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Don’t be left not knowing what to do with vacant devices when employees leave. Throw the device our way and they’ll be fully wiped clean and re-deployed, ready to return to the next employee. Book a collection

Ensure new employees have a device which feels like it belongs to them with Boomerang lifecycle management
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What is Boomerang?

Ensure your devices are always in use.

As employees leave or freelancers complete a project, we can help you reprocess and allocate their devices to new employees. We will collect a device from one user – whether at the office or working from home – and wipe it clean, reformat it and pre-configure its settings. We’ll then ship it out to your new end-user ready to use and ready to go!

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Who can use Boomerang?

Our Boomerang (lifecycle management) service is open to all devices.

Our Boomerang plan is optional for your devices when you choose one of our Support Plans.

Additionally, the devices you wish to repurpose do not even have to be HardSoft supplied, meaning you can have access to a quick and easy courier service for any of your business devices.

We even offer our re-provisioning service on an ad-hoc basis for £85+VAT.

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What are the costs?

You can get Boomerang (Lifecycle Management) cover on all your devices for just £2.50+VAT a month per device.

Please contact your Account Manager to set up a subscription (min term 1 year).

When you’re ready, give us a minimum of 24-hours’ notice and we’ll check over your device and ship it to the new user on a day and time to suit them.

If you are not ready to send the device back out to a new user immediately, that’s no problem. We will store the device for you until you have a new user. There is no extra fee for storing a device for up to 90 days.

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Preparing your device

Make sure everything’s ready to go.

We recommend you back up all data on your device prior to collection. Data is not our responsibility. We will be wiping all data within 24 hours on receipt of your Device.

There is a Fee payable by you of £50 for any missed collections dates, so we appreciate your assistance in making accurate pick-up arrangements.

Book your device collection

Complete this form if you already have a boomerang (Lifecycle Management) subscription. If you have any queries on this form or the collection arrangements, please email or call your Account Manager.

      *If you wish to cancel you Microsoft 365 license, we will initiate your 30 day cancellation period. We can only cancel licenses when we receive the email address attached to the license.

      There is a fee of £75+ VAT per machine for this service that will need to be paid before collection. Once you submit this request our Team will contact you to confirm payment arrangements or go to and confirm your Collection and Delivery dates. Any queries please contact our Sales Admin team on 0207 1111 643 or email

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