varied applications and be used for longer.

What Is A Device Life-cycle And Why Does It Matter?

Every electronic device has a life span. Whether it is short or long, eventually all electronic devices come to an end. Mining for resources is usually where computer hardware begins its life-cycle.

Next comes the manufacturing process. Then there is its functioning life. Finally, the hardware and/or software can no longer be useful. It becomes obsolete. Possibly through technical faults or mechanical failure. At some point even with repairs and replaced parts, the technology itself becomes obsolete as new, faster, smarter, better tech comes along.

The end of a device’s life-cycle is disposal. Yet we should be seeing it as recycling.

Repairing, maintaining and updating software on electronics can significantly extend their lifespan for the betterment of the environment and your wallet. However, eventually, a device will need to be fully replaced.

The life span and life-cycle of computer hardware matters a great deal to businesses and the environment. The longer a device can be used for then the fewer new devices we need to manufacture. The process of mining materials and creating this hardware can have a significant negative impact on our planet. A longer lifespan also means that a business is getting better financial value from their investment in hardware. So, there are many reasons that you should care about the life-cycle of hardware.

The government will introduce more requirements for businesses around the eco-friendly disposal and recycling of electronics to prevent e-waste. Electronic waste is dangerous to wildlife, and humans and is an eyesore. Worst of all when the components of computers break down in the weather, they can leech harmful toxins into our soil and water which have been linked to cancer and poisoning.

Boomerang doesn’t simply repurpose devices so you can use them longer for financial reasons. It takes the environmental impact of computer hardware very seriously. Therefore Boomerang works hard to keep devices working longer at a high rate of performance and then uses the most advanced eco-friendly recycling methods once the devices are obsolete.

How Can The Boomerang Computer Hardware Repurposing Service Help The Environment?

Boomerang computer hardware repurposing service helps the environment in two crucial ways.

Firstly, repurposing itself can extend a device’s utility in a business. It is all part of making IT more sustainable. It helps businesses buy or lease less new hardware since devices can be reused for longer and in strategic ways in a business.

With repair, personal software configuration, cybersecurity assistance and full device life-cycle management, Boomerang can keep your hardware working longer in peak condition.

Secondly, Boomerang invests in the greenest computer component recycling strategies and can manage this for your business

Repairing and extending the life of existing electronics, along with green recycling, is one of the strongest weapons humans have in the fight against toxic e-waste and the overuse of harmful computer manufacturing processes.

There has been increased awareness and concern about the disposable nature of computer devices. Built-in/planned obsolescence has been an accusation brought against many computer manufacturers as people become more aware of the environmental impact of our ‘throw-away and replace society’. Schemes like the ‘Right to Repair’ are fuelling a change in IT circles and this is where concepts like Boomerang and computer hardware repurposing originate.

Why Should Businesses Care About Greener Approaches To IT?

If ethics and the protection of our planet were not reason enough, there are many financial and legal reasons to go green with computer hardware repurposing.

The government has made the Environmental Act law in 2021. It has also promised that the UK will be net zero for carbon emissions by 2050. It’s no easy feat and much of the requirements will fall on businesses. Your company could face fines for failing to demonstrate green policies and how you will become carbon neutral.

By outsourcing IT recycling and repurposing to services like Boomerang, this will take a considerable legal burden off your business’s plate.

Other Business Benefits To Computer Hardware Repurposing

Flexible – Boomerang is an especially flexible and customisable package for businesses.

This computer hardware repurposing service works perfectly as part of Devices For Teams. It can, therefore, be part of your complete computer device acquisition and management solution.

When included in Devices For Teams, businesses can spread the cost of hardware by leasing them and additionally benefit from upgrades, the ability to add, switch or return devices, extensive support and advice, as well as a Boomerang package.

Alternatively, Boomerang can be used separately from Devices For Teams, as its own stand-alone subscription.

Boomerang can even be used as an ad hoc, one-off service and can be applied to any device, not just hardware acquired through Devices For Teams.

Financially Advantageous – Boomerang allows businesses to get more value from devices and allows you to acquire less hardware by using resources more strategically.

Productivity Increases – Less downtime is wasted on setting up new machines and retrieving them from old staff with Boomerang’s collection and redeployment services.

Storage – If you don’t need certain hardware all the time, Boomerang can safely and affordably store it for you.

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