Fake News and the Facts of Leasing

Forget what you think you know about computer leasing and embrace the affordability, flexibility, and transparency of a reinvented business IT solution that’s been 40 years in the making.

It’s too time consuming

There are too many documents to sign and it’s just too much hassle.

Quick and easy e-sign

It takes minutes to complete the online paperwork and delivery is within days.

It’s too expensive

Paying monthly means spending more in the long term.

Cost-neutral solutions

Leasing is tax-efficient with all the support you need, plus it’s good for cashflow.

It’s too time consuming

Being a startup without any trading history has a negative impact.

98% get approved

Whether you’re scaling, a startup, or a sole trader, we have a solution.

Shock insurance costs

Insurance within a lease agreement is expensive and unclear.

Cost-effective cover

We’re upfront and transparent with the cost of our own SafeGuard Protection cover, so you won’t be hit with unexpected costs.

Stuck with old devices

Leasing leaves me tied to outdated tech or face financial penalties. 

Switch without penalty

Give your teams the tech they need when they need it. Switch, add, or return devices as your needs change.

Leasing has hidden fees

Setup fees and surprise admin costs add a lot of uncertainty for my business.

We have no hidden fees

There are no setup fees or unexpected costs. We’re also the leasing company for added assurance.

It’s non-cancellable

It’s difficult to cancel a leasing contract and will soon be unfit for purpose.

We’re completely flexible

Cancel your agreement after 24 months. Switch, Add, or Return equipment after just 12 months.

There's no support

Once I receive my hardware, there is no one to talk to for technical support.

Support as standard

Our solutions engineers will ensure you have the right tech to begin with, continuing throughout your lease.

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