From cost savings to environmental responsibility, discover Boomerang, our IT asset management service.

iso 27001

Data Security

Never worry about sensitive or confidential data remaining on your devices. We ensure that all data is thoroughly wiped according to ISO 27001.

logistic hurdle

Logistical Hurdles

There’s no need to personally manage the collection and storage of your devices. We’ll take care of tracked shipping and safe storage until you need them again.

cost saving


Opting to repurpose existing devices is significantly more cost-effective than investing in brand-new ones.

tech experts

Technical Expertise

You may not possess the expertise required to prepare devices for new users. Erasing data and configuring software and security settings can be complicated.

save time

Save Time

Get your devices ready and shipped for the new user promptly, which can be challenging when dealing with multiple tasks and ensuring that the device is securely wiped and configured.


Global Reach

With an overseas workforce, it's a breeze to provide them with the necessary devices from your Boomerang inventory. Simply send the device to their location just like you would for a domestic UK address.

Why outsource your device logistics?

People leave

When a team member departs the company, their device is likely still at the beginning of its usable lifecycle. With Boomerang, you can ensure it gets collected, data wiped, and preconfigured for the next user, all within 72 hours from one user to another.

Projects wind down

Obtain devices quickly for short-term projects, or for freelancers joining your team, Let us handle the logistics of getting you the temporary devices needed, which can then be collected again on project completion.

Keep tabs on devices

IT asset management can become complex and costly – Boomerang provides a easily accessible portal to see which devices you have available to redistribute at a moment’s notice.

Save the environment

Prolonging the lifespan of your current devices is a more sustainable choice compared to buying new. This not only reduces e-waste but also lowers carbon emissions by minimising long-distance shipping.

Simple steps to repurpose a device via Boomerang

Boomerang has no third-parties to wait around for or set up accounts with. It’s all handled by us! 



Device is collected the user's home, office, or collection point, within a 1-hour timeslot.


All devices are safely stored in our warehouse with full insurance, until needed again.


Data is completely erased and we tailor device specs and settings as needed.

Global Shipping

We deliver to addresses in the United Kingdom and also to destinations across the globe.

We strive to make the process as convenient as possible for you.

Our expert team ensures that your device is collected from a location of your choice, be it your home, office, or a designated DPD collection point, which you can arrange here.

What sets us apart is our commitment to efficiency and punctuality, as we offer a 1-hour timeslot for this collection. This means that you can trust us to be at your chosen location promptly, ensuring a seamless experience when entrusting your device to us.


Our commitment to the security and protection of your devices extends to the safekeeping of your devices until they’re needed for their new user.

Our comprehensive insurance coverage adds an extra layer of assurance. In the unlikely event of unforeseen circumstances, your devices are fully protected. This means that, while in our custody, your assets are insured against any unexpected occurrences, providing an additional safety net.


As a trusted partner, we prioritise the highest standards of data security. Our ISO 27001 verification underscores our commitment to safeguarding your sensitive information during the reconfiguration process.

We begin with a comprehensive and secure data erasure procedure, ensuring that your device is entirely free from any residual data.

We then customise your device according to your precise needs, fine-tuning not only the hardware but also the software and settings to align perfectly with your unique requirements.

reconfiguration of devices

Custom Configuration: When you’re ready for a device, simply let us know how you want it preconfigured. We’ll take care of the rest.

Global Shipping: We can ship your device to any address in the United Kingdom or across the world. We’ve got your global reach needs covered.

Local Commitment, Global Reach: We combine global shipping capabilities with a local touch. Your device will arrive swiftly and securely, no matter where you are.

Real-Time Tracking: Stay in the know with Dave – your self-service portal for tracking and managing your Boomerang devices.

delivery of devices

Boomerang pricing

Prices exclude VAT. Min. 12 months subscription. Subscriptions are collected monthly by direct debit. Ad-hoc must be paid in advance.

  • Devices for Teams/HardSoft supplied
    £5.63 per month per device
    5 to 49 users
  • Devices for Teams/HardSoft supplied
    £3.99 per month per device
    50+ users
  • Third-party supplied
    £5.63 per month per device
    5 to 500 users
  • Ad-hoc
    £115 one-time
    A one-off payment for custom solutions
  • Extended warehousing
    £5 per month per device
    Only charged after exceeding 90 days of free storage

How do I get Boomerang?

If you’re an existing customer, your Account Manager will be happy to set you and your devices up to take full advantage of the Boomerang service.

If you’re new to us then give us a call. It’s painless to set up.

Or, if you just want to repurpose a few computer devices without subscribing, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs. This option is only for existing customers and unavailable to new clients.

how to get boomerang! contact account manager

FAQs of our IT Asset Management Service

For any information that may not have been covered above, we have a number of FAQs in the button below. 

Already a Boomerang User?

Complete this form if you already have a boomerang (Lifecycle Management) subscription. If you have any queries on this form or the collection arrangements, please email or call your Account Manager.


a globe icon with location marker - indicating our ability to ship and support devices globally

Global Logistics

We ship to 50+ countries, collaborating with local suppliers for fast delivery of region-specific devices.

A Single Source

We finance, supply, and support your business devices

a self service portal dashboard icon

Meet Dave!

Log on to your own self-service portal, known as Dave. Manage your lease, devices, and more from a single place.

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Boomerang FAQs

We can Boomerang the following: 
Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Phones

We cannot Boomerang the following:
Accessories (keyboards, mice), Printers

This is an optional service which we charge extra for. We photograph and record the condition of each device for your records. This additional service can be invaluable as a deterrent to mitigate the risk of potential damage from disgruntled employees before they depart.

Yes, all devices are fully insured against accidental damage and loss.

We completely wipe each device of data, ensuring that any malicious software or setting is removed too.

Yes! We can preconfigure each device to have new specs, software, and settings for the needs of its new user.

We can collect, configure, and deliver a device within 72 hours.

Boomerang is suitable for all business types, large or small, and in any industry.

You can! Sign up to our Client Portal Dave to monitor and action any Boomerang-related requests.

We wipe all devices clean of any data. Be sure to backup any data you still need to a cloud storage service before requesting a Boomerang.

Yes! We can ship to over 50 countries worldwide while offering the same pre-configuration service as any UK customer.

We require a minimum of 3 devices to use the Boomerang service.

Yes. By repurposing devices instead of discarding them, businesses contribute to environmental sustainability while potentially avoiding e-waste disposal costs.

We are ISO 27001 certified, meaning we’re compelled to adhere to stict data-protection processes. All data is destroyed to InfoSec Standard 5.

We partner with a number of third parties to handle the recycling and disposal of old laptops and electronics.

Yes. If you’re signed up to Dave, our Client Portal, you can track the whereabouts and status of the devices you have on boomerang.

We can allow ad-hoc uses of the Boomerang service, where a £115 one-time payment will be charged.

It is no different to using Boomerang on a longer-term basis. Put in your request using the form here, and your devices will be shipped to where they need to go!

Boomerang offers cost savings by repurposing your existing devices, reducing the need for new purchases and capital expenses. It also streamlines device setup and configuration, saving you time and labour costs, while quick deployment through the Dave Client Portal minimises downtime, potentially boosting productivity and revenue.