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27th May 2022

Why Your Customers Care About Carbon Offsetting For Your Computer Products

Carissa Parnell

Devices For Greener Teams can assist businesses with:

  • Sourcing the highest quality computer hardware
  • Spreading the cost of their computer equipment
  • Ongoing support
  • Developing a device strategy
  • Having more environmentally friendly devices
  • Creating a sustainable IT approach
  • Ensuring a greener outlook for each and every stage of device procurement and management
  • Greener computer equipment recycling
  • Swapping to more environmentally friendly devices
  • Returning hardware that is not needed and reusing components and hardware in the greenest way possible
  • Offsetting their devices’ carbon footprint

Our greener scheme services can aid businesses in achieving net zero emissions.

One of our newest green services is carbon offsetting.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting compensates for greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be entirely eliminated from a product or process. There are many areas where we do not yet possess the knowledge or technology to completely eliminate emissions from specific processes, for example, the manufacture of certain computer components, and the transporting of those components.

Carbon offsetting usually works by purchasing carbon credits. The extra money spent on a service or product is invested into carbon compensation schemes that help to take emissions out of the atmosphere, such as reforestation projects.carbon offset service from Hardsoft with image of the world

By using companies that partake in carbon offsetting programmes, businesses can move further towards net zero.

What is Net Zero?

The achievement of totally negating the greenhouse gasses of human activity. For a business to be net zero it must negate all carbon that business operations create. This is achieved by reducing emissions and using methods to reabsorb carbon from the atmosphere.

Why Is Carbon Offsetting And Net Zero Crucial Concepts For Businesses?

  • Climate change has become a serious issue with tangible climate incidents that are impacting mankind. Reaching net zero would help save the world.
  • The government will soon force businesses to cooperate with reducing carbon. The UK government has pledged a target of 2050 to achieve net zero and legislation may soon come in, that will fine businesses who fall short or encourage those who do make changes.
  • Your customers care deeply about protecting the environment and will commend you for choosing greener policies.

Research shows that your customers do care about carbon offsetting. While understanding of net zero and carbon offsetting has been mixed or patchy in the past, the desire to protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gasses has grown starkly among the population.

Customers from all industries, both B2B and B2C are concerned about climate change. Previously the customers of B2C companies were more concerned than B2B since the latter had the cost of business to worry about. However, with government legislation on the horizon to bring about net zero sooner, more B2B clients will start to care acutely very soon.

Consumer knowledge of net zero and carbon offsetting is on the rise, and businesses could face more direct questions with increasing scrutiny from customers on their carbon offsetting policies.

This awareness and desire for net zero in the companies they buy from comes from the increasing consequences of climate change that adevices for greener teamsre readily apparent, such as an increase in forest fires, droughts, hurricanes, and floods even as close as Germany. Even the UK has seen increased storms and flooding. Its reputation for mild weather may soon come to an end.

According to research, of those who have heard about net zero, 88% agree it is essential that the UK reach its target of net zero by 2050.

Carbon offsetting is not limited to our Devices For Greener Teams DaaS package. It is an optional add on with all leases that businesses can opt into. It will be rolling out to all devices, although initially starting with Lenovo products.

Hardsoft has worked strenuously to make carbon offsetting genuinely affordable to our customers at only 3%. We’ve also conducted some of the most rigorous research into getting an accurate gauge of all our products’ carbon footprint, by cross-referencing the criteria of several reputable carbon measuring bodies.


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