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We’ve been helping businesses grow for over 35 years. We can now help those in developing countries thanks to Lendwithcare, giving us the means to give funds to entrepreneurs who struggle to access traditional financial services.

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What is Lendwithcare?

Run by the poverty-fighting charity, CARE International UK, Lendwithcare is a revolutionary initiative to help people in low-income countries work their way out of poverty.

Currently operating in eleven countries, Lendwithcare is based around the idea of microfinance, which is an umbrella term for financial services aimed at low-income clients who are economically active and have limited or no access to traditional finance.

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We’re helping businesses in low-income countries

As our chosen charity, Lendwithcare reflects the ethos of HardSoft as we’ve been lending to businesses for more than 35 years. Lendwithcare now allows us to do the same thing in the developing world to help those who need small loans and make a big difference to their lives.

We regularly donate each month and will aim to keep you updated on the people and businesses we’ve helped.

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The benefits of DaaS

More about microfinance

Microfinance is seen as a long-term and sustainable way to provide the necessary funding to help people in developing countries to work and become self-sufficient. It is best thought of as a hand up, rather than a handout.

It refers to provision of small loans to low-income business owners, but also other basic financial services such as savings, insurance, and money transfer. It quite often also involves training in financial literacy and business.

A loan is typically between £100-£500 and the requirement of physical collateral for traditional lenders is replaced by a system of collective guarantee (or solidarity) groups. Alternatively, two personal guarantors may be required, which can even be respected community leaders.

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