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Two solutions.

Choose your solution, support, and devices.

Choose Devices for Essential Teams for affordability or choose Devices for Premium Teams  for flexibility.

Compare our alternative DaaS solutions from the UK’s No. 1  device as a service solution providers.

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Most affordable

Most flexible

Switch options

No option to switch

Get a fixed number of devices for the duration of your lease agreement.

Switch 100% of devices at 12 months

Switch to something newer after just one year, without penalty.

Return options

No option to return

Essential customers cannot return devices until the end of their lease agreement.

Return 50% of devices at 12 months

Premium customers can return up to half their fleet after just one year, without penalty.

Cancellation options

No option to cancel

Pay the remainder of the rentals due and return the devices at any point.

Options after 12 months

Return 50% of devices anytime after one year, with zero penalties. If you wish to return the remaining 50% then pay the remainder of the rentals due and return the devices.

Support options

Gold support as standard with optional upgrade to Platinum

Our comprehensive Gold Support plan includes three-year hardware warranty, pre-configuration, ticket-based helpdesk with 1-hour response SLA, and access to an online support portal, as well much more.


Shepherd MDM

Apple device control

Cloud based

Easy onboarding


Asset protection

Theft and damage

Easy to claim


Lifecycle management

Redistribute devices

New user Configuration

Carbon Offset

Offset device CO2

Helps with eco goals

Easily verifiable

Explore the benefits of Devices for Teams

a globe icon with location marker - indicating our ability to ship and support devices globally

Global Logistics

We ship to 50+ countries, collaborating with local suppliers for fast delivery of region-specific devices.

A Single Source

We finance, supply, and support your business devices

a self service portal dashboard icon

Meet Dave!

Log on to your own self-service portal, known as Dave. Manage your lease, devices, and more from a single place.


Choose your level of flexibility

Refresh your devices with Switch, Add, Return

Whether you need a hassle-free, three-year term without any device changes, or require the flexibility to switch or return devices earlier due to financial commitments or operational challenges.

The decision to switch, add, or return devices ultimately depends on the nature of your business and its unique requirements.

We understand that each business has its own demands, and our goal is to provide the right solution to meet your needs effectively.

End of Lease Options

There’s many options available even as you approach the end of your lease agreement.

These include extending your existing agreement, acquiring the equipment outright, or transitioning to a more advanced solution.

Additionally, we offer a “Pick N’ Mix” option, providing further flexibility to accommodate your specific needs.

Gold and platinum support plans

Choose your support too!

Devices for Teams has lots more choice for your business

Our Gold and Platinum support tiers offer everything you need to keep your business running. Together with D4T Premium and D4T Essential solutions, our support tiers are part of the all-under-one roof service we always strive to provide.

Learn more about our Support Plans

So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about Premium and how it can help you take your business to the next level.

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