10th December 2023

Why You Should Choose a UK-Based DaaS Provider For Your Business IT

Ryan Kelly

Thanks to the changing ways in which we work in a modern business environment, DaaS systems have never been more popular.

Device as a Service solutions are flexible because they let businesses lease computer hardware and pay a manageable monthly subscription, DaaS systems like our Devices For Teams come with many customisable elements and flexible features so that the lease can grow and change alongside your business objectives.

With DaaS you can scale your lease up and down as needed and swap, return or add devices whenever you require.

Best of all, DaaS comes with a plethora of extra IT support services so that you can essentially have all of your IT needs met by one provider from configuration to cyber security software to insurance to MDM management and more.

But what sort of DaaS provider should a business choose?

Local DaaS Provider Or International Provider?

UK companies often face the choice of partnering with either global or local providers for their IT needs.

While global providers may seem appealing by offering expansive reach and the ability to deploy products and services worldwide, there are certain drawbacks that can hinder the quality of IT support services.

UK-based DaaS (Device as a Service) providers like Devices For Teams offer a host of advantages that cater specifically to businesses in the UK.

The Challenges of Global Providers

For businesses with a global presence, the allure of global DaaS providers is understandable. However, there are notable challenges that arise when relying solely on these providers, particularly when it comes to delivering high-quality IT support services.

Repair, replacement, and returns become time-consuming and cumbersome across a global landscape. Local warehouse strikes and supply chain disruptions in various countries can impact the availability and delivery of devices. Yet, the most significant concern lies in customer support.

Outsourced call centres or impersonal AI portals often characterise customer support from global providers.

Dealing with distant service representatives can lead to frustrations and prolonged downtime. Customer satisfaction tends to be low, causing stress among workers and hampering overall productivity. The lack of direct interaction with knowledgeable and responsive IT support personnel can be a major drawback.

The Advantages of UK-Based DaaS Providers

Local UK-based DaaS providers like Devices For Teams can offer swift, reliable, and knowledgeable support with numerous benefits:

Rapid and Streamlined IT Support: With a UK-based DaaS provider, you have the advantage of being able to communicate with a real person in your own time zone.

IT deployment, support, and repairs are streamlined, ensuring quick resolutions to any issues that may arise.

There is no outsourcing to third parties when it comes to Devices For Teams and no complications or the need to navigate through distant call centres.

Devices For Teams provides knowledgeable and dedicated account managers who understand your specific needs. They act as a single point of contact, eliminating the need to repeat problems or questions. These account managers work closely with the in-house technical experts, ensuring efficient and reliable support.

Localised Expertise: Devices For Teams possess a deep understanding of the local market and its specific requirements and fluctuations. We are well-versed in the intricacies of UK regulations, compliance standards, and business practices.

Extra IT Products Based On Local Clients’ Needs: Devices For Teams offers a suite of support products designed specifically for UK businesses, including Boomerang for device repurposing and storage, Shepherd for powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM), and SafeGuard for comprehensive device insurance.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: Partnering with a UK-based provider fosters stronger communication and collaboration. You have direct access to your account managers and can engage in real-time discussions to address any IT concerns. The proximity allows for more effective troubleshooting, personalised advice, and seamless coordination between your business and your provider. This level of collaboration leads to faster response times, reduced downtime, and improved overall productivity.

Embrace the advantages of a UK-based DaaS provider and elevate your business IT experience.

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